cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSIMPLIFY- What a beautiful word to describe what is desperately needed in our world if we are ever to attain peace. This word means to make easy, reduce to least common denominator, etc. One casual glance at our world society will reveal how complicated and distorted it is Ideologically, Politically, and Religiously. Because of that gross, obtuse distortion, there exists constant and perpetual discord among families, communities, cities, states and nations. Why is that? My assessment reveals one “simple” reason; total lack of unanimity concerning recognition of the basic meaning of our existence. Throughout the ages of recorded history, people have surmised and devised differing schemes of understanding . Literally all, seemingly, have been related in one way or another to the ancient Egyptian scheme of the Zodiac. Each generation and culture , in turn, have recognized a greater power than themselves as an accounting for their existence. Each has devised its own paradigm for understanding their relationship with that “greater power”. Literally all have equilibrated any success in their lives with “finding favor” with that power. In contrast, they deemed any failure to be a sign of anger and/or displeasure they have generated with that “greater power”. Consequently, to this very day, sacrificial offerings are being made to that Power as a form of appeasement. Each group has its own prejudicial view of what or who that Power might be, and sometimes with extreme differences. Some groups have decided that no such power exists at all. One might think that awareness of all those differences with their resultant derived discord would bring civilization to recognition of the desperate need for simplification. Likely that is so, but why can it not be achieved? The answer is as simple as “the nose on your face”; each ideology and/or religion professes absolute authenticity and is desperate to impose their understanding on the rest of the world, even resorting to constant wars in the attempt. Having noted all that, what is the solution? How do we simplify our lives and bring them into one accord? Regardless of what our “religious” profession or our ideological zeal may be, we all must submit to the one singular, simple, intellectual fact; we all are of the same “essence”. We all are “human”. As such, each of us possesses a singular attribute equal to, but not greater than, every other individual. As a God accepting individual, I categorize that attribute as “spirituality”. Each of us is powered by the same spirit (higher power) whom I call the Holy Spirit. With that understanding you may recognize the validity of my call for “World-wide Communion of Spirituality”. No concept can be more simple. That removes all the guess-work about our attitudes and interactions. Such a simple concept demands mutual “acceptance and respect”. With such attitudes, wars and discords are impossible. Of course, such an idea is completely “utopian”; so was Jesus’ command for us to Love (accept) our neighbor as ourselves. It is the only way peace can be attained and maintained. In my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, I outline a philosophy never before promulgated by doing something never before done. I actually define the “Supreme Being” (Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, God etc.). I also define clearly the Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and much much more. I simplify our understanding of literally everything affecting our existence. I clearly simplify our relationship with our Eternal Supreme Being. In no uncertain terms, I show how all those thousands of religions and ideologies have been the “destructive” forces in our lives, but more importantly, I give concrete simple solutions. You may purchase my powerful little book, if interested, from all major on-line book retailers.       Comments welcomed.


IMG_1605PERMIT-This word means to allow a course of action. Permits are issued and authorized for all sorts of legal and/or civic activities. Likewise, requests for permits may be denied for multiple and varied reasons. In the case of religion, Christians have been denied permission to perform as sorts of activities throughout the ages. Some classic examples, probably not known about by the younger set, were the multiple prohibitions regarding fasting, eating flesh of warm-blooded animals, taking communion etc. For instance, Catholics were not permitted to eat more than one full meal per day during the forty days of Lent; Sundays being the exception. Likewise Catholics were not permitted to eat meat (flesh of warm-blooded animals) any day during Lent except Sunday; neither were they allowed to eat such meat on any Friday throughout the year.  Likewise Catholics were not permitted to take the Eucharist (Holy Communion) if they had eaten anything or taken even the tinniest sip of any liquid after midnight the night before. With the advent of the second Vatican council, many of those restrictions were lifted and/or altered significantly. Whereas in former days Catholics were prohibited from “receiving” if they were not completely fasting after midnight, and neither were they  permitted to allow their teeth to touch the communion host under “pain of Mortal sin”, nowadays no fasting at all is required; likewise we are encouraged to vigorously chew the communion host as though eating a hamburger. In the realm of reproduction and sex, in former days the pulpits riled against artificial birth control of any kind except the hapless so-called “rhythm system”. The word “abortion” was so horrific as to be seldom even mentioned. Non-fertile couples were never allowed to even consider outside scientific assistance such as in-vitro fertilization in attaining pregnancy. To my knowledge, not one of those prohibitions has been officially eliminated. However, the only one ever mentioned is abortion. The reason is very clear to ascertain; persistent riling against common-sense practices drive the faithful away from the church. Of course, that would be the greatest catastrophe of all; not because of moral implications but, rather, because of the loss of  POWER, MONEY, AND CONTROL of the masses. The loss of money is obviously the most important consideration. As in almost any organization, there are Conservative and Liberal factions. The Conservatives in the Catholic hierarchy, demand iron-fisted rules and regulations aimed at keeping the constituents under absolute central, dictatorial, control. Liberals, on the other hand, seek to return the the practice of Christian worship to local governance. Also, and just as important, if not more-so, they seek to be more, if not, all- inclusive in their membership. They seek to unite under one communion of spirituality; that being, of course, the recognition by all that each of us is the mirror image of our common creator. In that sense we all are irretrievably united in one common spirituality, The Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit). Under the supreme theocratic dictatorship of the Vatican and like High-holy places around the globe, such union would never be permitted. I have expressed this complete philosophy in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. It is available all major on-line book vendors, hard-copy and digital. I strongly urge your consideration for the preservation of the human race.

