INEFFICIENT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINEFFICIENT- Just a short note today to demonstrate how truly meaningful the post-word of the day, “inefficient”, has become in our lives. Of course, the meaning of “inefficient” is basically “lack of ability in accomplishment”. While my purpose is not to demean, deride or otherwise offend anyone, it is to show how inefficient the Bible has been in attaining unity and peace. Presumably, the “written word of God” should be a uniting force. However, history proves otherwise. Mankind has always been at war for various reasons, not the least of which has been differences in ideologies and religions. I’m not certain just how long the Old Testament has been in existence (5-6,000 years?, but even it could not contain and maintain the attention and certainty of its originators, the Jews. Jewish friends of mine who attend their Synagogue, tell me that there are at least 3-4 major “branches” of Judaism, possibly more. Then, came Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah Who had been long awaited. The Jews anticipation had always been that the Messiah would bring an instant end to their long-suffering; He would instantly recreate Paradise just for them. When Jesus arrived preaching Love of neighbor as their “guiding star”, the Jews were perplexed, disappointed, and eventually angered to the point of executing Him. Of course, that fit right into Jesus’ “playbook”, because He knew His mission was exactly that; to die in atonement for all the evil in  the universe. His only command, which superseded all the Jewish commandments, was “Love God with your all, and Love your neighbor as yourself”, paraphrased. He knew His time would be short, explaining why Jesus was constantly tutoring His disciples to keep quiet about His activities. We have no realistic idea of what Jesus really did and said because our current “versions” of the bible stem from a copy of possibly hundreds of altered recopies made 200-300 yrs after the original. Therefore we truly cannot assess the efficiency of Jesus’ efforts. What we can attest to is the fact that the “bible(s)” has been, and still is, the most “inefficient” book ever written at uniting the world’s peoples. Rather its inefficiency has resulted in unbelievable splintering of God’s people. Seemingly, each person has a different interpretation. Those inclined have seized upon this division and dis-interpretation, as an excuse to start a “new church”; all for power, money and control. So, now we have 33,000 such, so-called, Christian churches world-wide. How inefficient is that at generating unity? While there may be a few “converts” to various forms of Christianity annually, a much greater number of existing Christians have become completely disenchanted and, thereby, have ceased attending a church of any kind; evidence of greater inefficiency. For some seventy odd years, I have been observing and pondering the “cause and cure” of this dysfunction and inefficiency. My studious reading of the Bible over the years has allowed me to make several critical observations: changes in wordings in critical areas with each subsequent edition, leading to different ideation; obvious contradictions from one author to another about the same story; just as importantly, the many different versions written over the centuries. Without doubt, there has been total inefficiency in preserving the original story. Just as importantly, and maybe more-so, the different interpretations applied by churches and preachers has produces a completely disjointed understanding of God, Jesus, and our universe. I have diagnosed the disease and its symptoms. In my book, Wilderness Cry, I prescribe and describe the “cure”. The first task in devising a cure was to define the “Essence of God”. Understanding that “GOD IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING” provides a one hundred percent efficient cure to this heretofore incurable disease. It removes all guilt from our being. At the same time, it removes all the so-called mystery in our lives. Understanding that God’s image is imprinted on everything in existence not only allowed but, rather, compelled me to call for recognition and acceptance of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality  among all people. This is the only efficient way to peace. Please, let us cease our total inefficiency. Amazon, Kindle ET ALL. All comments welcomed.

