Wonder- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt Md

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngWONDER- Wonder is a word that is commonly used, often times routinely, without much thought. For instance one might say, ‘ it a wonder he didn’t get killed in that wreck”. Or, “I wonder where he was all night”. Then, of course we have its use to imply something startling such as “the seven wonders of the world”. In general it implies some level of inquisitiveness or surprise. In my case, being a perpetual philosopher concerning the science of our existence and how that could relate to a Supreme Being, I am in a constant state of wonderment encompassing both inquiry and amazement at the magnitude of our universe, and how that Being “operates”. I am keenly aware that the  many cultures world-wide, who recognizing such a Being, have labeled it with different names and attributes. Hindus call It By several names, Brahma being one of the most common; Muslims call It Allah; Buddhists label It Buddha; Jews, Yahweh; Christians, God. The name is meaningless when we consider that It is the One and Only Supreme Being. The wonderment is startling when one considers the magnitude and capacity of Its Perfect Intellect which imagined such an incomprehensible creation. The wonderment increases when one considers the fact that all of our “visible” creation is actually made from identical and perfect particles (quanta) of energy which, of course, we cannot see. Yet we know from scientific observation that they exist in perfect form and function. Science also shows us that there is “nothing new under the sun”, meaning that there is not a single quantum of energy in existence now that was not there at the moment of creation. Our Supreme Being Created those particles with Its unimaginable Will (Holy Spirit) and maintains the perfection of each by that same Spirit. In doing so It commissioned each quantum to perform perfectly and perpetually until and if recalled. In “going about their business” in perfect fashion, they have gradually evolved into the universe we know today. We are able by scientific inference to actually observe the process almost from its beginning. What a wonderment!!! . The net result is an entire universe of selfish  entities. Selfishness is a “necessary evil” for the universe to function. If there were no selfishness, there would be no need; if no need, there would be no change; if no change there would be no time (time is a measurement of change); and, of course, if there were no time, there would be only Eternity; Eternity being a state of being (existence) without time (change).  Selfishness is defined as anything directed at self. So, since everything in existence is changing constantly, everything in existence may be defined as evil because of its selfishness. That, of course includes us. Our wonderment is magnified to the intellectual extreme when we consider Jesus. Genius Jesus was keenly aware of God’s imprint on everything including Himself. He could see clearly that everything in existence is a reflection of its Creator. He sensed with “dire wonderment” His obligation of paying the price for the universal evil of selfishness. He understood clearly that since he was the only one to see the “big picture”, He had to be the Messiah; He had to be the Christ, the Anointed, the Chosen One. It is indeed a wonder that He so willingly submitted to the task. As our brother and representative, He willing accepted the challenge. In doing so, He freed us from the shackles of our selfishness and guaranteed our eternal union with our Creator, Supreme Being. WHAT A STARTLING WONDER. My powerful little book, Wilderness Cry explains this philosophy in all its ramifications. That concept leads directly to recognition that each of us are imprinted with the Spirit of our Creator. We are all  sisters and brothers united in the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. As such we must stop fighting and finally realize the Wonder of Peace. It is the only way. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL  All comments welcomed.  handg@comcast.net

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