WRINKLE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngWRINKLE- IS A LINE OR FOLD IN SOMETHING, OR A NEW INNOVATION, AND THE LIKE. Today, I’m going to present you with a new  wrinkle idea. DOES ANYONE TRULY WANT PEACE? OR LIKE SO MANY THINGS IN OUR WORLD SOCIETY, DO WE SIMPLY PAY “LIP SERVICE” TO AN IDEA, BUT DO NOTHING TO EXECUTE IT? Peace has been suggested, digested, regurgitated, lapped up again, ad nauseum. Why can we not have peace? I’m certain this question has been pondered forever, and equally certain that, seemingly, only one person has ever understood the correct methodology of attaining peace. That Person was Jesus. Jesus suggested to us that we must Love one another. Love means acceptance. I am certain that Jesus never had an opportunity to study psychology; no realistic formal study existed in His time. However, with His genius mind, he could see the folly of fighting and warring over differing ideologies and religions. He obviously recognized that each human personality was different, thereby making each person’s attitudes, understandings and prejudices inherently different. He understood that the only way to peace was through reconciliation; hence His commandment. Now, just take a look at today’s world. What we see is war and discord everywhere; no country, region, or entity exempted. There is fighting between countries. There if fighting and discord within countries. There is fighting and terrible discord within every religious organization organization I’m aware of. And why? THAT’S THE WRINKLE. No group has ever “defined” the entity they call God. Moreover, they are adamant about their version of God and are willing, ready and able to quarrel and even fight for their ideology. My contention is this. Number one: God must be defined in irrefutable terms, undeniable by anyone. Number two: our universal education systems must begin teaching our children ‘Logic’; that is legitimate thought process.  Just as importantly, they must simultaneously begin teaching psychology; the scientific understanding of the human mind and its functions and interpretations. That is the only way we can have legitimate reconciliation. Every world organization of any kind is wrinkled with waves, crevices, peaks and valleys of disagreements and misunderstandings. They all are ignorant in the literal sense. In my little philosophy book, Wilderness Cry, I define the “essence” of God. I show that there is only One Supreme Being, call It what you may. Just as importantly, I give an overview of personality development, and demonstrate clearly how many of our “time honored” cliches are illegitimate. By defining God as “A Perfect Rational Being”, I am able to smooth the wrinkles of so-called mysteries and misunderstandings in our lives. I show conclusively that God’s Perfection includes Perfect Love (acceptance without conditions), thereby making a concept of hell irrational. How is it possible, as many claim, for a Perfect Loving God to condemn someone to hell who never heard of Jesus ? My contention is it is impossible. Such a concept negates God’s perfection. My philosophy includes every aspect of our existence, both temporal and eternal. My definition of God’s essence allows me to clearly define the Trinity, Gods Will (Holy Spirit), the Soul, Eternity, Heaven. We all most likely have been imbued with the idea that Heaven is a “place” where God, gloriously arrayed, is sitting on a magnificent throne with Jesus sitting by His side. The whereabouts of the Holy Ghost isn’t addressed. I proclaim that idea to be a “fairy tale”. When one considers the vastness of our universe, a task no human brain can accomplish, and understands the unimaginable Perfect Intelligence that created, sustains and keeps it perfect, we are forced to smooth the wrinkles of our inherited ignorance and recognize the obvious: Heaven is not a place, it is a “state of eternal being”. God is Perfect, meaning that no change is possible. Where there is no change, there is no time, and of course, where there is no time, there is only Eternity. So God, being Perfect and incapable of change, exist as a Perfect Being in Eternity. As His “image and likeness”, and “Jesus’ brother”, so will we. That’s my WRINKLE. My book is available Amazon, Kindle ET AL. Upon its reading, you will be changed forever. All rational comments welcomed.  handg@comcast.net.

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