FOREIGN-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngFOREIGN is a word denoting strange, unfamiliar, from another country, etc. We use it in may differing circumstances to indicate or imply a person, country, idea, attitude or circumstance. Today I want to talk about a general quote from the Book Of Genesis . After God’s angel intervenes in Abram’s willing adventure to slaughter his son Isaac, as a reward, God promises him literally the entire world. Moreover, God is quoted as telling Abram that He will make his decedents more numerous than the grains of sand on all the earths beaches. That sounds good on the surface, but when diligent thought is applied, that idea not only seems foreign but ridiculous. Even today, the estimated number of Jews worldwide is a generous 15-16 million, and very likely represents the most ever at any given time. I haven’t taken the time to calculate it out, but others have. The result is an astonishing 1 billion grains in a cubic foot of sand or about 50 pounds. Now if we allow 20 years for turnover, and allow 8,000 years since God’s proclamation, we get 400 generations times 15 million equals 6 billion people. That’s a little less than 1/5th of a cubic yard of sand. Of course, according to the Noah flood story, there was a time when the Jewish race was diminished to about 10 people or so. It would have taken an awful lot of breeding to build the race up to the millions mark. Even as a child, those readings in the Old Testament seemed far-fetched and foreign to me; much more-so now. Consider this: our Milky Way Galaxy contains about 250 billion suns (stars). It is 100,000 light years across; meaning that light traveling 186,000 miles/second requires 100,000 years to traverse it. Our nearest neighbor galaxy, Andromeda, is estimated to contain 1 trillion stars. The Hubble telescope has shown that our universe contains 2 trillion galaxies. Little wonder that light which has been traveling 13.7 billion years is just now reaching our earth. So, those numbers are so large as to be totally foreign and incomprehensible to the human mind. Now back to the Old Testament story; there are millions of preachers and lay people alike who “swear on a stack of bibles” that every word of the Bible is true and inerrant. One does not have to have the genius of Einstein to understand the fallaciousness of such proclamations. No wonder religion has been “deathly afraid” of mathematics and science. Science is totally foreign to the bible and biblical concepts of God. There is, however, a realistic, scientific, and philosophically sound concept of God (and the Supreme Being of all other world religions). The Jews in particular developed a minuscule, humanistic concept of God; they could control and bargain with Him. Note further that God was notated as a male figure (Father). That’s reasonable, because throughout history, women were considered just slightly better than a dog. Now, lets get down to reality. What we have is a universe(s) that is totally incomprehensible, that is made of identically the same perfect quanta (particles of energy), that is absolutely perfect in form and function. It exhibits perfect rationality in all aspects. So if we are to accept a concept of God (Supreme Being) that created, controls and maintains all of this, we must assign that Being’s “essence” as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. At the same time, we recognize that everything in the universe is evil by virtue of its selfishness. Everything is in motion and has “needs”. God made it that way so it could function. When needs cease, so will motion. When motion ceases, so will time; only Eternity remains.  God being Perfect is incapable of change; therefore It exists in Eternity. When we die and cease changing, so will we exist with God in Eternity. These ideas may seem, foreign to you at first glance. However, I believe with a little “open minded” consideration, you may find them not foreign at all. Enter Jesus; I believe without doubt that Jesus understood the concept of universal evil (selfishness). He saw Himself as a mirror image of God and Their Love relationship (God’s Will, the Holy Spirit). He knew the “price had to be paid” to ameliorate all the evil in the universe. He did so willingly but with great trepidation (Jesus was human). I develop this complete philosophy in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. Religion and ideologies don’t want to accept any of these concepts because by doing so, they would lose all power, money and influence. However, as the only way to PEACE, I have called for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. This idea accepts the idea that as children of God, we each carry Its Brand, The Holy Spirit within us. As such, we are all brothers and sisters. We must cease fighting. No longer must we be foreigners to each other. WE all are united by the Holy Spirit (Love Of God).  Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  All comments welcomed.

