Glimmer- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngGLIMMER- what a significant word to describe our chances for world peace. It means, of course, a faint light or insight. As we observe the world on a daily basis, what we see is constant bickering between ideological and/or religious group. Many of those bickerings escalate into outright war with resultant untold misery and death. All of those hostilities are generated by  diverse views about a creator or lack thereof with resultant selfish conquest. The only path to peace is for the world to recognize that we all have the same identical Creator, call It what you wish (Buddha, Allah, God, Brahma, Yahweh, etc.). We must all come to the understanding that the image of that Supreme Being is imprinted on each of us. As such, we all are brothers and sisters. With that understanding, we may be able to come to a loving (accepting of differences) relationship, rather than the hostile one which pervades our societies now. Understanding that philosophy prompted me to call for acceptance of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. It is our only glimmer of hope for promoting and maintaining peace. My little book< Wilderness Cry explains all in clear scientific and philosophic terms. My hope is for all to read and understand. Amazon, Kindle, Et Al.

DISRUPT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

DISRUPTcropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.png means to interfere with the completion of an act or idea. It has utmost significance when considering actions and/or ideas aimed at promoting peace  in our local, national and world societies. The disruption comes in many forms and shapes, but almost always has as its basis ideologies and/or religions. For instance, the world now seems to be divided between three basic economic ideologies. One, democratic capitalism, which promotes the idea that, as individuals, we may work and reap the rewards of our earnings while sharing some of those earnings for development and maintenance of essential services, such as roads, travel, defense etc. It also presumes a “good Samaritan” attitude, incumbent upon all, of freely helping the needy and unfortunate through supporting charitable services. Its opposite is socialism which presumes people not to be able nor competent to care for themselves. Therefore the wealth of those willing to work will be confiscated by the all knowing government and distributed to those who are unwilling or unable to work (forced charity) (redistribution of wealth).Of course, under the heading of socialism, comes a variety of “isms” of similar ilk. Thirdly are also oligarchies and Theocracies which are nothing more than dictatorships where the public has literally no say in how things are managed. GENERALLY SPEAKING, RELIGION OR LACK THEREOF of ONE SORT OR ANOTHER FORMS THE BASE OPERATING PHILOSOPHY OF ALL EXCEPT DEMOCRACY. Religion and/or ideology has been the basis of all wars since the beginning of recorded history, and the principle disrupter of any peace effort. My contention is that the root cause of all this chaos is failure of anyone ever to define their Supreme Being. Each world religion has as its basis its own deity, and each deity is different from all others. It occurred to me that in spite of what different religions might think, each is worshiping the same Supreme Being; there can be only one Supreme Being (a rose by any other name is still a rose). So, I did something that, as far as I can determine, has never before been done. I defined the essence of our Creator. By defining It as A PERFEFCT RATIONAL BEING, I am able to show that all deities are the same one (God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, Buddha, etc.). I am able to eliminate all the mystery from our lives. I am able to give a scientifically and philosophically sound basis for defining the Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and much more. I am able to show that because of our Creator’s Perfect Love, any consideration of Hell is ridiculous and impossible. I am able to give the world a singular uniting force, love, rather than the perpetual disrupting force of religions and ideologies. I would strongly encourage each of you to read my little book. I am certain you will conclude it to be the most enlightening experience of your lifetime. I apologize for my late post but I have been extremely busy getting my gardens planted in support of our local Community Kitchen here in Paducah, KY, USA. Our kitchen feeds 300 or so indigent people a hearty, healthy free lunch five days weekly, and give most free supplies to use at home on weekends. My wife and I supply them with bushel after bushel of fresh, homegrown vegetables, including cabbage, potatoes, bell peppers, banana and jalapeno peppers, snap beans, cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes and sweet potatoes annually. It is our way of living out the only dictum Jesus gave us: Love your neighbor as yourself. Once you read my little thesis, you will have a clear understanding of that principle. Love is the only uniting force in the universe that can promote peace. We must show that love by example. Recognizing that each person in the world is imprinted with the same identical spiritual “brand”, prompted me to call for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. As such we all are brothers and sisters. Won’t you join me in that recognition wherever you are in a peace promoting effort? My book, Wilderness Cry, is available Amazon, Kindle, Et Al. All comments welcomed. Let’s break up the disruptive force of hatred fostered by religions and ideologies. Only through grass-root efforts can it ever be accomplished; never from top down.

