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cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngHave you ever wondered why and how two of the oldest philosophies/religions in the world came to be? More importantly, have you ever considered the ultimate concepts contained in those philosophies ? While I do not know with certainty about their origin and development, it seems likely to me that they were the direct attempt to understand the basic meaning of life and at the same time discover the nature if its origin. While the Abrahamic religions were busy bargaining with their god, and offering sacrifices to him, the contemplative far-easterners were desperately trying to understand if such an entity actually existed and if so in what environs.

hMy research tells me that the contemplatives were way ahead of the sacrificials who had dreamed up a scheme of power and control right out of their own playbook—that is to say, they manufactured a god patterned directly after their own possessive, egotistical selves. Their god was theirs alone and could not be shared with anyone.

In the meantime, the contemplatives, like many native Americans were driven to see their god in everything (wind, sun, stars, waters etc.) Without benefit of any scientific knowledge at all, just as Jesus, they were able to  devine the existence of God in everything. Jesus could not explain the specifics, he just knew that the spirit of God existed in everything. He saw that everything in existence was evil  by virtue of its selfishness, and by his knowing, he was commissioned to die in atonement for the father’s faults  so the Father could be Perfect Love . So he died that we may live in eternal bliss.

IMG_1065Can there be a greater thrill? I’d vouch to say that no one who professes an Abrahamic religion is  any closer to God than any Hindu or Buddhist that ever lived. We each are loved equally by our Perfect Loving Creator with no one possibly being more favored over another—there are no such things as  higher places in heaven.

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I have been readiIMG_1605ng many posts the last few days about anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem etc. It should be noted that there is always a significant up-tick in these feelings during dark of winter, and especially near Christmas-time. There are two categories of anxiety; one type is generated by real circumstances such as concerns about where your next rent payment will come from. That is conscious anxiety and normal. The next type, which is universal, is subconscious anxiety which has a much different generator.  It is instilled in us at an early age before we are rational. We are made to believe that we are bad by well-meaning parents, teachers, preachers and others. Those ideas and feelings are stored in our subconsciousness. We don’t remember the specific incidents which caused the ideas and feelings, but we have a general feeling of uneasiness and don’t know why. The more we have been poorly indoctrinated in our formative years, the greater feelings of guilt and anxiety we exhibit. Greater degrees and extremes of anxiety may, and frequently do, lead to depression, even to the point of taking ones own life. Depression is caused by our failed exhaustive attempts to ward off punishment generated by the guilt instilled in us. We see defensive reactions exhibited in many ways but two stand out. One is the overbearing hot head know-it-all who has to be right all the time; would argue a point “till hell freezes over”, and all the time likely being wrong. The other in the cowed, meek, person who  exhibits no feelings of self esteem. Typically, that person is shy, backward, hates to meet new people, doesn’t like crowds, would panic if asked to speak to a public audience, and typically will cling to one or two people in their lives. Usually they live in constant fear but have no idea why. In my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, I show how Ideologies and Religion are the two main culprits in causing those problems. Both of those entities impose on us ideas and demands totally contrary to our God-given nature. As infants, toddlers and small children, we are not capable of a rational analysis of these contrarian ideas; we simply are left with the built-in ideas that we are bad which generates guilt; guilt generates need for punishment; punishment generates anxiety which generates feelings of worthlessness and depression. I show in my book that religions and ideologies in general have ignored Jesus’ command for us to love one another as ourselves. If that were the norm in our society, our children would be inculcated in a framework of love and acceptance. The result would be dramatic. Universal peace would prevail, anxiety would be reduced to a minimum, and people would be God-loving and people-loving. It will likely never happen because of Power, Money and Control. Dictators and Church Hierarchy will never relinquish their Power. For an understanding of how to rid yourself of these anxious feelings and for a complete elucidation of many, many more concepts, you must read my book, Wilderness Cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. Amazon and all on-line book retailers.

TIME-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTIME: this word indicates a very simple but necessary concept in order for us to understand and deal with the change that takes place in our universe on a continuing and continual basis. In other words, time is a measurement of change. As intelligent beings, we not only recognized change but we perceived the need to calibrate the rate of change so as to be able to arrange suitable schedules of our activities. All sorts of designations of measurement have been developed since humans occupied this earth. Even the Egyptians fourteen thousand years ago calculated that it takes roughly 26,000 years for each of the twelve Zodiac characters to rotate off the horizon.