INVISIBLE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINVISIBLE- Today’s Word-Prompt describes exactly what has been missing in the understanding of Homo Sapiens forever. The word means “incapable of being seen”. There exists a cause for everything, and “invisibility” is no exception. Everything is “visible” with proper tools and understanding (desire). The world has been at war incessantly throughout recorded history for one reason only; religions and ideologies. The pathway to PEACE has been and remains invisible because of mythical interpretations of the Nature of our Supreme Being; some believe there is not a Supreme Being, and, truthfully, it cannot be proven. However, among us who do accept (believe) in a Supreme Being, there never has been a unanimous understanding of that Being. From the beginning of Homo Sapiens existence,each culture, in turn, has conjured up differing ideas of that Being and how It operates. Their convictions run so deeply as to justify war in attempts to further their ideas; nothing has changed. The reason is clear. Prompted by their blindness, the Essence or our Supreme Being has eluded everyone. Observing that condition prompted me to “focus my microscope” and make the heretofore invisible, visible. I had to define The Essence of our Supreme Being. In doing so, it became very clear to me that we all worship the same Supreme Being (call It what you may; God, Allah, Buddha, Brahma, Yahweh etc). It hurts me  to have to keep saying this but “a rose by any other name is still a rose”. Therefore by defining the Essence of our God as “A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING”, everything instantly became clearly visible: Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity, and literally everything meaningful to us and our relationship with God. God is Perfect, and, therefore cannot possibly change. That one concept negates the God of the Old testament, who was constantly reacting to the imagination of the Israelites. God’s Perfection demands Perfect Love, meaning It accepts us and all It’s creation without condition; after all everything was/is It’s creation. Notice that I use the term It rather than the Biblical Him; God has no gender. With that understanding, it is very clear (visible) that everything in existence is the result of the imagination of God’s Perfect Intellect, and It’s Perfect Will (holy Spirit) which achieved and maintains that perfection in everything. There is absolutely nothing in this universe that is not “perfect” in form and function. That perfection necessarily extends into every human, meaning that each of us is “branded” with the same Holy Spirit. Therefore, we all are brothers and sisters, children of God and Loved unconditionally. So why are we fighting? The answer is clearly visible. That concept and acceptance has been “invisible” throughout all of time until now. Recognizing our common spirituality is the “only way to peace”. Jesus told us we must love one another as ourselves. My philosophy explains how and why that concept is maqndatory. Therefore, I have called for recognition of a World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality amongst all peoples. My little philosophy book Wilderness Cry explains in detail exactly how and why. Amazon, Kindle ET AL.  All comments welcomed.

BLUSH- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngBLUSH- This Post- word of the day means a reddening of the face in  embarrassment. Frequently, it is refereed to in cosmetics application, as well as in describing early ripening of fruit as a “slight blush” or an “early blush”. Throughout history, religious leaders and televangelists. alike, have been caught in scandalous activity, thereby belying their “holier than thou” attitude. That is no surprise since each of us is selfish and subject to misdeeds. The problem with religion arises when we consider the basic factual acceptance that Jesus instructed His disciples to take no provisions with them as they preach the Gospel, the “good news” that He had died for their salvation. Jesus despised people who profited off God’s Word. Paul preached what Jesus preached. Paul lived a “Jesus life” as closely as any human I’ve ever known of; maybe Mother Theresa. Paul was impulsive and seemed to speak “off the cuff” frequently, possibly causing him a slight blush. I personally am unaware of any “missteps ” by Mother Theresa. However, likely there were some along her way. Paul despised religion just as Jesus did. He did, however, participate in the “breaking of the bread”. That brings me to a subject near and dear to my heart, the Eucharist. The word Eucharist means thanksgiving, and, as best I can determine, the early followers sf Jesus celebrated the “Breaking of the Bread” as a Thanksgiving Memorial for Jesus’ heroic death for their salvation. I am convinced that Jesus was telling his disciples at the “Last Supper” that He was in everything and everything was in Him. He understood that the image of God was imprinted on everything in existence; otherwise it couldn’t be. As we observe the terrible chaos in our world generated by religion an ideologies, it should generate a “red-faced blush” among the perpetrators,  the likes of which has never before been seen. But no, they plough ahead shamelessly, striving to gain more influence, money , and power. In the meantime, “Rome Burns While Nero Plays”. Acknowledging the presence of God’s image in each of us has prompted me to call for recognition of a World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. Unless and until that understanding is universally accepted, peace is not possible. If we believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, which, by the way, we cannot prove, we must accept the fact that every human who has ever lived or ever will live is indelibly imprinted with the image of the same Supreme Being. There can be only “One Supreme Being”. We call It by different names but It is the same Being; Brahma, God , Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, etc. Accepting the concept of a Supreme Being is the “only” justifiable faith we have. Instead of having more and more religions and televangelists, we desperately need a “movement” to promote Universal Communion of Spirituality. That movement would not be based on a concept of any religious practice. It would be based solely on our humbling acceptance of the “presence” of that Divine Spirit within us. The philosophy outlining such consideration is found in detail in my book, Wilderness Cry. I am extremely hopeful that some entity or organization, recognizing the validity of my argument, will step forward and begin the formation of such a “movement”. My book is  available Amazon, Kindle ET AL. Please don’t be left “blushing” in ignorance; discover the Truth.  All comments welcomed. Remember, religions are divisive; spirituality is unifying.