Luminescent- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngLuminescent means the ability to produce light by biological or chemical means. The fire-fly (lightning bug) does just that through the process of phosphorescence. Would it not be wonderful if humanity could come to a common understanding and to a state of perpetual luminescence through the process of LOVE. The word love sounds so simple, mundane, and trite. However, as simple as it may seem, it possibly is the most difficult object to achieve. It’s difficulty arises from it’s base definition which is “acceptance”.  Jesus gave us two commandments; Love God with our all and love our neighbor as ourselves. He knew full-well that no human could ever achieve it;, only God has PERFECT  LOVE (love without conditions). However the more we strive for perfect love. the happier we will be and the more we will be at peace with our neighbor. As  a mater of principle, it is likely that most Buddhists never heard of Jesus. However, they practice just that principle by trying to see an eternal existence in everything, including their neighbor. My understanding is similar for Hinduism. How is it that Judaism, some sects of Islam and seemingly most Christianity still ascribe to the principle of  ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’? I have concluded it originated in the selfish concept of Power, Money, and Control generated by a hierarchal religion and hasn’t let up, yet. In fact Christianity alone is splintered into 33,000 different denominations, each grappling for a “piece of the pie”. The base premise of such religion is inconclusive and incomplete; therefore, the end result would be anticipated to be chaotic as observed. No one before me has defined the ‘essence’ of God.  Philosophically, we are not allowed to attempt an in- death discussion of any entity which we cannot define. I have defined the ‘essence’ of our Supreme Being (God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Buddha, etc., and in doing so, am able to resolve all the so-called mystery in our lives. I have shown that God’s perfect love is the luminescence the world needs to recognize for the sake of peace. Only through love (acceptance) of our neighbor, worldwide,  may be attained. Therefore, I have called for recognition an acceptance of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. It is our only way to peace. Please refer to my little book, Wilderness Cry for complete explanation and details. Amazon, Kindle, Et Al. Let our ‘love” be the luminescent force in all the universe!!!!

RUSH- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngRush means to act in a hurry, typically implying action without deliberate thought or preparation. It is exemplified routinely in the everyday activities of most people. Seemingly, there are not enough hours in a day to comfortably accommodate our desired or required activities. Hence, we frequently act without adequate preparation, and oftentimes with undesired and/or disastrous consequences. Anyone seen acting slowly and deliberately might be considered slothful or even lazy in todays hustle and bustle climate. However, the old saying “haste makes waste” still applies, maybe now more-so than ever. We have so many more “tools of distraction” such as cell phones, lap-top pc’s, in-auto video players, etc., and, more importantly, they are being used in faster “tools of destruction”, automobiles, by people in way too big of a rush. All too frequently, both lives and limbs are lost forever. An average of nearly 40,000 lives are lost in automobile crashes in US annually. Of course, not all are due to rushing. Many are related to drug and alcohol misuse. Those stats are alarming and disheartening, to say the least, but they pale in the face of the number of friendships lost, and reputations ruined by the “rush to judgement” about someone or their activities. Sadly, those perpetrating those atrocities frequently are “good church going” people. How is that possible? I have a theory by which to explain that malady. I am impressed by how religion in general perpetually scorns people by telling them constantly how sinful and bad they are. That perpetual demeaning sets up  inner feelings of guilt, anxiety and/or hostility. Without their even realizing it, people automatically feel they can exonerate themselves by making someone else look bad/worse. It’s an innate psychological ploy. It’s as “old as the hills”; starts in the book of Genesis, and ends with Apocalypse. There’s only one place in the Bible where we are given “explicit” directives for code of conduct, and that place typically is ignored by every preacher on earth. That place is in Mark’s Gospel where Jesus gives us two specific commands which encompasses all others; Love your God with your all, and Love your neighbor as yourself  (paraphrased). The reason those directives are ignored by preachers is simple. Those directive are in no way demeaning. Without being able to demean you and threaten you with eternal torment, preachers would have no hold on you; they would no longer be able to extort your hard-earned money. You wouldn’t  need them to show you how to love, although an occasional reminder wouldn’t hurt. The point is, there’s no Power, Money, nor Control in  Love. So my advice to you is this; ignore your preacher’s condemnation; concentrate on God’s eternal, Perfect Love. Rush not to judgement about anyone nor anything. Your life will be filled with joy and peace. If you would like a complete elucidation of my irrefutable philosophy, calmly go to any major on-line book retailer and order my little book, Wilderness Cry- A Scientific And Philosophical Approach To Understanding God And The Universe. Its only $10.95; it will be worth millions to you. All comments welcomed.

