INVISIBLE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINVISIBLE- Today’s Word-Prompt describes exactly what has been missing in the understanding of Homo Sapiens forever. The word means “incapable of being seen”. There exists a cause for everything, and “invisibility” is no exception. Everything is “visible” with proper tools and understanding (desire). The world has been at war incessantly throughout recorded history for one reason only; religions and ideologies. The pathway to PEACE has been and remains invisible because of mythical interpretations of the Nature of our Supreme Being; some believe there is not a Supreme Being, and, truthfully, it cannot be proven. However, among us who do accept (believe) in a Supreme Being, there never has been a unanimous understanding of that Being. From the beginning of Homo Sapiens existence,each culture, in turn, has conjured up differing ideas of that Being and how It operates. Their convictions run so deeply as to justify war in attempts to further their ideas; nothing has changed. The reason is clear. Prompted by their blindness, the Essence or our Supreme Being has eluded everyone. Observing that condition prompted me to “focus my microscope” and make the heretofore invisible, visible. I had to define The Essence of our Supreme Being. In doing so, it became very clear to me that we all worship the same Supreme Being (call It what you may; God, Allah, Buddha, Brahma, Yahweh etc). It hurts me  to have to keep saying this but “a rose by any other name is still a rose”. Therefore by defining the Essence of our God as “A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING”, everything instantly became clearly visible: Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity, and literally everything meaningful to us and our relationship with God. God is Perfect, and, therefore cannot possibly change. That one concept negates the God of the Old testament, who was constantly reacting to the imagination of the Israelites. God’s Perfection demands Perfect Love, meaning It accepts us and all It’s creation without condition; after all everything was/is It’s creation. Notice that I use the term It rather than the Biblical Him; God has no gender. With that understanding, it is very clear (visible) that everything in existence is the result of the imagination of God’s Perfect Intellect, and It’s Perfect Will (holy Spirit) which achieved and maintains that perfection in everything. There is absolutely nothing in this universe that is not “perfect” in form and function. That perfection necessarily extends into every human, meaning that each of us is “branded” with the same Holy Spirit. Therefore, we all are brothers and sisters, children of God and Loved unconditionally. So why are we fighting? The answer is clearly visible. That concept and acceptance has been “invisible” throughout all of time until now. Recognizing our common spirituality is the “only way to peace”. Jesus told us we must love one another as ourselves. My philosophy explains how and why that concept is maqndatory. Therefore, I have called for recognition of a World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality amongst all peoples. My little philosophy book Wilderness Cry explains in detail exactly how and why. Amazon, Kindle ET AL.  All comments welcomed.

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