So for our everyday use, ordinary humans arrange their schedules according to seconds, minutes, days and years. Physicists, mathematicians and other natural or particle physicists may employ a different set of time parameters. Regardless of designation, each is an expression of degree of change. For instance, we may set our automobile on cruise control at 70 mph. That  tells us that one hour from now we will have changed location by seventy miles. Unconsciously, we routinely use time considerations on a moment to moment basis as a guide to orderliness in our lives.

IMG_0082There are, however, many time considerations used by astrophysicists, cosmologists, particle physicists and others to determine a stars distance  from earth. It has been calculated to take 100,000 years for light traveling at the speed of 186,000 m/sec to go from one side of out Milky Way galaxy to the other side. Most of those distance calculations are based on star’s color spectrum and brightness. In any event, scientists have used those methods to calculate that it has been roughly 13.7 billion years since the universe came into existence. One cannot fathom the distance that light traveling at 186,000 miles/ second would travel in 13.7 billion years.

Now put on your ‘thinking hat’ and try to imagine a God who caused it to happen. How would you describe such a being. The Bible describes him in various ways. The usual way is a grizzled old man in semi-bust form sitting in the clouds and lording over his earth creation—seemingly, he has no real concern about the rest of his creation. Mind you, compared with the remainder of creation, the earth is totally insignificant in both size and function—or so it seems.

With closer observation, we have discovered that the earth is, in fact, made of exactly the same identical material as all of the rest of creation. In fact, those tinniest of particles of energy are the only creation ever made in the scope of our ‘time’ measurements. In addition, we have observed that there are different types of these particles which have been given specific names such as photons, electrons, bosons, etc. We also have observed that each of those particles of a specific kind is identical to and indistinguishable from it counterparts. Also, close observation has shown that each is absolutely perfect in both form and function.

IMG_1065Having made those observations causes many of us to ask a very fundamental question—where did all that come from? Did it just happen or, possibly, did some unseen Higher Power account for it all? The ‘miniscule’ picture of such a ‘possible creator’ as painted in the Bible becomes  almost a laughing matter when one considers the magnitude of the task. Simple observation of the gross universe shows it to be constantly changing. However, its ‘building blocks’ are each prefect and unchanging. So where does that leave us?

If we understand Eternity to be a state of being without change (no time), and we simultaneously recognize the perfection and unchangeability of the universe’s building blocks, then we may begin to get an inkling into the understanding of their creator. Their creator exists in eternity—so do the building blocks of our changing universe. So a logical conclusion would be that the building blocks mimic the image of their creator-–they are their own creator. How can that be? What kind of creator is this anyway? How may we define it? That identical question has been pondered by theologians and great philosophers and thinkers from the beginning of recorded history.

Because none of them had benefit of knowledge about the particle world of perfection, they were never able to define the essence of their creator—each, in turn, failed completely. As luck and determination would have it, with the development of Quantum Mechanics, this particle perfection gradually came to light. I was fortunate to explore its ramifications—mind you, I’m no particle physicist, but I understand the principles. that understanding ‘turned on my lights’. God is Perfect Rationality. That definition explained all—it removed all mystery. It explained precisely the Trinity. It explained precisely Jesus and his need to die. It explained precisely God’s Perfect Love. In short, it explained everything—it left not a single lingering doubt.

We started todays discussion talking about time. Now were talking about a mixture of time (measure of change) and eternity (no change). God exists in everything in an unchanging eternity, whilst at the same time he is evolving an entire gross universe of selfish change—why? The obvious reason is so he could die in the image of Jesus and thereby exonerate all with his  Perfect Love.

Please read my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality for a fuller understanding. I am attaching Covenant Books Press Releases and video trailers for each.

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TRUTH-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTRUTH: just what is truth? We hear that word thrown around like a frisbee, and seldom in the proper context. I think  truth could/should be defined as ‘an irrefutable bit of knowledge—that is absolute fact. We have mathematical truths such as 2+2=4. We have Classical Physics truths  such as Newton’s Laws Of Gravity. Then there are so-called Historical truths which may not be true at all—typically slanted and biased by the perceptions and deceit of the author. Philosophical truths on the other hand are typically based on a system of logical reasoning processes beginning with a set of accepted or presumed facts (truths). For instance, if we agree that ‘all houses are white’, and I say, “look, there’s a house over there”, the absolute only truth you can deduce is ‘that house is white’. So what’s the point of this rambling?—the truth of our existence.

