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cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPEACE: Do you really want peace? Are you willing to come off your “high-horse” and compromise your thought processes? Or, are you eager for peace and perfectly willing to have peace only if everyone else bends their will to yours? My observation is the latter. Before we can discuss peace, we must recognize and admit to the cause of our perpetual discord. It requires only a very casual observation of our world to identify the culprit which is  creating perpetual war and hostilities. That culprit, plain and simple, is religion.

From all recorded history, mankind has been at war in one way or another and, almost always, over religious and/or ideological differences. Why do you suppose that is? The reason, again, is quite obvious; all religion is based on some ill-defined idea of a higher power. Those ill-defined ideas are based on mythological concepts with no foundation in scientific fact…

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Communion-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCOMMUNION: in its usual sense this word means ‘a coming or being together’ in either body or spirit or both. It is generally used in a religious or spiritual sense–for instance we frequently hear of ‘the communion of saints’–more often we are presented with the sacrament of Eucharist which is commonly referred to as ‘Holy Communion”. The latter terms  typically are used by the ‘sacrificial’ Christians–Catholics, Episcopals, Lutherans, etc.

I am not certain how the term Eucharist became equilibrated with Holy Communion. The word eucharist means ‘thanksgiving’ whereas the term Holy Communion refers to the eating of the body and blood of Jesus by the community of believers. This latter matter is what I wish to address today. The afore mentioned group of ‘sacrificial  Christians’ believe that by saying the words of consecration, ordinary bread and wine are turned transsubstantially into the actual body and blood of Jesus. This ritual is a direct hold-over from the Jewish High priest who made IMG_0082a ‘perfect sacrificial offering’ to a vengeful God as an appeasement.

Religions and religious leaders are free to profess and believe what they wish, as well they do. Consequently, as of 2014 there were 33,000 so-called Christian denominations with each claiming absolute validity and authority–that’s religion for you.

Now, lets put some sense to all of this. Presuming that the Particle Physicists are correct, we know the following—every gravid object of any kind in this universe is composed of the same identical particles of energy. Those particles have different identities, but each of its kind is identical and perfect in both form and function to its counterparts. Furthermore, there is not one particle more or less in existence now than roughly 13.7 billion years ago at the time of the ‘big bang’. Collectively, these particles are known as quanta (pleural for quantum). A quantum is the smallest particle which cannot be farther subdivided. Each particle has remained perfect since the moment of its creation. With that knowledge and understanding, two logical assumptions may be made—1-those particles were imagined and designed by a ‘perfect intellect’—2-those particles are maintained and kept perfect by a ‘perfect will’. That perfect intellect and will comprise a Perfect Rationality which has been called by a thousand different names—some of the more familial are God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Buddha, Zeus, etc.—‘a IMG_1065rose by any other name is still a rose’.

So, what does all that have to do with ‘communion’?—I say everything. And by everything, I mean ‘everything’. If the scientists are correct, and I have no reason to doubt that they are, then everything in existence is in %100 communion with everything else. Jesus, we say, was/is God—so are we—so is every grain of sand, every drop of water, every leaf. Everything is ‘branded’ with the Will (Holy Spirit, Love, Choice) of God—therefore ‘all’ is God and God is ‘all’.

Then, what we see in ‘religion’ is an exclusionary attitude—you may not partake of the God in you unless you are ‘branded’ by ‘our’ doctrine. Does it get any more ‘selfish’? And for what reason?—power, money, control. Just look around you and what do you see?—‘missionaries’ of every sort and description scouring the earth in desperate attempt at converting the unaware to their way of thinking (believing).

All of this display clearly demonstrates two vital points. Number one, not a single religious leader has ever defined the ‘essence of God’—consequently, not a single one of them knows the God about whom they so vehemently preach. Number two, that unrelenting attempt at ‘stealing’ other group’s members always has and always will create unrelenting hostilities.

So where does that leave you and me? I don’t know about you but I certainly know about me—it left me ‘crying out for truth from a wilderness of mythology, superstition, ignorance, and deceit. It prompted me to do something never before done—define in irrefutable terms the ‘Essence Of God’. As a consequence it allowed me to lay out an absolute pathway to ‘permanent peace’. Those two unimaginably important concepts plus dozens more are spelled out explicitly in my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. Press Releases and short video trailers for both books are attached below.

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Socialism-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSOCIALISM: how often in the history of the USA  have we heard that term—in fact we are hearing and seeing it openly advocated by political candidates on a moment to moment basis. Essentially all of the ‘isms’ carry then same base brand—taking from the ‘haves’ and giving to the ‘have nots’. This is a political ploy as old as the hills. It appeals to many for two basic reasons. Number one, many ‘less fortunate’ folks are eager to get free stuff. Number two, many of those same people are envious of their more fortunate neighbors and selfishly desire  to see them reduced to financial ruin—the foolish idea that it betters one’s situation to see his neighbor fail–envy at it’s best.

