PROVOKE-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPROVOKE- This word typically means to “call forth a reaction, usually strong”. As an example, my daily posts frequently provoke a rather strong adverse reaction in some quarters. That is to be expected, particularly when I’m promoting an idea contrary to theirs. My theme is consistent; Religion and Ideology have perpetuated turmoil, strife and continual warring among nations throughout all of recorded history. Rarely has there been a time of total peace. Supposedly, there was relative peace at the time of Jesus’ birth. However that came about by the overwhelming force of the Roman Empire. Force never prevails for long; someone is always waiting in the wings to take up the fight. One doesn’t have to be a genius to recognize the ultimate truth: all peoples are bigoted; they have no respect for other peoples’ opinions and beliefs. Furthermore, they always are willing and able to fight with their tongues and their fists in an effort to “float” their ideology to the top of the barrel. When I began observing and understanding that principle during the second World War, it occurred to me that there had to be a reason for such hostility. As the years rolled by, and I was able to become more informed (educated), it occurred to me that an answer must be found to that terrible problem. As I studied philosophy and psychology and learned “how” to think, and what one is “allowed to think logically”, the answer to that major, major, problem became extremely obvious to me. No one had ever defined the God, Allah, Brahma, Buddha, Yahweh they worshiped. That realization provoked a uncontrollable determination in me to do just that; our Supreme Bering must be defined. Logic demands that there can be only One Supreme Being; call It what we may. As a child growing up in a %100 Roman Catholic community in the middle of “the bible belt”, I observed the unrelenting prejudice, ridicule and hostility exhibited by both Catholics and Protestants toward each other. Later on as I matured I became aware of more and more fragmentation in so-called Christianity. I digress momentarily to mention that quite obviously there is no such thing as Christian Religion. There are however 33,000 factions which claim orthodoxy relating to Jesus the Christ. I saw how Jews were being persecuted everywhere. Muslims were fighting among themselves and vowing to destroy all “infidels”. All of that provoked a greater determination on my part to “solve the problem”. Then one day about fifteen years ago the solution came like a lightening bolt. The definition of the “essence” of our Supreme Being suddenly became ‘”crystal clear”. Our GOD (Supreme Being) IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. Six little words says it all. That definition “turned on all the lights”. All the so-called mysteries were solved. That definition also defined the Trinity, Gods Will (Holy Spirit), Jesus, Soul Eternity, and literally everything pertaining to our temporal and eternal life. That philosophy is spelled out completely in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific, and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. Anyone who reads it will certainly be provoked to a “realistic”, and irrefutable philosophically sound understanding. It will definitely provoke an attitude of “dismay” among many, as they realize how they have been duped in the past, as I was,  by self-serving religion. My philosophy, based on that clear definition of God, promotes a concept of spirituality among all. It shows how erroneous and self-serving religion/ideology is (money, power control[influence]). It rips off that terrible “blanket of guilt” thrown over everyone by religion. It frees our souls to recognize our truly Loving God. It shows how each of us is imbued with that same loving image of our Creator Supreme Being. It recognizes the universality of God’s Love. It shows conclusively how Jesus accepted the yoke of sacrificial death for salvation of every entity in existence. Finally, it shows that our “only” justifiable prayed is “Thank You Lord God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (Gods Will ). Amen. With that understanding, I have called for recognition and acceptance of the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY; the “only way to peace”. My book is available Amazon, Kindle ET AL.  All comments welcomed.

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