From the days of our earliest memories, each of us has been inculcated in one way or another about a God or the lack thereof. Each of us has been told in no uncertain terms (truths) all about that God—what it does, doesn’t do, what it expects from us, and what we can expect from it. The big, big problem arises when, as we get older and wiser, we come to realize that each of us is being presented with a different set of ‘truths’. Each of us is being presented with a ‘different God’, and always under the pretense of ‘absolute truth’. The obvious question then arises—why?

IMG_0082The ‘why’ is almost always answered with ‘those people are all wrong about God. We are the only ones with the truth’. Likely, most constituents are left with that ‘prejudicial’ understanding—I’m right, you are wrong. So, immediately, we as individuals and societies are ‘set against each other’. We have inbuilt, ingrained conflict and enmity which, historically, has boiled over into external hostility and war—look at the world today. We have some Muslim ideologies professing it to be their God-given mandate to exterminate all infidels—and they are making determined efforts continually to do just that. Then we have other major powers (USA, Russia, China) constantly growling at each other like three big fighting dogs ready for the attack. Also we have the facilitators and agitators—North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela etc. attempting to ‘make hay’ with one or another of the ‘big dogs. So to put it mildly, we have an earth in total turmoil—it always has been. Why?

The ‘why’ is as plain as ‘the nose on your face’—religion. And what is religion? It is a cultist belief/practice aimed at appeasement/gainful influence of a God which in reality is a myth. Why a myth? Because, in actuality, no two peoples’ God is the same. If everyone had an identical God, we at least could say it was ‘real’, and that would be a factual truth for us—it, in fact, may not be true, but it would satisfy each of our ‘truth factor’ requirements. The result would be peace —no more warring and fighting.

IMG_1065The obvious question then is why do we each have a different God? The answer is very simple—no one has ever defined the essence of that God, and certainly without an essential definition, no one has a realistic clue about  who or what that God entails.

So here’s where the ‘truth’ comes into play. I pondered that question for sixty years. The worlds greatest philosophers and theologians pondered it for their entire lifetimes—they all came up ’empty-handed’. It was only after my encounter with Quantum Mechanics (Particle Physics), where I observed the absolute perfection in both form and function of each particle of energy of which every gravid object is made that I was able to formulate a definition of God’s essence. Observing that absolute perfection, whilst realizing that it applies to every gravid object in a universe so huge as to be impossible to visualize, forced me to see clearly an irrefutable philosophical truth. God is a Perfect Rational Being. Six little words say it all—nothing can be added nor deleted. With his Perfect Intellect, God perceived each and every one of the particles of energy of which everything is made—with his Perfect Will he chose, loved, accepted them, branded them with his image and keeps them perfect.

Thus we have a universe which is absolutely perfect in ‘form and function’, while, simultaneously, perfectly evil by virtue of its ‘selfishness’. Those are irrefutable truths both philosophically and scientifically—-just a ‘tiny inkling’ into the nature of the real God we all should be recognizing and adoring. That essential definition of God’s nature would mandate that each of us have the same understanding—-we each would have the same, identical God. We could then be like-minded—we could be at peace.

My definition not only allows for but, rather, mandates Trinity God. My definition not only allows for but, rather , mandates Jesus’ death. My definition mandates that everything in existence is a mirror image of its creator—therefore we truly are ‘children of God’ justifying John’s proclamation in his letter that ‘brothers, what we are now is, we know we are children of God; what we are to become is, we will be like God because we will se him as he truly is’ (paraphrased).

My definition negates an possibility of a Hell—God cannot possibly reject himself. My definition negates any possibility of ‘physical miracles’—God is prefect and cannot possibly change his nature (a requirement for unnatural physical change).

Truth, in fact, is irrefutable. I have written extensively about these subjects in my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. Both books published by Covenant Books. Their press releases and short video trailers attached.  I strongly urge you to read my books and remove the ‘blanket of guilt’ thrown over you by religion.

