cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSUSPICIOUS-What a great word to start our day. It means simply that we have “doubt” about the validity of something. As we watch world events unfold before our eyes, no doubt we have suspicions about many people and events. We suspicion the motives and intentions  of world leaders, governing officials, news broadcasters, TV commentators, teachers, preachers, business leaders, and yes, sadly, friends. We understand, usually clearly, that each of  those entities has an angle of influence they wish to impart on us. Almost invariably, each of them come at us with pseudo-logic in attempt to gain our acceptance. Of course the ultimate goal of each distills down to Power, Money, Control. I say pseudo-logic because “logic” demands truth premises, either real or accepted, before any conclusion can legitimately be suggested. Our suspicion frequently arises about the validity of the suggested premises. Sometimes our intelligence is insulted by the deduction of false conclusion from true premises. In any event, we seldom are presented with a true argument about anything, That understanding keeps us suspicious about literally everything. In my little book Wilderness Cry, I show conclusively, with true premises and truth conclusions how religion has duped us on a continuing basis. Bigots may and do attack me personally; “if you don’t like the message, kill the messenger”. My message simply is this. ALL RELIGION is based on FALSE PREMISES. How am I allowed to say that? Simply because I came to the STARK realization that all religions preach about entities they can’t define. Christians preach about God; Muslims preach about Allah; Jews preach  about Yahweh, Buddhist about Buddha and so on. My suspicion arose as I realized that philosophically there can be only one SUPREME BEING. Are we all worshiping a false deity? Yes and no. Yes because no one has ever defined the essence if their deity. No because, unwittingly, all have been worshiping the same deity. If anyone had ever defined the essence of their deity, he/she would have discovered that all such deities were the same. There can be only “one” Supreme Being. Having awareness that historically, the entire world has been at war perpetually because of one ideology , and/or religion attempting to impose its will on the rest, prompted me to solve the puzzle. Here again, many would and do attack me as egotistical, arrogant, and even sometimes  with vile language. Why is that? Seemingly, no one wants “his apple-cart upset”: I’m threatening their “power, money, control, base. However I have and will “forge on” with a true philosophy which no one can, nor has ever attempted, to refute; the reason being, THEY CAN’T. So what is my philosophy. It begins with “defining the essence of the Supreme  Being and all of its counterparts  (Trinity, Will, Holy Ghost, Soul, Eternity, and much more). As far as I can tell, no one has ever before done that. They all talk  and preach about those entities but they seemingly don’t have the foggiest notion about that which they preach. I, in fact, have defined conclusively the “essence” of each of those entities, and in doing so, easily explain and remove all of the so-called mysteries in out lives. I recognized that the “only” truth in the bible is Jesus’ command for us to Love our Supreme Being with our all, and to Love our Neighbor (everyone in the world) as ourselves. Love means acceptance. With that recognition, permanent peace would come. Without it , peace can never be. We must recognize that The SUPREME BEING is not Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu etc. The SUPREME BEING IS SUPREME. We all worship the same SUPREME BEING. WE ALL ARE IMPRINTED WITH THE IMAGE OF THAT BEING. As such, we are all brothers and sisters under one singular spirit, THE HOLY SPIRIT. With that understanding, I have made a plea  for each of us to accept the concept of  the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY among us. We must recognize that we are all of the same essence; we all are human. We must humble ourselves to that recognition; WE MUST STOP FIGHTING. In order to fully understand my philosophy and to know and understand my definition of the essence of our Supreme Being, you must read my little book. My hope, for the salvation of out existence, is that all will read; my suspicion is that most won’t. Sad indeed. Unless you can do what I have done or, at least, read  my philosophy you will never understand; you will never have internal peace; you will always harbor internal hatred (lack of love [acceptance]) of your neighbor. I am very suspicious that this writing will generate much hatred of me. Why? Simply because I’m “upsetting the apple-cart” of many. Seemingly nearly all are comfortably “cozy” with being dug in like a badger defending its turf, hating literally all of their neighbors. Can I stimulate your conscience to a different attitude and understanding. Hundreds have read my  little book and come away shaking their heads either in complete agreement, or in bewilderment trying to either reconcile their instilled bias, or trying to defend it philosophically which they can’t. There is no defense. I have pleaded for meaningful dialogue; so far, none. My book is described by Amazon as A REAL EYE OPENER. You should give it a try. Available all major on-line book retailers. Quit being suspicious; be certain.