PUZZLED-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPUZZLED-This word means lack of understanding. It application is as “common as house flies”. As we wander and grope our way through our lives, we find puzzlement everywhere we turn. Frequently, our puzzlement concerns something not directly concerning us; “I can’t understand why she would wear those shoes with that outfit”, and the likes. Many times it pertains to inability to solve a real problem; why your mower wont start etc. In the realm of Religion and Ideology, we are seemingly perpetually puzzled by apparent contradictions and/or lack of complete answers to our legitimate queries. The answer to the latter seems clear to me. Those who have assumed responsibility for our moral and religious instruction frequently are at odds among themselves concerning such matters. For that and other reasons (power, money, control) there are 33,000 so-called Christian religions alone as of 2014. The total lack of conformity and agreement among so-called religious leaders make answers to legitimate questions impossible.  Most often our questions are  met wit some bible quote or some other vague, evasive answer; we are left puzzled because we get on meaningful answer. Priests and preachers alike rant on and on about entities they cannot define. They preach to us about a “mythical” God. Enduring that irrational exposure all of my life compelled me to put my rationality to work and solve the puzzle. I did so by actually defining God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will and much more . I show irrefutably how and why the death of Jesus absolved all the evil (selfishness) in the universe. I show that the Perfect Love Of God (acceptance without conditions) precludes any possibility of “hell”, but rather guarantees our eternal bliss with our Creator through the sacrificial death of Jesus. I have put that complete philosophy concerning every aspect of our existence into a powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. It is available at all major on-line book retailers. You may want to read  it for your complete peace of mind and spirit.


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPROFUSE-This word means abundant, gushing, overflowing and the likes. Today I’m going to apply it to the Judaeo-Christian literature we all have been exposed to. In no way is my short dissertation intended to be disrespectful on condescending. It is intended, however to present you with a different perspective. Undoubtedly, there have been literally billions of volumes written on the subjects involved. I suppose one could say that is rather profuse. The reason for such profuse literature is rather simple to explain, but may be difficult for some to accept. After examining reams and volumes of these writings, it seems obvious that no one  knew nor accepted Jesus’ real identity. The Jews were not prepared to accept a poor carpenters son as their messiah. They, in no way, wanted to hear His simple message of LOVE. They were so disappointment to learn that Jesus was not going to “reestablish the kingdom” immediately. They wanted Paradise and they wanted it now. So when Jesus was killed, all sorts of stories sprang up about Him and , more importantly, about future expectations. Those stories were by word of mouth for the first fifteen years or so. Saul of Tarsus  (Paul) was the first and most prolific (profuse) writer. Undoubtedly, he had obtained his information about Jesus and His expected “second coming” from those whom he persecuted. In their determined zeal to have the kingdom restored immediately, they convinced Paul that Jesus’ return was imminent. Therein lies Paul’s admonition to one group to “put on a holy face; don’t be wasting time and energy getting married (the only reason for getting married was to relieve uncontrollable sexual needs; the reduction of women’s value to mere semen collection buckets). In Paul’s estimation, Jesus’ return might be “tomorrow”. Several years later, with no return yet, John Mark, Paul’s companion and “side-kick”, found it profitable to extend the time period somewhat. He did so in his Gospel (the first one written) by quoting Jesus as saying the end of the world and presumably His second coming would all occur before the current generation passed. Of course, a generation is forty years. Well it’s been almost two thousand years and no visible “coming” yet. Therein lies the reason for such abundant writings. From day one there has been little agreement about literally anything pertain to Jesus the Christ. There has been constant bickering both in person and in writing about any and each pertinent idea. The biblical writings have been a constant source of consternation and conflict. Even in the beginning, many “sacred writings” were excluded and burned because of their heretical content (they didn’t agree with ideation of those in charge at the time). All present-day “versions” of the bible stem from a single copy made two to three hundred years after the original. That original copy has been revised, altered and rewritten ad-nauseum since. And why? Because no one, but no one has agreed with anyone about who Jesus was nor what He said and did, but more importantly, what He meant in terms of life, living, and salvation. Therein lies the “need” for such abundant writings. Those writings, for the most part, are in some way usually an apologetic defense of an individual or group position. Those positions currently number 33,000. Seeing this and recognizing it folly compelled me to establish some rationality in that arena. In doing so, I first had to define God, The Trinity, The Holy Spirit (God’s Will), Soul, Eternity, Heaven and much, much more. I have compiled a complete philosophy which explains everything in simple language, but encompassing history, science and sound reasoning. In doing so I am able to Justify the salvation of the entire universe by the dearth of Jesus. I show many, many ideas contrary to conventional, irrational thinking which has generated such profuse, exuberant literature over the ages. If you have interest, my book, Wilderness Cry is available all major on-line outlets. Comments welcome.  handg@comcast,net

