cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCONJURE- What a neat word. It literally means “to call up a spirit, ghost etc. In the vernacular sense it most often seems to imply the “dreaming up” or “imagining” some idea or concept not in touch with reality. In the realm of religion, people have been conjuring up ideas about spirits (ghosts), and gods from the earliest days of recorded history to this very present day. Even a casual perusal of history will clearly demonstrate that fact. History will also clearly demonstrate how those conjures ideas have been accepted as fact either voluntarily and/or by force. History also clearly shows how neighboring societies with differing conjured ideas have been at war on a perpetual basis, even to this very moment. As a matter of fact, major world religions have been conjured up, and, in many of those, major divisions and sub-divisions have evolved. So what we have experienced is, not only fighting between major religions such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity, but also infighting within the major religions themselves by differing subdivisions within any group. For instance, right this minute “radical” Muslims are killing “moderate” Muslims. Throughout the history of Christianity, a specific conjured (manufactured) version has been protected and promulgated by  Imperial Rule, either civil or clerical or both. Just a few years ago, protestants and Catholics were fighting like “cats and dogs” in Northern Ireland. There still exists many theocratic governments  including Roman Catholicism. While physical torture and death by fire or guillotine are no longer allowed by civil authorities, it hasn’t been too awfully long since that was not the case. However, a worse type of torture has been applied; the imposition of extreme “guilt” with resultant threat of punishment by unquenchable  fire in eternal “hell”. As of 2014, there have been 33,000 conjured up “versions” of Christianity and why? All for Power, Money and Control. Organized Christianity, likely, is the largest single money-making business the world has ever known. Seeing, knowing and understanding all of those facts compelled me to try to make some “sense” of it all. Believe me, I am not about to start or suggest “another religion”. What I have done is accept one concept as truth, even though I nor anyone else can either prove or disprove its validity. That Premise is my acceptance of the existence of a Supreme Being which we call God; others call Yahweh, Allah, Buddha etc. . In my little book Wilderness Cry, I present an irrefutable philosophy about the nature of that Being and Its relationship to us and everything in our universe(s). I do so by first recognizing the problems (all the obvious discrepancies in our extremely varied teachings). For every problem, there is a solution. I provide the philosophic solution by first “defining” that Supreme Being and all its counterparts, the Trinity, Holy Spirit , God’s Will, Eternity, Soul and literally everything relating to our existence. Philosophically speaking no one is allowed to attempt to speak definitively about anything or any entity he/she cannot define. Define means to express in unmistakable terms the exact essential nature of that entity. Once I was able to define those entities, everything else fell into place beautifully. You might say I conjured up those ideas; however, contrary to many or most, those ideas are irrefutable. I have begged for meaningful dialogue, but none has come forth. My comprehension of the essence of our Supreme Being allows for the acceptance of the obvious fact that only one Supreme being can exist. Therefore  we all worship the same Being; call It by any name you may, “a rose by any other name is still a rose”. With all that in mind, I recognize that all humanity is essentially related in one common spirituality, the spirit of its creator, The Holy Spirit, Will of God (Will of Yahweh, Will of Allah, Will of Buddha, ever how you may choose to label It. Accordingly I have called for “all humanity” to come to an understanding of the WORLD-WIDE COMMONALITY OF SPIRITUALITY among all people. As such we are all brothers and sisters. We all are of the same essence. Each of us carries the identical imprint of the image of our Creator. How is it possible that we are perpetually fighting? Peace will never come without that acceptance. We are called to LOVE (accept) each other. I would strongly encourage you to read my powerful lisle book; your blanket of guilt will be removed forever and you will be free to Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. Available all major on-line book retailers.  Comments welcomed.