WRINKLE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngWRINKLE- IS A LINE OR FOLD IN SOMETHING, OR A NEW INNOVATION, AND THE LIKE. Today, I’m going to present you with a new  wrinkle idea. DOES ANYONE TRULY WANT PEACE? OR LIKE SO MANY THINGS IN OUR WORLD SOCIETY, DO WE SIMPLY PAY “LIP SERVICE” TO AN IDEA, BUT DO NOTHING TO EXECUTE IT? Peace has been suggested, digested, regurgitated, lapped up again, ad nauseum. Why can we not have peace? I’m certain this question has been pondered forever, and equally certain that, seemingly, only one person has ever understood the correct methodology of attaining peace. That Person was Jesus. Jesus suggested to us that we must Love one another. Love means acceptance. I am certain that Jesus never had an opportunity to study psychology; no realistic formal study existed in His time. However, with His genius mind, he could see the folly of fighting and warring over differing ideologies and religions. He obviously recognized that each human personality was different, thereby making each person’s attitudes, understandings and prejudices inherently different. He understood that the only way to peace was through reconciliation; hence His commandment. Now, just take a look at today’s world. What we see is war and discord everywhere; no country, region, or entity exempted. There is fighting between countries. There if fighting and discord within countries. There is fighting and terrible discord within every religious organization organization I’m aware of. And why? THAT’S THE WRINKLE. No group has ever “defined” the entity they call God. Moreover, they are adamant about their version of God and are willing, ready and able to quarrel and even fight for their ideology. My contention is this. Number one: God must be defined in irrefutable terms, undeniable by anyone. Number two: our universal education systems must begin teaching our children ‘Logic’; that is legitimate thought process.  Just as importantly, they must simultaneously begin teaching psychology; the scientific understanding of the human mind and its functions and interpretations. That is the only way we can have legitimate reconciliation. Every world organization of any kind is wrinkled with waves, crevices, peaks and valleys of disagreements and misunderstandings. They all are ignorant in the literal sense. In my little philosophy book, Wilderness Cry, I define the “essence” of God. I show that there is only One Supreme Being, call It what you may. Just as importantly, I give an overview of personality development, and demonstrate clearly how many of our “time honored” cliches are illegitimate. By defining God as “A Perfect Rational Being”, I am able to smooth the wrinkles of so-called mysteries and misunderstandings in our lives. I show conclusively that God’s Perfection includes Perfect Love (acceptance without conditions), thereby making a concept of hell irrational. How is it possible, as many claim, for a Perfect Loving God to condemn someone to hell who never heard of Jesus ? My contention is it is impossible. Such a concept negates God’s perfection. My philosophy includes every aspect of our existence, both temporal and eternal. My definition of God’s essence allows me to clearly define the Trinity, Gods Will (Holy Spirit), the Soul, Eternity, Heaven. We all most likely have been imbued with the idea that Heaven is a “place” where God, gloriously arrayed, is sitting on a magnificent throne with Jesus sitting by His side. The whereabouts of the Holy Ghost isn’t addressed. I proclaim that idea to be a “fairy tale”. When one considers the vastness of our universe, a task no human brain can accomplish, and understands the unimaginable Perfect Intelligence that created, sustains and keeps it perfect, we are forced to smooth the wrinkles of our inherited ignorance and recognize the obvious: Heaven is not a place, it is a “state of eternal being”. God is Perfect, meaning that no change is possible. Where there is no change, there is no time, and of course, where there is no time, there is only Eternity. So God, being Perfect and incapable of change, exist as a Perfect Being in Eternity. As His “image and likeness”, and “Jesus’ brother”, so will we. That’s my WRINKLE. My book is available Amazon, Kindle ET AL. Upon its reading, you will be changed forever. All rational comments welcomed.