CONVEYOR-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

IMG_1605CONVEY-THIS WORD MEANS TO TRANSPORT OR COMMUNICATE SOMETHING. Authors write articles, periodicals and /or books for the explicit purpose of conveying their ideas to us. Manufacturers use conveyor belts to transport products and goods for one purpose or another. I have published a book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific and philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. I was compelled to write this book because it became crystal clear to me that all the worlds problems were caused by religion and/or ideology. It was obvious that none of them knew nor was willing to accept Truth. Each of them fabricated a set of self-serving rules and regulations which universally accomplished two things. Namely it put them in total control and secondly it put them at complete odds with their neighbor(s). Such a relationship immediately generates hostilities, and so the world has been in constant turmoil throughout recorded history. Philosophically speaking, no one is allowed to attempt discussion about any entity he/she cannot define. For instance, it would be impossible to convey any idea about a table to someone who had never heard of nor seen a table without first defining the essence of tableness for that person. For decades I was bombarded with talk about God, The Trinity, The Holy Spirit, Soul, Eternity and much more, only to be told they were mysteries and not understandable. No one, but no one ever defined any one of these entities. That realization forced me to embark on a journey of understanding.  That journey took me wandering through the jungles of ignorance, mythology, deceit, and arrogance seeking the truth; it was nowhere to be found. It suddenly occurred to me that there was only one Truth and that it was God; but who was God. No one had ever defined God. Obviously, if we are to speak about God, we must define Him, Her, It.. That I did in clear, irrefutable terms using just six simple little words; GOD IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. With that understanding, all the so-called mysteries disappeared. I am able to convey to you a crystal clear picture of all the above mentioned entities. Combining the basic concepts of known science, I am able to show you explicitly how God fashioned and keeps perfect everything in His universe(s). I am able to show you how the only evil in the universe is SELFISHNESS, and that evil is universal; God made it to be that way so His universe could function. However God, being Perfect, must be Perfect Love. Perfect love means “acceptance without conditions”. What better love object could God have than entire universe(s) of evil which He, Himself created? Enter Jesus, the super Einstein of His time. He saw through all, and recognizing that He alone understood those principles meant that He was the Messiah who had to “pay the price”. He did so willingly, but not without great fear and trepidation. My powerful little book conveys a clear, concise philosophy regarding everything spiritual and eternal. It is a must read for your complete exoneration and peace of mind and soul. We have been demonized to the ultimate by religion for what purpose; power, money, control. Religion is segregationist. Spirituality is universal. We all are united by the common bond of the Holy Spirit within us; we all belong to the communion of the body and blood of Christ because we and He are of the same substance, the Spirit of God. We all are of one Church; Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu,Buddhist etc. We all worship the same God wittingly or unwittingly. We all must do as Jesus commanded; Love our God with our all in whatever way we each may perceive that, and we must love our neighbor world-wide as ourselves. I trust my message was conveyed clearly. My book is available all on-line retailers.