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cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngJESUS of NAZARETH—Just who was/is Jesus of Nazareth? Does Anyone know? Paul’s sidekick Mark, who wrote the first gospel gives us absolutely no clue except Jesus’ proclamation that he and the Father were one. Years later Matthew and Luke embellished Marks writings on both ends with remarkable contradiction of each other. John’s acolyte(s) some sixty years after Jesus’ death concocted a tale incorporating the notion that God and Jesus coexisted from all eternity, whilst at the same time implying that nothing else coexisted with them. We know from the writings of Professor Garry Wills in his book What Paul Meant, that Luke was a veritable liar and cannot be trusted. So just where does that leave us poor simpletons who are at the mercy of religion to tell us? From my perspective it leaves us in a deep, deep, dark dudgeon of deceit. And you, understandably, would question why I would say such a heretical thing.

When one traces the origins of the ‘one true religion’ of the time, Judaism, it becomes quite obvious that it was developed from multiple preconceived notions of mythology and astrology. The Zodiac developed by the Egyptians some fourteen thousand years ago, had become the foundation for essentially all religious belief. The Egyptians, Greeks and essentially all cultures had gods galore—each with its specific functions. The sun, moon and stars played the biggest role in the imaginative ideas they developed.

When the Jews came with the idea of a singular God who had created the entire universe, they indeed struck a ‘high note’. Not only did they give their God credit for creating everything, they actually developed a time-frame of sorts for its happening. In addition they surmised that in the beginning, all animal life was peaceful and benevolent—-even snakes could talk. They all co-existed in paradise.

IMG_0082However, observing their current plight at the time forced them to explain what happened—where did paradise go? Well, since woman was the ‘scourge’ creation, it became immediately fashionable to put the blame on her. So they conveniently developed the tale of Eve tempting Adam to break God’s rule, that is to sin—the fun was over—how sad.

To the unwary that story may sound like a suitable, appeasing explanation. However there is one little detail that was  overlooked. We seem to forget that snakes could ‘talk’ and guess what—it was the snake who was the first sinner—the snake enticed Eve to sin. Where did the serpent come up with such a dastardly idea as to defy its God?  Now isn’t that a startling turn of events—it wasn’t Eve’s fault after all. Who planted the ‘seed’ of defiance in the snakes brain—wouldn’t you like to know—I would.

The rather obvious answer to those ridiculous proposals and questions is nobody—none of it ever happened. The fictional Eve became the obvious scapegoat because women were then, and always have been considered something only  slightly better than ‘pond scum’. So no one in his ‘right mind’ would question the fact that a woman caused all the trouble. Furthermore, everyone knew that snakes talked perfect Yiddish—didn’t you?

So you may say, what’s that got to do with Jesus of Nazareth? and I would say everything. When Jesus came along, He puzzled, startled, bewildered, and angered people. Everyone who knew him was aware that he was just a poor carpenters son—how could he be making such statements and proclamations. My answer to that very legitimate question stems from my definition of the essence of God. That definition shows clearly that God’s perfection precludes any possibility of physical miracles. Likewise it negates any possibility of Hell. God is Perfect Love and cannot possibly reject any part of his perfect creation. Likewise God’s perfect nature precludes any possibility of change, a necessity for physical miracles.

Jesus was a simple carpenter’s son, However, I am convinced that he was the most brilliant human to ever live. He was born of natural parents but his genius allowed him to see though the folly of the Jewish religion. The Jew’s God was an Overlord with a mighty whip. He sat on his throne and kept a keen eye on his creation which was separate from him—ever-ready to hurl punishment at violators. Jesus saw a completely different God—a God that permeated everything in existence—a God who could not possible be separated from his creation—nothing could ‘be’ without the inner presence of God.

IMG_1065That insight, of course, told Jesus that his own being and the Spirit of the Father were One. Knowing that the universe was universally evil by virtue of its selfishness told Jesus that atonement was mandatory in order for God to be Perfect Love. That realization sent a shock-wave through Jesus—that meant that since he was the only one with that knowledge, he had to be the scape-goat—he was the messiah—he had to pay the price.

The implications from Jesus’ insights were astonishing. Whereas the Jews considered death as the end of everything, Jesus’ realization on the other hand that everything was a mirror image of God  meant that everything had an eternal existence just as its creator. After undoubtedly consulting with his cousin, John, he hastily set about attempting to recruit and educate a group to spread that good news (Gospel) to the entire world. Whether or not he was successful in that endeavor, we will never know—so corrupt is the written word we have.