PROVOKE-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPROVOKE- This word typically means to “call forth a reaction, usually strong”. As an example, my daily posts frequently provoke a rather strong adverse reaction in some quarters. That is to be expected, particularly when I’m promoting an idea contrary to theirs. My theme is consistent; Religion and Ideology have perpetuated turmoil, strife and continual warring among nations throughout all of recorded history. Rarely has there been a time of total peace. Supposedly, there was relative peace at the time of Jesus’ birth. However that came about by the overwhelming force of the Roman Empire. Force never prevails for long; someone is always waiting in the wings to take up the fight. One doesn’t have to be a genius to recognize the ultimate truth: all peoples are bigoted; they have no respect for other peoples’ opinions and beliefs. Furthermore, they always are willing and able to fight with their tongues and their fists in an effort to “float” their ideology to the top of the barrel. When I began observing and understanding that principle during the second World War, it occurred to me that there had to be a reason for such hostility. As the years rolled by, and I was able to become more informed (educated), it occurred to me that an answer must be found to that terrible problem. As I studied philosophy and psychology and learned “how” to think, and what one is “allowed to think logically”, the answer to that major, major, problem became extremely obvious to me. No one had ever defined the God, Allah, Brahma, Buddha, Yahweh they worshiped. That realization provoked a uncontrollable determination in me to do just that; our Supreme Bering must be defined. Logic demands that there can be only One Supreme Being; call It what we may. As a child growing up in a %100 Roman Catholic community in the middle of “the bible belt”, I observed the unrelenting prejudice, ridicule and hostility exhibited by both Catholics and Protestants toward each other. Later on as I matured I became aware of more and more fragmentation in so-called Christianity. I digress momentarily to mention that quite obviously there is no such thing as Christian Religion. There are however 33,000 factions which claim orthodoxy relating to Jesus the Christ. I saw how Jews were being persecuted everywhere. Muslims were fighting among themselves and vowing to destroy all “infidels”. All of that provoked a greater determination on my part to “solve the problem”. Then one day about fifteen years ago the solution came like a lightening bolt. The definition of the “essence” of our Supreme Being suddenly became ‘”crystal clear”. Our GOD (Supreme Being) IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. Six little words says it all. That definition “turned on all the lights”. All the so-called mysteries were solved. That definition also defined the Trinity, Gods Will (Holy Spirit), Jesus, Soul Eternity, and literally everything pertaining to our temporal and eternal life. That philosophy is spelled out completely in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific, and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. Anyone who reads it will certainly be provoked to a “realistic”, and irrefutable philosophically sound understanding. It will definitely provoke an attitude of “dismay” among many, as they realize how they have been duped in the past, as I was,  by self-serving religion. My philosophy, based on that clear definition of God, promotes a concept of spirituality among all. It shows how erroneous and self-serving religion/ideology is (money, power control[influence]). It rips off that terrible “blanket of guilt” thrown over everyone by religion. It frees our souls to recognize our truly Loving God. It shows how each of us is imbued with that same loving image of our Creator Supreme Being. It recognizes the universality of God’s Love. It shows conclusively how Jesus accepted the yoke of sacrificial death for salvation of every entity in existence. Finally, it shows that our “only” justifiable prayed is “Thank You Lord God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (Gods Will ). Amen. With that understanding, I have called for recognition and acceptance of the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY; the “only way to peace”. My book is available Amazon, Kindle ET AL.  All comments welcomed.