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSTIFLE-What an appropriate word to describe the adverse effects of religion and ideology have on the possibility of spiritual unity among mankind. Just today, I had the honor and privilege of attending the funeral service of a life-long acquaintance and friend. It occurred at my home-town Catholic church. The church was packed with family, friends and well-wishers. The presiding priest gave a beautiful and meaningful homily describing the lifelong achievements of the deceased. It was humerus as well as meaningful. After the funeral Mass and grave-site rites were concluded, as is the usual wont, a massive, beautiful, and tasty meal was sever in the local K if C Hall by its’ members for any and all to attend. Several hundred packed the hall. People visited, reminisced, met old friends , and generally had a good time. I was duly impressed as usual; I have attended dozens of such events over the years. However, a shudder of sadness suddenly dampened my joy. The thought occurred to me, these people were all Catholic. Would a non-catholic neighbor just three miles down the road have been treated similarly? answer is no, but why? He didn’t belong. He didn’t believe as we did. Religious difference had stifled any such possibility. How sad, but why? Before any such individual could be admitted to the flock, he/she would be required to undergo a vigorous indoctrination into Catholic belief and profess to accept it as his own. Plainly, religion and ideology divide us; they make any possibility of a universal spiritual union among people absolutely remote. Why?; POWER, CONTROL, MONEY. There is no Power or Control needed in the spiritual unity of all mankind under the HOLY SPIRIT: there is no controlling force necessary in bringing all people under the singular umbrella of communion (the recognition that all are of the same “substance” as their creator and redeemer, Jesus. Admitting such would obviate the need for all central power sources. More importantly, it would remove permanently the STIFLING blanket of guilt and oppression thrown over us all by the all-condemning preachers. The money flow into the pockets of the doomsday preachers  would dry up, but, rather, would be redirected to the needy and poor. Sadly, this realization and acceptance will likely never be adopted from the “TOP DOWN”; just as in politics of any kind, it MUST come from “GRASS ROOTS” up. The power mongers of religion and ideologies will likely NEVER relinquish their positions voluntarily.  Please give me just one tiny, logical reason, if you can, why I am incorrect in  my assessment. All comments welcome. My book Wilderness Cry elucidates all. It is available all major on-line outlets.


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINKLING-Now that word really hits a nerve with me when thinking of God, religion, and spirituality. Of course the word means a slight knowledge, or understanding or insight of something. I listen to preachers of all types and religious backgrounds rattle on about human evils and/or demons. Unwittingly, without the slightest inkling of what they are really speaking of, they are describing exactly the “human condition”. They seemingly know not, nor care not, about how that “human condition” comes to be. As I have stated repeatedly elsewhere in my book, there is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, anyone nor anything that is not a perfect example of what it represents. Why is that? Simply because there are no two exacts of any entity that make up our gross universe. In the realm of quanta (tiniest particles of energy of which everything is made), I am lead to believe by particle physicists that each named unit (quantum) is, in fact, identical to its counterparts. My philosophy, of course, states that those particles were imagined by God’s Perfect Intellect, and created and made perfect and sustained perfect by His Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit; hence my proclamation that there is absolutely nothing in this universe that is not perfect in form and function. With that understanding, and recognizing that each person at any given moment is the resultant living consequence of all the foregoing consequences in his/her live, it should be readily recognizable that none of us is responsible for being the individual we are. Seemingly, preachers are, either not schooled in the psychology of personality development, or they choose to ignore it. If they truly were schooled, it would be scandalous for them to incessantly preach a cult of shame, guilt and damnation of their fellow man. My suspicion is that the average preacher has not the slightest inkling  of what and how this universe is constructed, nor how it operates, but, more importantly, they seemingly have a lesser inkling of how human personality develops. If they did, they would be the most deliberately evil people imaginable for continually condemning us for simply being people; what God made (allowed) us to be. If they had the slightest inkling of knowledge regarding those matters, they would be preaching an attitude of love (acceptance); a spiritual unity among God’s children. Of course, that form of ideation would necessitate the relinquishment of their almighty power over our souls. More importantly, it would obviate our guilt- ridden obligation of filling the collection basket each Sunday with our hard-earned money. As a matter of acceptance, I suspect, at the least, the managers of seminaries have an inkling of that understanding, but in their quest for power, money and control, combined with their determination to expand their domains,  they continue to plough us under. Jesus never suggested anything of the such. He told us explicitly to Love our God with our all and Love (accept) our neighbor as our self. Why? Because He had more than an inkling  of knowledge and understanding about how and why each of us is the person we are; we all are equal; none more equal than another. My book addresses that and many, many, more such philosophical considerations. You can purchase it on-line at all major book vendors. thanks for listening today.