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINSIST-I have been writing a lot recently  about our WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. For those who may not have read my previous posts, that designation refers to a recognition that as a species, homo sapiens, we share a commonality in spirit which I termed “essence”. That essence of course is our “humanness”. As such we share a commonality of “existence being principle” which I call spirit, and specifically, as a Christian, I label as the Holy Spirit. It matters not that we are black, brown, white or red, we all are of one essence. It matters not that we profess Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, or whatever, we all still share that singular trait. As such, we all are brothers and sisters. We all are called to love (accept) each other. However, because of centuries of misguidance, we all are constantly bickering and fighting with each other; one group trying incessantly and desperately hard to impose its will on the others. Our leaders have persistently indoctrinated us to be at odds with each other, and why?; Money, Power, Control. As a universal society, we as individuals must insist on a change of attitude. How do, we do that? Simply put, just as Dr Martin Luther King exemplified, by peaceful resistance. It must begin with each of us, individually, recognizing our “common spirituality”. From there, resistance may flow from many directions; writings such as mine, cessation of financial support, peaceful demonstrations, and most importantly, home instruction of our children in proper attitudes toward our fellow human beings. Instead of fighting, we must insist on an attitude of rejoicing at our differences. We should take pride in learning about and accepting differences in our cultures. We must not be afraid of change , but rather insist on free-flow of change as we exchange ideas, associations, and cultural habits. No doubt, not a single culture on our earth possesses no beneficial nor desirable traits. That does not mean we must be one nation without boundaries. We still should govern ourselves as individual nations. However, gradually, that governance would take on a more universal form. Theoretically, all would eventually recognize what was most desirable, and would accept it “with open arms”; just look at whats happened to Europe and many areas of our world just since WW2; Democracy in some form has replaced dictatorships in many, many countries. It will never happen without grass-roots insistence by every individual world-wide. If you want to know the “justification” for my premise, I “INSIST” that you read my powerful little book, WILDERNESS CRY. In this book I define all of the entities we hear about all our lives but are never defined; God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and much more. While I am Christian, I am a completely different kind of Christian than any you may ever have heard of. My philosophy applies to any and all concepts of a Supreme being; even to atheistic belief. The only answer to our problems is LOVE (acceptance).  My book is available all major on-line book retailers.  Comments welcomed.                


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTEND-This interesting word seldom is used in a singular, active (verb) form,  such as “He will tend his flock daily”.  More commonly, its use expresses  a leaning toward, tendency, gravitational attitude, etc. I would like to point out what should, seemingly, be an obvious fact. World-wide, there is an extremely notable tendency toward skepticism and even hatred of our fellow man. Why is that? Why cant we get along and love one another as Jesus commanded? As I look at the “big Picture”, what do I see?  Right this minute, I see factions of Muslims fighting and killing each other; I see Muslims killing Jews and Christians; I see one nation vowing to exterminate Israel; I see 33,000 different so-called Christian denominations engaged in perpetual verbal war over religious interpretations; I see the continual and continuous unrelenting ideology of  Socialism attempting to overtake the world; I see Communism lying in wait like a giant python, lurking for the right opportunity to put a stranglehold on the entire planet. All of those entities are wreaking havoc on our earth in unrelenting fashion; worse yet, they always have. And why? Their unrelenting tendency for Power, Money, Control. On the other hand, I see Buddhist monks in solitary contemplation and prayer; I see holy, well intended, peace loving Muslims worshiping Allah in a loving attitude; I see holy, devout, peace-loving Jews praying to Yahweh; I see ancient and modern-day Hindu meditators contemplating the meaning of life, always with a peaceful and loving tendency; and yes, I see some, loving, understanding, accepting