In any event the Jews killed him by hanging him on a tree—-crucifixion which was reserved for traitors. From there we can only guess at what happened. The written word we have was copied from one remaining copy which was a copy of hundreds, maybe thousands of copies—that single copy was made some two hundred years after the original writing. We do know that from that time on dozens of ‘versions’ have appeared over the years. The noted Professor of Bible at North Carolina University, Dr. Bart Ehrman, shows that only %30 of the bible was written by its supposed author. Also as one example, he shows clearly that Jerome, the hermit, who despised women and sex, in the process of translating the bible from Greek to Latin, changed or eliminated any mention of a woman doing or saying anything ‘good’.

It seems clear that Jesus’ basic message was that God is love—his only command was love God with your all and love your neighbor a yourself. My definition of the essence of God (God is a perfect rational being) supports that ideation completely.

Both Jesus and Paul despised religion—they said that love must prevail. But when Constantine gave the ‘Bishops” a mandate to fashion a religion to their liking, they did just that. They fashioned a religion right out of the Jewish play-book—all about power, money and control. We have been shackled with it and its 33,000 variants since. And what has it gotten us—-perpetual turmoil.

So what’s the point?—it makes no difference—God loves us each equally—Jesus died for our iniquity—anything else is fairy tales.

I have written extensively about this subject in my two books Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality—both books published by Covenant Books and available on line and from me if desired. I have attached press releases and short video trailers for each.

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PRAYER-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngThe subject of prayer is one near and dear to my heart—as well it may and should be to all. How do you pray and why. Have you ever stopped to consider why you pray the way you do? I would suggest that literally everyone who prays has been preconditioned to pray a certain way and that most of those prayers are of  contrition  and  petition—many, of course, make a swipe at thanksgiving. 

Having said that, lets examine the basis for our prayers. The contrition part befits us all—definitely we all are sinners (selfish). Quite obviously we all have much to be thankful for—our life, our sustenance and hopefully out salvation. But what about prayers of petition—why do we feel a justifiable need or right to beg God for anything? The only reason I  can see is the basic idea of  dualism.

Those Old Testament Christians who still believe that God created his universe and then continually lords over it could be called dualist—that is they believe God is here watching over his creation which is over there. In other words, they see God as directly micromanaging every tiny aspect of their lives. If they do something wrong, he sees it and will certainly inflict punishment if that wrong is not addressed properly. Additionally, they see God as being able and possibly willing to make something happen just for them if begged long and hard enough—they not only believe in miracles but rather expect them. They  believe God can change the course of events with the snap of his fingers. That’s what the Old Testament God was like. So they feel not only allowed but obliged to beg God to change his mind.

IMG_0082So dualism originated in the mythological thinking of  the ancients and it persist today. There may be some non-dualist religions but I not aware of any—not at least in Christianity. I think that likely the Hindus and Buddhists were for the most part nondualists.

There have been and still are many, many individual philosophers who have recognized the presence of God in everything.  They are able to see God’s perfection (Spirit, Will, Love) in all living and inanimate existences. Jesus the Christ (light of the world) was the first Christian to see that clearly. He attempted to indoctrinate his followers to that good news (gospel) before they killed him. The recorded writings are so corrupt and distorted as to make it impossible to know. There are many hints in Paul’s writings—several in both John’s Gospel and Epistle. Personally, I have discovered the most straightforward assertions in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas. Jesus keeps saying over and over in different words and examples the same message—I am in everything and everything is in me. He told them ‘the kingdom of God is spread out all over the earth and you don’t see it’. He made that remark in response to their continued query about when he was going to ‘restore the kingdom’.

Saint Francis of Assisi was a firm believer in a nondualist existence. The Franciscan philosophy has always affirmed that belief. It is a ‘miracle’ that the Catholic Church has not excommunicated them, because it certainly professes a dualist attitude and understanding about God—almost all ‘Catholic’ prayers are prayers of ‘petition’—that is begging God to ‘change’ something or somebody, or some state of existence. As a child raised as a devout Catholic, I spent hours and hours on my knees begging God directly and through the saints in heaven to make things happen. I was not once able to detect any direct answer to my imploring—likewise not once could I detect any answer to our entire parish begging and pleading with God to make something happen. I was told by my priest that it was God’s will. I was eleven to twelve years old at the time—old enough to reason that if that were the case, it was obvious that God’s will could not be influenced. That recognition prompted me to embark on ‘A Journey of Understand’.