THWART- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTHWART means to obstruct, prevent, get in the way of etc. Throughout history we have seen many instances of legitimate thwarting such as the Allied forces prohibiting Hitler and Hirohito in their efforts to conquer the world. On the other hand, we have seen many instances of illegitimate thwarting of science because of mythical religious beliefs. One gross example was the Inquisition forcing Galileo to retract his scientific discovery that the sun was the center of our known universe and not the earth, which had been held as biblical truth and enforced by threat of burning at the stake or beheading. Another was the pope’s persistence in enforcing similar penalties for those implying the earth was not flat, even three years after Vasco de Gama sailed around the earth proving it to be round. The so-called “dark ages” were a period in our history when any attempt at scientific understanding of our existence was thwarted by the church. Instead, the church kept pounding all sorts of “evil” beliefs and regulations onto its constituents. Of the more notable, were the Crusades; the Inquisitions with their irrational belief and accusations concerning witches, as well as their prohibition against legitimate sexual relations; the buying and selling of “indulgences” (a device to shorten the time spent burning in purgatory) so as to fatten the Vatican coffers; the list goes on______. All of those activities were done in a desperate effort to “contain the herd” and thwart any attempt at bolting. All of those efforts were justified by a religious belief based on the Old Testament which promoted a vengeful, demanding God who would torment you unmercifully and even kill you for breach of His commandments. That same God would shower you with all sorts of worldly goods and powers if you were “perfect”. That church, which pretended to be fashioned after Jesus ostensibly thwarted the most basic of Jesus’ teachings, LOVE. Jesus would not “harm a flea”. Nowhere is he presented as promoting violence. Yet that church with its schizoid approach churned on, and the resultant chaos is evident. World-wide we now have at least 33.000 so-called Christian denominations, each claiming authenticity. Jesus’ efforts have been thwarted one hundred per-cen. Not a single one of those 33,000 I’m aware of teaches Love as their singular dictum. Each, in turn, is based either on a cultist ritual, or on pounding  the juice out of each and every word of that same book which promotes a “vengeful” God, or both: all for Power, Money, Control. And the beat goes on. Our entire earth is in eminent danger of “total annihilation” because of the total discord of its inhabitants. In previous days the tools for total extermination of every living thin did not exist. In our efforts to thwart the WW2 aggressors, we created those devices. Their universal proliferation has put the entire planet in “grave danger”. One false move by a deranged ideologue will trigger the end. If there ever was a time in  our history when “Armageddon” was upon us, it’s now. It is extremely unlikely that it will be heeded, but I have offered a clear “solution” to this disastrous problem in my little book Wilderness Cry. In presenting a definitive, irrefutable, scientific philosophy of God and His universe, I offer a “train to peace”. Likely few will board. It is, however, our only “escape hatch”. My philosophy recognizes that our Creator is A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. As such It is Perfect LOVE, thereby precluding any possibility of Hell. It guarantees our eternal joy with our Creator by the death of Jesus. Jesus despised religion as He clearly shows throughout the Book. Therefore religion is not legitimate. What is legitimate is recognition that everything God created bears Its’  image, the Holy Spirit. Therefore everything is “spiritually” connected. We are not legitimately allowed to fight; we must love (accept) one another. Therefore I have called for recognition and acceptance of the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. Its our only way to peace. Please do not thwart a legitimate “peace effort” by continuing down the same path to destruction. GOD’s WILL BE DONE.  Amazon, Kindle Et Al.  all comments welcomes.