Wonder- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt Md

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngWONDER- Wonder is a word that is commonly used, often times routinely, without much thought. For instance one might say, ‘ it a wonder he didn’t get killed in that wreck”. Or, “I wonder where he was all night”. Then, of course we have its use to imply something startling such as “the seven wonders of the world”. In general it implies some level of inquisitiveness or surprise. In my case, being a perpetual philosopher concerning the science of our existence and how that could relate to a Supreme Being, I am in a constant state of wonderment encompassing both inquiry and amazement at the magnitude of our universe, and how that Being “operates”. I am keenly aware that the  many cultures world-wide, who recognizing such a Being, have labeled it with different names and attributes. Hindus call It By several names, Brahma being one of the most common; Muslims call It Allah; Buddhists label It Buddha; Jews, Yahweh; Christians, God. The name is meaningless when we consider that It is the One and Only Supreme Being. The wonderment is startling when one considers the magnitude and capacity of Its Perfect Intellect which imagined such an incomprehensible creation. The wonderment increases when one considers the fact that all of our “visible” creation is actually made from identical and perfect particles (quanta) of energy which, of course, we cannot see. Yet we know from scientific observation that they exist in perfect form and function. Science also shows us that there is “nothing new under the sun”, meaning that there is not a single quantum of energy in existence now that was not there at the moment of creation. Our Supreme Being Created those particles with Its unimaginable Will (Holy Spirit) and maintains the perfection of each by that same Spirit. In doing so It commissioned each quantum to perform perfectly and perpetually until and if recalled. In “going about their business” in perfect fashion, they have gradually evolved into the universe we know today. We are able by scientific inference to actually observe the process almost from its beginning. What a wonderment!!! . The net result is an entire universe of selfish  entities. Selfishness is a “necessary evil” for the universe to function. If there were no selfishness, there would be no need; if no need, there would be no change; if no change there would be no time (time is a measurement of change); and, of course, if there were no time, there would be only Eternity; Eternity being a state of being (existence) without time (change).  Selfishness is defined as anything directed at self. So, since everything in existence is changing constantly, everything in existence may be defined as evil because of its selfishness. That, of course includes us. Our wonderment is magnified to the intellectual extreme when we consider Jesus. Genius Jesus was keenly aware of God’s imprint on everything including Himself. He could see clearly that everything in existence is a reflection of its Creator. He sensed with “dire wonderment” His obligation of paying the price for the universal evil of selfishness. He understood clearly that since he was the only one to see the “big picture”, He had to be the Messiah; He had to be the Christ, the Anointed, the Chosen One. It is indeed a wonder that He so willingly submitted to the task. As our brother and representative, He willing accepted the challenge. In doing so, He freed us from the shackles of our selfishness and guaranteed our eternal union with our Creator, Supreme Being. WHAT A STARTLING WONDER. My powerful little book, Wilderness Cry explains this philosophy in all its ramifications. That concept leads directly to recognition that each of us are imprinted with the Spirit of our Creator. We are all  sisters and brothers united in the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. As such we must stop fighting and finally realize the Wonder of Peace. It is the only way. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL  All comments welcomed.


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINSIST-I have been writing a lot recently  about our WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. For those who may not have read my previous posts, that designation refers to a recognition that as a species, homo sapiens, we share a commonality in spirit which I termed “essence”. That essence of course is our “humanness”. As such we share a commonality of “existence being principle” which I call spirit, and specifically, as a Christian, I label as the Holy Spirit. It matters not that we are black, brown, white or red, we all are of one essence. It matters not that we profess Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, or whatever, we all still share that singular trait. As such, we all are brothers and sisters. We all are called to love (accept) each other. However, because of centuries of misguidance, we all are constantly bickering and fighting with each other; one group trying incessantly and desperately hard to impose its will on the others. Our leaders have persistently indoctrinated us to be at odds with each other, and why?; Money, Power, Control. As a universal society, we as individuals must insist on a change of attitude. How do, we do that? Simply put, just as Dr Martin Luther King exemplified, by peaceful resistance. It must begin with each of us, individually, recognizing our “common spirituality”. From there, resistance may flow from many directions; writings such as mine, cessation of financial support, peaceful demonstrations, and most importantly, home instruction of our children in proper attitudes toward our fellow human beings. Instead of fighting, we must insist on an attitude of rejoicing at our differences. We should take pride in learning about and accepting differences in our cultures. We must not be afraid of change , but rather insist on free-flow of change as we exchange ideas, associations, and cultural habits. No doubt, not a single culture on our earth possesses no beneficial nor desirable traits. That does not mean we must be one nation without boundaries. We still should govern ourselves as individual nations. However, gradually, that governance would take on a more universal form. Theoretically, all would eventually recognize what was most desirable, and would accept it “with open arms”; just look at whats happened to Europe and many areas of our world just since WW2; Democracy in some form has replaced dictatorships in many, many countries. It will never happen without grass-roots insistence by every individual world-wide. If you want to know the “justification” for my premise, I “INSIST” that you read my powerful little book, WILDERNESS CRY. In this book I define all of the entities we hear about all our lives but are never defined; God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and much more. While I am Christian, I am a completely different kind of Christian than any you may ever have heard of. My philosophy applies to any and all concepts of a Supreme being; even to atheistic belief. The only answer to our problems is LOVE (acceptance).  My book is available all major on-line book retailers.  Comments welcomed.                