So lets examine some causes of success and failure. Obviously there are many examples of inheritance wealth and,  of those, the ones who invest wisely and  well will succeed even more–those who are ill prepared for wealth will soon be ‘poor’. However, the vast majority of people who succeed, do so by hard work and determination—most of them would fall into the oft spoken of ‘middle class’. Then there  are the ‘poor’.

What causes people to be poor? There are a myriad of causes. Just to enumerate a few–birth into poverty of both wealth and motivation; psychological influences promoting such an attitude; physical and mental disabilities making meaningful industry essentially impossible (however, I personally know one person with severe IQ limitations who has consistently held two to three jobs simultaneously for thirty years and has done very well financially—he had great guidance. Obviously that is the exception rather than the rule.); bad luck; major unexpected health issues, etc.

The question arises as to how we, as a loving society, address these issues of poverty. The socialists scream, ‘take from the rich and give to the poor”. That appeals to many—free everything on the backs of the ‘rich’. Guess what happens—the rich quit producing because their effort are not rewarded; the poor are not capable of producing. So, what happens then—the good old ‘give away’  government is broke, the roof caves in, and the system fails. My research has revealed that no socialist government has lasted one hundred years. Just look at the USSR.

As a Capitalistic nation, we long ago established backstops against financial failure and medical collapse for many. That does not mean to say that reforms may be not needed–almost everything needs tweaking periodically to keep abreast of changing times.

It is quite obvious that most of the world is envious of our prosperity. Many world leaders would do anything to wreck our prosperity and make us poor as they are–then they would feel good. Many individuals break our laws daily entering our country illegally–they have the support of two major organizations, the Democratic Party and the Catholic Church. Both seem desperate for similar reasons. The Democrats want open borders so they can give the immigrants freebies and thereby garner their votes (power, money, control). The Church wants open borders to beef up their enrollment believing that eventually those people would get meaningful jobs and begin contributing to the ’empire’ (money, power, control).

The problem with all that pseudo philosophy is this—sooner or later the drag on our economic engine becomes to great and our system fails. So who’s the winner?–poverty.

So rather than killing the greatest machine ever known at the federal level, we need to become more ‘loving’ on the local, private level. Communities need to step up their local, support for the needy. In Paducah, Ky., there are many great organizations who assist the poor and needy on a daily basis—I am certain more can and should be done. The answer is not in federal ‘giveaway’ wastefulness, but rather local control with possible federal assistance.

As for the ‘open border’ situation we need our border closed tightly so legal immigration can proceed judiciously, As a nation we need to keep our ‘Giant Economic Engine” running wide open so we can afford to ‘assist’ other countries in developing  their own economic engines—little to be gained by destroying our engine in the name of Socialism. Jesus did not teach such a philosophy–‘render unto Caesar– ‘.

The above philosophy is spelled out explicitly in my two books. Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. Press releases and video trailers for each attached.

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Contradiction-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCONTRADICTION: the word itself mean a saying or statement that seems contrary to the reality or truth of another statement. Contradictions are a ‘dime a dozen’ in our everyday lives—may are readily resolved and many go totally unresolved. I want to address what seems to me do be a direct contradiction between Christian prayer and a direct quote from Luke’s Gospel.

The Christian prayer in question is the Apostles Creed which says, ‘Jesus was crucified, died and was buried. He descended into hell. He arose again on the third day—‘ . Luke, in referring to Jesus’ crucifixion with the two insurgents on either side says that one of them rebuked Jesus for not saving  them and  himself, while the other scolds the first for rebuking Jesus, attesting that Jesus was innocent while they were getting their ‘just due’—he asked Jesus to ‘remember him when he came into his kingdom’. Jesus replied ‘this day thou shalt be with me in paradise’.

This appears to me to be a clear-cut example of ‘direct contradiction’. Some apologists, may attempt to explain it away with some hidden meaning of hell etc. However common folks speaking and hearing common language would definitely have a clear understanding that those two statements are a direct contradiction of one another.

As a matter of factual experience, during my 81 years of regular weekly/daily attendance at Catholic Mass, I have never once heard the issue addressed from the pulpit. I believe I know why—there is no rational explanation.

While I can’t prove either of the statements to be correct/incorrect, my strong suspicion is that neither is correct. In the first instance, no one knows what happened to Jesus’ soul, and in the second instance, we know from History Professor Emiratis, Garry Will, That Luke was a veritable liar. Professor Will, in his book, What Paul Meant, Shows clearly that everything Luke wrote in ‘Acts Of The Apostles’ was a total lie. Paul, you recall was the first writer—he wrote about his activities basically as they occurred. Luke’s writings about Paul’s activities bear no resemblance to Paul’s writings. Luke fashioned a religion the way he wanted it—not according to Jesus’ plan.