SMILE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSmile; what a beautiful word to bring pleasant thoughts and generate a mirrored reaction. Have you ever noticed that when  someone  greets you with a smile how your reaction is spontaneously a returned smile? That is a common human trait. We generally react with like-responses. Smiles are the “bread and butter” of a happy, peaceful society. They are what we yearn for. Plenty of smiles are out there, but they are too frequently camouflaged by a sea of frowns. Why all the frowns? Frowns are a general indicator of worry and/or discomfort. The discomfort may be physical pain or emotional stress. There seems to be little in our national on world society to generate smiles. We are constantly bombarded with news of distress, hostilities, tragedies, mass killings, terrorism, family break-up, and  even outright wars. This malady has been an extreme concern of mine for decades (I’m 84 y/o). Observing all the unhappiness, discord, distress and hostilities throughout the world prompted me to attempt generating a solution. How could all of this turmoil be brought to an end and put smiles on peoples faces everywhere again? It occurred to me years ago that almost all wars were generated by differences in ideologies and religion: communists fighting democracies; socialists fighting capitalists; theocracy fighting theocracy; Muslims fighting Christians and Jews; Catholic Christians fighting Protestant Christians; and so-on. After rather extensive investigation of various philosophies and theologies, as well as the various versions of the Bible, I concluded that the root problem was lack of understanding and/or agreement about the nature of our Creator, or even if there was a Creator. With that foundation as my “launching pad”, I set about in earnest to discover the “magic formula” which would put a smile on everyone’s face. The common problem the world has experienced throughout history is lack of definition of our supposed Supreme being. After years of deliberation, I was finally able to shed the shackles of indoctrination, free my mind, and come to a startling realization; no one had ever defined the “essence” of their God. Everyone speaks of God or lack thereof, but because of lack of definition, there has never been a clear understanding of that Entity. Each person knew a different God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Buddha, etc. By defining Our Supreme Being  as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING, I was instantly able to generate a “least common denominator”, for all, to use in their considerations of a Higher Power. What a WHOPPING smile came to my face. Everyone could know the same Creator. All mystery was eliminated. All guilt, shame and anxiety abolished. A God who loved with Perfect Love, precluded any possibility of Hell; It exonerated the evil of every human that ever lived or ever will live by the sacrificial death of a willing Jesus. Now wouldn’t that bring a smile to your face? I had to share that complete philosophy with you in my little book, Wilderness Cry. It describes in simple but exhaustive and irrefutable terms the basis of my philosophy. Not all who read are willing to agree for various reasons, mostly for fear of losing Power, Money, and Control. However most do agree and see both the logic and wisdom presented. By accepting that irrefutable definition of our Creator, when we speak of It, we are actually communicating with each other; we have common base understanding of Its’ nature. Suddenly the scowl and frowns are replaced with great big beautiful smiles, and PEACE prevails. Of course, a quiet, vigorous resistance will come from all the afore mentioned religions and ideologies, because none will be willing to concede its position of influence. Just like in politics, meaningful change comes slowly, and almost always from ground up. It’s the “grass root “movement that forces change. Therefore it is mandatory for my philosophy to be circulated through the masses. Currently, the only method for that distribution is through the sale of my book. Hopefully, as the “word gets out”, I will be able to buy TV time for advertising and reach a vast audience at one time. In the meantime all I can do is put a smiley-face on my efforts and hope for your returned smile and vote of confidence. I believe, based on current experience, your reception will be warm and smiling. My book is available Amazon, Kindle Et Al. Comments welcomed.

FRIGID-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngMost people understand the cold, uninviting, icy attitude suggested by the word frigid. Just the thought makes one shiver. In the field of world affairs, including ideologies and religions, we witness just that exact cold, stand-offish attitude; I’m always right and you are perpetually wrong. Each time, I attempt to approach any one of our iceberg preachers with a suggestion of warm moderation, I am instantly sprayed with a panic-stricken shower of icy condemnation. Not one of them will allow anyone tampering with his “iceberg”. Consequently, what we see on a perpetual basis is a world filled with frigid, self contained ideologies and nations, many of whom are driven by  religions continually butting against each other in an attempt to shatter the others. That sad condition creates and maintains a perpetual state of discord and distrust among all peoples. Our earth is in a state of constant torment and hostility. Millions of people world-wide die annually as a result of those perpetual frigid attitudes. In my little book, Wilderness Cry, I offer a sound, irrefutable solution to that perpetual morass. I develop a conclusive, warm, thawing escape rout from our frigidity. I develop the thaw to the extent that even the most frigid “artic driven” bergs may be slowly melted away. Eventually, all the frigidity would be eliminated . What remains would be a warm, soothing, comforting flow of Love among all. I recognize the Spirit of our Creator is in all, thereby making each of us brothers and sisters in a truly loving relationship with ourselves and our Creator. However the resistance is unrelenting. Each iceberg struggles mightily to annex surrounding wandering unattached water onto its mantle. The struggle goes on and I realize that Truth will never be accepted because of Power, Money and Control. However, that knowledge will never deter me from trying to spread a unifying Truth. For the unattached wanderers, you will find peace, comfort and solace there. The hard-shelled deep-frozen will require much more thawing, before meaningful change occurs. If interested, my book is available at Amazon, Kindle Et Al. As usual, the icebergs criticize me unmercifully for promoting my book, while all the time promoting theirs. Did it ever occur to anyone that only a simple-minded person would write a book and not attempt to distribute it. That’s why we write; to share ideas. The attitude they express is simply one more demonstration of their frigidity. I have called for recognition of the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality” as the only method of orchestrating the “thaw” and simultaneously creating Peace.  All comments encouraged including those from the “frigid icebergs”. Peace to all. .