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTEND-This interesting word seldom is used in a singular, active (verb) form,  such as “He will tend his flock daily”.  More commonly, its use expresses  a leaning toward, tendency, gravitational attitude, etc. I would like to point out what should, seemingly, be an obvious fact. World-wide, there is an extremely notable tendency toward skepticism and even hatred of our fellow man. Why is that? Why cant we get along and love one another as Jesus commanded? As I look at the “big Picture”, what do I see?  Right this minute, I see factions of Muslims fighting and killing each other; I see Muslims killing Jews and Christians; I see one nation vowing to exterminate Israel; I see 33,000 different so-called Christian denominations engaged in perpetual verbal war over religious interpretations; I see the continual and continuous unrelenting ideology of  Socialism attempting to overtake the world; I see Communism lying in wait like a giant python, lurking for the right opportunity to put a stranglehold on the entire planet. All of those entities are wreaking havoc on our earth in unrelenting fashion; worse yet, they always have. And why? Their unrelenting tendency for Power, Money, Control. On the other hand, I see Buddhist monks in solitary contemplation and prayer; I see holy, well intended, peace loving Muslims worshiping Allah in a loving attitude; I see holy, devout, peace-loving Jews praying to Yahweh; I see ancient and modern-day Hindu meditators contemplating the meaning of life, always with a peaceful and loving tendency; and yes, I see some, loving, understanding, accepting Christians trying desperately hard to accept God and their neighbor. Each group is contemplating a Supreme Being; each group knows that Being by a different name, but in the end, all are worship the same Being. By definition, there can be only one Supreme Being; “A rose by any other name is still a rose”. So observing both the various warring and and peace-loving groups, what is the answer to the earths problem? How do we have Peace? I can clearly see that the ONLY solution for attaining peace is a WORLD-WIDE, grass-roots, campaign of preaching and teaching the “UNIVERSAL COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY”. This campaign must recognize that each person is a “CHILD OF THE SUPREME BEING” who made it, and therefore Its “brand”, image, is imprinted in us  with Its Spirit which I call the Holy Spirit. Each of us tends to think of ourselves as individuals, and indeed we are from the standpoint of our “accidents” (those qualities that make us the specific individual we are). However we must develop an unrelenting tendency of recognizing and accepting our common essence (that quality which makes each of us identical to all others, our humanness). I say grass-roots because I know that Religious and Ideological leaders will never willingly relinquish their  power, and control. They must be coerced by peaceful resistance; by attitude change among us. The simplest method of bringing religious leaders to their knees is by stopping the money flow. That gets attention quickly. However, the most important of all considerations lies within us; each of us must have a complete change of tendency toward out neighbor, no matter who  nor where. We must begin seeing our neighbor as our mirror image, just as our “soul” is a mirror image of our “Supreme Being”, Creator. Observing the problems and pondering the solutions for decades compelled me to formulate a philosophy never before promulgated. It defines all of the so-called mysteries in our lives, while, at the same time, offering concrete solutions to those problems. If you have interest, WILDERNESS CRY is available at all major on-line book retailers. Comments welcome.                                              handg@comcast,net

Calling-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCALLING; what an interesting word with so many uses and implications. I can still hear my mothers voice calling, from the back door of our little three room house, me and my brothers to come for dinner (lunch). We would in the fields  toiling in the hot sun on our little farm. I can hear my dadd’y voice calling me to awaken, at 4:00 AM; I had ask him to do so that I might get into the woods squirrel hunting before daylight. I can reminiscence about all sorts of voices calling me at various times and circumstances.Those are conscious memories and each of you have had similar experiences. Many are nostalgic, many are sad, and each represents our own individual interpretation. In similar fashion, we hear people speak of a calling from God to do so and so. Those callings are based on the programming each personality has experienced with the underlying need or expectation of such a calling. For instance, we may hear someone say he/she got a calling to preach. In such a case, it is likely that persons personality has been per-programmed to subconsciously expect such a calling. If we are Christian, we must accept the fact that Jesus calls us to honor His two commandments; Love God with our all, and love (accept) our neighbor as ourselves. If we as a society ever come to universally honor that calling, there will be peace. Until then there will be nothing but strife. For a complete understanding of that and many, many more concepts, I would encourage you to read my powerful little book, Wilderness cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe; Amazon, Kindle and all on-line book retailers