So, ‘right off the bat’ we have, contradictions galore and we have unfounded speculations galore all of which set the stage for the birth of more mythology founded religions—33,000 of them to be exact (as of 2014).

Preachers of every ilk have pounded the pages of that ‘holy book’ without the slightest notion of that they are saying—how can they possibly know? They speak incessantly about a god that they don’t know, and they speak incessantly about a Jesus they don’t know. And for what purpose?—money, power control. These same preachers  are building empires of structures, wealth an influence. Is That what Jesus supposedly told his apostles?—I don’t think so.

While shaking the dust off my cerebral cortex, I seem to remember Jesus telling his apostles to ‘go into the world and preach the good news that God loves you and that I have come to die for your salvation. Take no provisions; accept that is offered you; If you are not received, shake the dust off your sandals and move on’ (paraphrased). Of all the hundreds of thousands of preachers in the world, what percentage of them are concerned enough about your soul  to do as Jesus said?—I suspect extremely few. Do you see the hypocrisy as I do?

More importantly, do you see the lament?  While the preachers are amassing wealth, simultaneously they are unwittingly/possibly wittingly spreading hostility among Gods People—‘my preaching(church) is better than your’.

Please read my little books, Wilderness Cry , and Peace in Spirituality. In wilderness Cry I actually define the essence  of God, so now you may know explicitly just who your God is. In Peace in Spirituality, I show the absolute only fool-proof pathway to peace. Press Releases and video trailers for both books attached—all comments and questions welcomed.

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TRINITY GOD-Historical Perspective-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTRINITY GOD: I suspect that most so-called Christians have been indoctrinated with the  basic concept of a Trinity God—Father, Son. Holy Ghost. Likewise, we have been led to believe that, while such a concept is absolute truth, it is not understandable for us mere mortals—it is a mystery. And, based on the concept of God as portrayed in both the Old and New Testaments, I would agree one hundred percent with that assessment. I am allowed to say that because that God is portrayed either as a grizzled old man with an angry demeanor sitting in semi-bust form on the clouds or a similar figure dressed in finest regalia, sitting on a befitting throne with Jesus his little boy sitting by his right side—the whereabouts of the Holy Ghost seems conveniently absent (how do you depict an invisible Ghost?).

There is a clear reason for that  mystery denotation and it  rests clearly on the singular fact that absolutely  no one before me has ever defined  the essence of God. It goes without saying that absent an essential definition, nothing has meaning, God included..

So now we fall back again to history—what does it have to say about all of this? What it has to say and to show clearly is that beginning with the Egyptians, literally every society in existence has recognized a trinity godhead. Of course the Jews while in captivity of the Egyptians undoubtedly adopted their trinitarian concepts— there seems to be a reasonable assertion that it is referred to in the Second Creation Story. Be that  as it may, the writers of the New Testament picked up on it, but I’d vouch to say , they had not the foggiest notion about what they were saying and less idea about what it meant–they simply were spewing out meaningless words base on superstition and mythology.

The oddity in all this is that Jesus knew—he was the only human to know, but because of their bias, and prejudice, the Jews could not  and would (did not want) understand what he was saying. So they killed him.

Another oddity is that for two thousand years, great thinkers, philosophers, and theologians of all types and kinds have tried desperately to understand—they all failed for one simple reason—their thought processes were locked in a box with a grizzled old man for a god. Not one of them could or would let his mind wander back to the real Jesus and his words—such was their blindness or fear of reprisal or possibly both.  Foolishly, they all kept trying to put a two inch square peg into a one inch round hole—it wouldn’t fit.

My sixty five to seventy year trek to the truth took many twists and turns before the ‘lights came on’. When they did, all was instantly clear. That Grizzled old man of a god instantly turned into A God of Perfect Rationality—a God of Perfection in all spheres and domains including Love. My essential definition of God as ‘A Perfect Rational Being” not only allowed for but rather mandated Trinity just as Jesus described, and the Jews rejected.

Jesus knew that his soul (Spirit) and the Spirit of every particle of energy of which everything is made mirrors their Creator. Cumulatively, that Creation is the Mirror Image of God—the Second Person Of The Trinity. The perpetual Love between them carries the ‘Brand of its Generators—it is the third person of Trinity—the Holy Ghost. So the Trinity is no mystery at all. The Jews and Christians concept of God is, however, a complete myth.

The rub comes from the irrational concept that God is here and his creation is over there—he lords it over all. Rationality demands an omnipresent God which permeates all with his Perfection and Love. He resides in all, and therefore can reject nothing.