Christians trying desperately hard to accept God and their neighbor. Each group is contemplating a Supreme Being; each group knows that Being by a different name, but in the end, all are worship the same Being. By definition, there can be only one Supreme Being; “A rose by any other name is still a rose”. So observing both the various warring and and peace-loving groups, what is the answer to the earths problem? How do we have Peace? I can clearly see that the ONLY solution for attaining peace is a WORLD-WIDE, grass-roots, campaign of preaching and teaching the “UNIVERSAL COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY”. This campaign must recognize that each person is a “CHILD OF THE SUPREME BEING” who made it, and therefore Its “brand”, image, is imprinted in us  with Its Spirit which I call the Holy Spirit. Each of us tends to think of ourselves as individuals, and indeed we are from the standpoint of our “accidents” (those qualities that make us the specific individual we are). However we must develop an unrelenting tendency of recognizing and accepting our common essence (that quality which makes each of us identical to all others, our humanness). I say grass-roots because I know that Religious and Ideological leaders will never willingly relinquish their  power, and control. They must be coerced by peaceful resistance; by attitude change among us. The simplest method of bringing religious leaders to their knees is by stopping the money flow. That gets attention quickly. However, the most important of all considerations lies within us; each of us must have a complete change of tendency toward out neighbor, no matter who  nor where. We must begin seeing our neighbor as our mirror image, just as our “soul” is a mirror image of our “Supreme Being”, Creator. Observing the problems and pondering the solutions for decades compelled me to formulate a philosophy never before promulgated. It defines all of the so-called mysteries in our lives, while, at the same time, offering concrete solutions to those problems. If you have interest, WILDERNESS CRY is available at all major on-line book retailers. Comments welcome.                                              handg@comcast,net


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSYMPATHIZE-This word means to feel and/or express compassion, sorrow, regret etc. toward someone or group. Likely, we all have had many occasions to feel or express sympathy toward others. One would be heartless not to sympathize with the the victims of terrible hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, war torn migrants etc. Likewise we feel deep sadness for families experiencing terrible disease such as cancer. The list of events and situations obliging sympathy seemingly is endless. one major elicitor of sympathy for the informed is the endless set of atrocities perpetrated on the human race by organized religion. From the earliest days of recorded history, some “religious” group or another has committed merciless torture, exile and even death on individuals, groups and  entire nations. In relative “modern times”, 325 AD on, the main culprits have been Christians, Jews and Muslims. As generic groups, they have been embattled incessantly during this time-frame. Prior to that period, so-called Pagan groups of one stripe or another were engaged in similar activity. Atrocities committed by Christians against their own were truly barbaric, and all in the name of Jesus. Heretics had to be put down. Witches required extermination. The Holy Land had to be reconquered for God. Even today, as always, free philosophical thought by theologians expressing any contrarian ideas to didactic Catholicism, is met with rapid harsh treatment, defrocking priests and religious sisters, and frequently with excommunication. This knowledge should evoke gushing tears of sympathy for all such victims. If we could describe the outward demeanor and expressive behavior of Jesus with one word, it would be non-bellicose. So all of this known history exposes the absolute tyrannical nature of the so-called Christianity to which we have been exposed. Jesus wouldn’t “harm a flea”, and he never once subscribed to violence. Our Christianity is and always has been a “sham”, all for Power, Money, Control. Jesus taught one simple message, LOVE. Realizing each of us is a distinct, unique individual, Jesus commanded that we must love (accept) each other as He has loved (accepted) us. If any group ever deserved sympathy, it is the entire world-wide Christian community (33,000 denominations deep). I have elucidated this and many more philosophical considerations, based on history and science and sound philosophical reasoning, in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. It is available at all major on-line book retailers.