IMG_1065That journey forced me ‘out of the box’ in my thinking—something was dreadfully wrong and I was determined to find out. That determination rapidly led to my conclusion that no one really knew who God was—God was just an imaginary entity dreamed up right out of the Jew’s playbook. I was dismayed to learn that no one had ever defined the essence of God—without an essential definition, God is ‘pure fiction’. After years of intense study and contemplation, but more importantly after my study of Quantum Mechanics (particle physics), the understanding of God’s essence became clear— God is a Perfect Rational being—what a revolutionary understanding!

That insight opened windows to an entirely new world—-it explained everything—it eliminated all mystery. My God was Perfect  in every respect—He knew everything, That knowledge gave him all power.  That perfection extended to his Perfect Love—meaning he accepts (loves, wills) everything his perfect intellect perceived (the Holy Spirit—Will of God). More importantly, that understanding of God’s perfect love means he cannot possibly reject any part of his creation—Hell is an impossibility. Furthermore his perfection means that ‘change of any type’ is impossible—God cannot possibly chance his nature. Therefore physical miracles are impossible.

With that understanding, it becomes obvious that prayers of petition are not only evidence of lack of understanding God’s essence (nature), but in addition a total waste of time.

What about prayers of contrition? I would venture to say that God does not ‘expect’ them—perfect love means acceptance without condition—God accepts (loves) everyone and everything equally. The only value I see in prayers of Contrition is that they may help us to be more loving of both our God and our neighbors. They certainly are not necessary.

So, is there any ‘justifiable’ prayer? I think prayers of thanksgiving , while not necessary nor demanded by God, they are, in fact justified. How then should we pray? I believe thusly; ‘Thank you dear Lord God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (Will of God) for my existence, for my sustenance, and for my salvation through Jesus. Amen.

I have developed and expanded this philosophy extensively in my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality—both published by Covenant Books. I should also note that Wilderness Cry has been selected as ‘Book of the Month’, by the Online Book Club for the coming month of December. They have one million members and only showcase twelve books each year—0ne each month.

Press release and video trailer for each attached.

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Theory-Hilary. L Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTHEORY: Just what is a theory? We hear the word used frequently—I suspect few have a clear-cut idea of its meaning. I think a ‘theory’ can best be explained this way: A theory is a scientific proposal based on previously observed scientific facts aimed at explaining a scientific principle. In other words, it is an attempt to explain the exact nature and/or cause of a known fact. For instance, everyone with functioning eyes can observe the moon and knows that it seemingly rotates around the earth—that would be a presumed ‘scientific fact’. The question then is, ‘why is that a fact—why does that happen’. I am as certain as I am sitting in this chair, that the ancients had many pseudo-theories, but because they knew little if any scientific astronomical facts, all of their theories would eventually be proven wrong. It was only through progressive scientific investigation prompted by ‘theoretical’ scientific questions that the answers became known.

Please note that the word science comes from the Latin word scientia which means knowledge—and knowledge is ‘truth’. So during this discussion, we are going to be dealing with what are known truths. In like fashion, we will discuss some theory(s), about the nature of our existence—indeed the nature of all existences.

In ancient Egyptian days, it was assumed that there was god(s) which exerted control and influence on their lives. They and the Greeks who followed named a god for essentially every known function from ‘fertility’ to ‘love’ to ‘harvest’. The sun, moon and stars had special influences. Fourteen thousand years ago, the Egyptians, connecting the dots between certain stars created  characters with names such as Aquarius. They observed that gradually each character rotated off the horizon. The time from the appearance to disappearance was known as an ‘Age’ and was calculated by them to be 1800-2200 years. Their twelve characters were arranged in circular pattern as observed in the night sky and became known as the Zodiac (from Greek word meaning animal). The time for total rotation of the Zodiac ( twelve Ages) was calculated to be roughly 26,000 years—obviously they were astute mathematicians. Their theories of the meaning of the Zodiac have not been proven to be correct—in spite of  that fact, many follow the Zodiac religiously.