For a complete dissertation on all of  this and much, much, you must read my two little books, Wilderness Cry, and Peace in Spirituality. Press Releases and video trailers included below. All comments welcomed.

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Baptism With the Holy Spirit-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngAs suspected, yesterdays post about the history  of baptism, created  quite a   stir about the origin of baptism and its meaning. There are certain groups of Christians who cannot allow themselves that luxury of historical perspective. However, the  pagan origin of Baptism is undeniable. The ‘rub’ came when the Catholic Church declared Baptism a Sacrament, and  an essential for admission into heaven. That instantly created another loophole which had to be closed—that being  state  of limbo for the  un-baptized.

I will expose my ignorance here and declare that I do not know exactly  how the Fundamentalists  Christians came  to recognize  Baptism as a requirement for salvation. They don’t recognize Sacraments—some accept a few–Episcopalians accept them all—just don’t recognize the Pope. Suffice it to say, the pagan ritual of baptism was adopted by the Jews and  was eventually converted to a rite of ‘penitential cleansing’ by making John’s baptism as salvational.

So it is evident, the responsibility for Christian baptism lay clearly at the feet of Jesus. However Jesus said, ‘John gave you baptism with water, but I will Baptize you with the Holy Spirit’. Obviously a paradox exist here. Why did God’s voice speak from the  heavens and say , ‘This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased . Listen to him’. Who was there to listen and hear? Jesus had not yet chosen his apostles. So who heard that it might be recorded later? I suspect no one.  I believe it was absolutely a ‘trumped up’ idea inserted into Bible centuries later to satisfy the figment of someone’s imagination. If the Jews had heard it, they would have been compelled to, obey—direct orders from God?—who would dare ignore?

No, rather I think Jesus spoke truly about the Holy Spirit. He tried desperately for three years to educate his ‘thick- headed apostles and others—we have absolutely no way of knowing whether or not he was successful—so corrupted is the Bible. Jesus saw plainly that the Spirit of God (the life giving principle of all,  God’s love of all, God’s acceptance of all,  God’s Holy Will) resided on all. God did not reside  ‘over there’ and his creation reside ‘over here’—they were one an the same. Jesus told his apostles, ‘The Kingdoms Of God is spread out all over the earth around you and you don’t see it’.

If we are ever to have peace on this earth, each of us must come out of our ‘badger like’ cocoons, humbly accept that the Spirit of God is in us all, and indeed in all of creation. Not one of us is worthy of God’s Kingdom—it is by his singular acceptance that he has  made us, and every grain of sand in the universe worthy.  With that understanding, we could finally have peace—not until.

My little book, Peace in Spirituality spells it out precisely. You must first read and understand Wilderness Cry before  you can understand  Peace in Spirituality.

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BAPTISM-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngBAPTISM: today I want to address the custom of Baptism and discuss its history. I would venture to guess that most Christians think of Baptism as a Christian rite originating with John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan. Nothing, however, could be farther from the truth. A simple perusal of historical data will show that ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and cultures of all sorts including Hindus and American Indians had some sort of ritual Baptism.

In the case of Christians, the practice undoubtedly came through the Jews from the Egyptians. The Egyptians believed that baptism in the waters of the Nile river afforded them an immersion into god in the next life. You will recall that the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians for years. It is very likely that during that period, the Jews adopted some of their captors ways—baptism was one of them.

So when the New Testament says matter of factly that John was baptizing in the Jordan, it was understood by the writer that his readers would know what he was IMG_1065referring to—it was a common practice.

When Jesus came along and was baptized by John, the developing Christian church established the process as a sacrament. Moreover, the church declared it an absolute requirement for admission into heaven—un-baptized people could not enter heaven; they went to a place called limbo—a place of natural happiness but not supernatural, perfect happiness. When I was catechized in Roman Catholicism, baptism was to be done expeditiously—doctors, nurses and all people were instructed in the simple process of pouring on the water and saying the baptismal words in case of emergency or risk of death. In any event, baptism as a formal ceremony, done by a priest seldom went 7-10 days post-partum.

As I attend Sunday Mass, baptism are frequent, and many are done during the Mass ceremony itself—others done after Mass. It seems obvious that most of these babies are several weeks(months) old. I wonder why the change in sense of urgency. The ceremony used to be done in private—now with great hoopla. Anyone have any ideas? Has limbo been swept under the carpet? I haven’t heard the word mentioned from the pulpit in sixty years.

The truth of the matter is this; baptism has absolutely nothing to do with our salvation—that has been guaranteed by the death of Jesus. My two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality elucidate all. By defining the essence  of God, I am able to address every human condition relating to God and salvation. Press Release and video trailers for these books included.

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