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINSIST-I have been writing a lot recently  about our WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. For those who may not have read my previous posts, that designation refers to a recognition that as a species, homo sapiens, we share a commonality in spirit which I termed “essence”. That essence of course is our “humanness”. As such we share a commonality of “existence being principle” which I call spirit, and specifically, as a Christian, I label as the Holy Spirit. It matters not that we are black, brown, white or red, we all are of one essence. It matters not that we profess Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, or whatever, we all still share that singular trait. As such, we all are brothers and sisters. We all are called to love (accept) each other. However, because of centuries of misguidance, we all are constantly bickering and fighting with each other; one group trying incessantly and desperately hard to impose its will on the others. Our leaders have persistently indoctrinated us to be at odds with each other, and why?; Money, Power, Control. As a universal society, we as individuals must insist on a change of attitude. How do, we do that? Simply put, just as Dr Martin Luther King exemplified, by peaceful resistance. It must begin with each of us, individually, recognizing our “common spirituality”. From there, resistance may flow from many directions; writings such as mine, cessation of financial support, peaceful demonstrations, and most importantly, home instruction of our children in proper attitudes toward our fellow human beings. Instead of fighting, we must insist on an attitude of rejoicing at our differences. We should take pride in learning about and accepting differences in our cultures. We must not be afraid of change , but rather insist on free-flow of change as we exchange ideas, associations, and cultural habits. No doubt, not a single culture on our earth possesses no beneficial nor desirable traits. That does not mean we must be one nation without boundaries. We still should govern ourselves as individual nations. However, gradually, that governance would take on a more universal form. Theoretically, all would eventually recognize what was most desirable, and would accept it “with open arms”; just look at whats happened to Europe and many areas of our world just since WW2; Democracy in some form has replaced dictatorships in many, many countries. It will never happen without grass-roots insistence by every individual world-wide. If you want to know the “justification” for my premise, I “INSIST” that you read my powerful little book, WILDERNESS CRY. In this book I define all of the entities we hear about all our lives but are never defined; God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and much more. While I am Christian, I am a completely different kind of Christian than any you may ever have heard of. My philosophy applies to any and all concepts of a Supreme being; even to atheistic belief. The only answer to our problems is LOVE (acceptance).  My book is available all major on-line book retailers.  Comments welcomed.                

Conversation-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngConversation is likely the most used mode of communication the world has known to date. It can be verbal or cyber, even mathematical. It can be general or specific, sign language or code, pleasant or hostile, just to mention a few attributes. It can even be one-sided as in a lecture if questions are allowed. I have written a book’ Wilderness Cry- A Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. In this book I am attempting to converse with you a philosophy of God and His mode of operation, which likely you have never heard before. I call it a conversation because repeatedly, I ask for any and all meaningful rebuttal. In actually defining God as “A Perfect Rational Being”, I am easily able to answer and define all the imponderable “mysteries” in our lives; The Trinity, God’s Will, Eternity, overview of the science of creation, the soul. I show that God is Perfect Love which means “acceptance without conditions”. In applying those principles to our daily lives and existence, I am able to show that because of our failure to recognize the basics of personality development, our legal system is way off base in administering corrective measures. Those measures should be more in the form of loving rehabilitation of our neighbor where possible, rather than punishment. Developing those principles allow me to show that ideologies and religion are the worst enemies of peace because they divide us by setting us against one another. On the other hand, love (acceptance) of neighbor as Jesus suggested unite us and promote peace. You might want to check it out. Amazon, Kindle and all on-line book retailers.