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPROFUSE-This word means abundant, gushing, overflowing and the likes. Today I’m going to apply it to the Judaeo-Christian literature we all have been exposed to. In no way is my short dissertation intended to be disrespectful on condescending. It is intended, however to present you with a different perspective. Undoubtedly, there have been literally billions of volumes written on the subjects involved. I suppose one could say that is rather profuse. The reason for such profuse literature is rather simple to explain, but may be difficult for some to accept. After examining reams and volumes of these writings, it seems obvious that no one  knew nor accepted Jesus’ real identity. The Jews were not prepared to accept a poor carpenters son as their messiah. They, in no way, wanted to hear His simple message of LOVE. They were so disappointment to learn that Jesus was not going to “reestablish the kingdom” immediately. They wanted Paradise and they wanted it now. So when Jesus was killed, all sorts of stories sprang up about Him and , more importantly, about future expectations. Those stories were by word of mouth for the first fifteen years or so. Saul of Tarsus  (Paul) was the first and most prolific (profuse) writer. Undoubtedly, he had obtained his information about Jesus and His expected “second coming” from those whom he persecuted. In their determined zeal to have the kingdom restored immediately, they convinced Paul that Jesus’ return was imminent. Therein lies Paul’s admonition to one group to “put on a holy face; don’t be wasting time and energy getting married (the only reason for getting married was to relieve uncontrollable sexual needs; the reduction of women’s value to mere semen collection buckets). In Paul’s estimation, Jesus’ return might be “tomorrow”. Several years later, with no return yet, John Mark, Paul’s companion and “side-kick”, found it profitable to extend the time period somewhat. He did so in his Gospel (the first one written) by quoting Jesus as saying the end of the world and presumably His second coming would all occur before the current generation passed. Of course, a generation is forty years. Well it’s been almost two thousand years and no visible “coming” yet. Therein lies the reason for such abundant writings. From day one there has been little agreement about literally anything pertain to Jesus the Christ. There has been constant bickering both in person and in writing about any and each pertinent idea. The biblical writings have been a constant source of consternation and conflict. Even in the beginning, many “sacred writings” were excluded and burned because of their heretical content (they didn’t agree with ideation of those in charge at the time). All present-day “versions” of the bible stem from a single copy made two to three hundred years after the original. That original copy has been revised, altered and rewritten ad-nauseum since. And why? Because no one, but no one has agreed with anyone about who Jesus was nor what He said and did, but more importantly, what He meant in terms of life, living, and salvation. Therein lies the “need” for such abundant writings. Those writings, for the most part, are in some way usually an apologetic defense of an individual or group position. Those positions currently number 33,000. Seeing this and recognizing it folly compelled me to establish some rationality in that arena. In doing so, I first had to define God, The Trinity, The Holy Spirit (God’s Will), Soul, Eternity, Heaven and much, much more. I have compiled a complete philosophy which explains everything in simple language, but encompassing history, science and sound reasoning. In doing so I am able to Justify the salvation of the entire universe by the dearth of Jesus. I show many, many ideas contrary to conventional, irrational thinking which has generated such profuse, exuberant literature over the ages. If you have interest, my book, Wilderness Cry is available all major on-line outlets. Comments welcome.  handg@comcast,net


IMG_1605CAVITY-This word conjures up thoughts of all sorts; tooth decay, sink-holes in the ground, rotted out holes in trees, even Black Holes in our universe. The cavity I wish to address today is that of human disharmony. Everywhere one looks or listens, he/she is greeted with a cacophony of discord. We constantly are bickering, quarreling, and yes, sadly, fighting over some issue or another. When distilled down to its finite base, the issue generally has to do with conflicting ideas of morality. Most often, those ideas are promoted as a pseudo-front for purposes of gaining votes in the political arena. Of course, that brings us back to the basics of the seemingly accepted human norm of POWER, CONTROL, MONEY. Now, I am certainly not naive enough to think or believe that such a human condition  will ever likely change. My purpose is to point out what seemingly should be obvious, but what in actuality exists in oblivion; that being the massive cavity, void if you will, swirling black hole,  of dis-spirituality and dis-commonality at the center of the human universe. I am unable to discover any historical document indicating the absence of such a cavity at any time since the inception of the human race. Is it to late to attempt the harnessing of such a giant cyclone? Probably, but certainly not to late to try. I am, in fact, unable to discover but only one meaningful attempt , JESUS. When Jesus appeared on the scene, He saw exactly what we see today; bickering, warring, cheating, lying, stealing, hoity attitudes and the like. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” attitude was the accepted norm. He readily recognized two very important concepts; one-people’s attitudes and understandings must change if peace were to prevail; two-He would be killed for saying so. He went about, typically in isolated areas, spreading His message as discretely and quickly as possible before His inevitable apprehension and death. He tried desperately hard to fill that massive swirling cavity of ignorance and arrogance, to calm that massive cavitating cyclone of evil which he observed so that the waters of calm could gently fill the void in the sea of humanity.And what was that magic message? One simple little word LOVE. You might say, “wait just one minute. How can love do all that?”In order to understand we must know the meaning of the word love; simply stated love means “acceptance”. Jesus readily understood each person’s differences. However, He also knew the one thing that makes us alike, the commonality of our spirituality. He knew that His Spirit, His Father’s Spirit, and the Spirit of everything in existence were united in communion by The Holy Spirit, the Will of God.  He tried desperately hard to impart that message to his biased, ignorant companions. I must say, it is impossible for me to ascertain just how successful, if at all, He was in His efforts. Early Christian history is scant, but as best I can determine, the earliest followers went about breaking bread and praising God with prayers and songs of thanksgiving for the saving death of Jesus. The word Eucharist means thanksgiving. It was not a sacrificial offering, rather it was a memorial as Jesus had suggested. So fast-forward to today. The massive Cavity is growing by leaps and bounds. The world is torn to shreds by religious factions and/or ideologies attempting to impose their will on the rest of the world. We are,in fact, seemingly teetering on the brink of  total extinction. Why? That massive cavity of bellicose nature generated by Religions and Ideologies. Somehow, some way, some one must step forward and start a massive campaign of love. Instead of our priests and preachers hammering every word of a book so as to demonize us and set us apart, they must concentrate on the only word of value in that book “love”. We all are God’s children, and, as such, are united by that common bond. We must cease being Divided Christians, Muslims , Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, etc. We must immediately become one people under God in whatever way one may consider that. Then and only then can our humanity be preserved. You may read my entire philosophy in my book Wilderness Cry- all on-line vendors.   


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINKLING-Now that word really hits a nerve with me when thinking of God, religion, and spirituality. Of course the word means a slight knowledge, or understanding or insight of something. I listen to preachers of all types and religious backgrounds rattle on about human evils and/or demons. Unwittingly, without the slightest inkling of what they are really speaking of, they are describing exactly the “human condition”. They seemingly know not, nor care not, about how that “human condition” comes to be. As I have stated repeatedly elsewhere in my book, there is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, anyone nor anything that is not a perfect example of what it represents. Why is that? Simply because there are no two exacts of any entity that make up our gross universe. In the realm of quanta (tiniest particles of energy of which everything is made), I am lead to believe by particle physicists that each named unit (quantum) is, in fact, identical to its counterparts. My philosophy, of course, states that those particles were imagined by God’s Perfect Intellect, and created and made perfect and sustained perfect by His Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit; hence my proclamation that there is absolutely nothing in this universe that is not perfect in form and function. With that understanding, and recognizing that each person at any given moment is the resultant living consequence of all the foregoing consequences in his/her live, it should be readily recognizable that none of us is responsible for being the individual we are. Seemingly, preachers are, either not schooled in the psychology of personality development, or they choose to ignore it. If they truly were schooled, it would be scandalous for them to incessantly preach a cult of shame, guilt and damnation of their fellow man. My suspicion is that the average preacher has not the slightest inkling  of what and how this universe is constructed, nor how it operates, but, more importantly, they seemingly have a lesser inkling of how human personality develops. If they did, they would be the most deliberately evil people imaginable for continually condemning us for simply being people; what God made (allowed) us to be. If they had the slightest inkling of knowledge regarding those matters, they would be preaching an attitude of love (acceptance); a spiritual unity among God’s children. Of course, that form of ideation would necessitate the relinquishment of their almighty power over our souls. More importantly, it would obviate our guilt- ridden obligation of filling the collection basket each Sunday with our hard-earned money. As a matter of acceptance, I suspect, at the least, the managers of seminaries have an inkling of that understanding, but in their quest for power, money and control, combined with their determination to expand their domains,  they continue to plough us under. Jesus never suggested anything of the such. He told us explicitly to Love our God with our all and Love (accept) our neighbor as our self. Why? Because He had more than an inkling  of knowledge and understanding about how and why each of us is the person we are; we all are equal; none more equal than another. My book addresses that and many, many, more such philosophical considerations. You can purchase it on-line at all major book vendors. thanks for listening today.