IMG_0082As time went on, the Jews came to the realization that there was only one God. Because they made the determination, that God became theirs and theirs alone. Of, course, they ascribed certain characteristics to their God. He was male, old, temperamental—he could love you one minute and hate you to the point of exterminating you the next minute. He was all powerful—in fact, he created the universe and everything in it. They could converse and even bargain with their God.

Now, of course, all of this was no more that their ‘theoretical’ imagination. They theorized every conceivable idea possible about their God. But because they had absolutely no scientific evidence nor backdrop, essentially none of their theories could stand the test of the scientific process. A Religion was developed to appease their vengeful God—that religion was based on their preconceived idea that ‘their God’ was, in fact, vengeful. What next?

Well, when Jesus came along, he claimed to be ‘one with the Father’. He told us that God was ‘all love’. According to Paul, Jesus told us that our salvation was guaranteed, not by anything we do nor had done, but, rather, through the ‘Perfect Love’ of our creator, God. They killed Jesus for his ‘heretical teaching’. They crucified him, an ignominious death reserved for those who committed treason—preaching heresy to the Jewish religion was ultimate treason. It was as unadulterated attempt to destroy the Jewish law and way of life.

However, all of that was done based on an ‘unproven theory’ about an ‘unknown God’—Jesus died. Jesus told us that The Jew’s theory was incorrect. He said ‘yes, there is only one God, but he is in everything and everything is in him’—“split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a rock and you will find me there”.

In spite of Jesus’ ‘new teaching’,  so-called Christian church which eventuated in Jesus’s name reverted to the Jewish form of theoretical consideration—they had to have a ‘vengeful’ God who commanded and demanded ‘sacrifice’—heaven was no gift—it must be earned’. Guess what, neither Jesus’ nor Paul’s theories were correct in their minds—so a self-serving religion prevailed.

IMG_1065So what has been the outcome? As is the usual, with selfish human nature always in play, there were/are those who say, ‘more than one can play that game’. The result of all that self-serving ‘theory’ is that, as of 2014, there were 33,000 self-serving so-called Christian theories alone about who God is and how he operates—and every last one of them ultimately based on the Zodiac. I’d like to ask one very simple question—-is any of that rational?—I don’t think so.

That irrationality  prompted me to explore those pseudo-theories. After years of intense study, query and learning, but more especially because of my  encounter with Quantum Mechanics (Particle Physics), I was able to finally define the  essence  of our God. I was able to show that God’s basic nature of being was/is ‘Perfect Rationality’. Extrapolating that definition explains all—it dispels all pseudo-theories with which we have been shackled for centuries. Just a cursory examination of Quantum Mechanics will demonstrate God’s only ultimate  creation—all of the perfect particles of energy of which everything is made. Furthermore, my definition demonstrates God’s ‘perfect love’—his acceptance of his perfect creation (God’s Will—the Holy Spirit).

My extensive writing on these subjects have been published by Covenant Books in two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. I have attached their press releases and video trailers . I  strongly urge you to read them.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spiritiality


Spirit-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSpirit: now here is a word that is commonly used, and frequently with different connotations. So I ask you, just what is ‘spirit’ anyway. Likely you would say drive, animation, liveliness,  etc. Then I might inquire about the Holy Spirit, and if you were Christian, your response would be a forthright; “it’s the third person of the Trinity”. Then I might inquire about what that ‘third person of the Trinity’ means. What meaningful information could you give me? I suspect you would be stumped for a meaningful answer. And why am I allowed to say that?

Very plainly the Trinity refers to the three persons in a God who is  presumed to exist. Notice I said ‘presumed’—why didn’t I say “who is known to exist”? Lots of folks would retort that they ‘know’ it because they ‘believe’ it. But does believing make it so? I think not—folks have believe all sorts of thing that later were proven to be false. For instance, there was once a time when people were certain that the earth was flat, and in addition it was the center of the universe—Galileo Galilei discovered that the sun was the center of our little universe (solar system). His discovery almost cost him his life—The Inquisition was going to burn him at the stake until he retracted his scientific discovery. He spent the last nine years of his life under house arrest for his ‘foolish’ assertion. It was also falsely believed under penalty of death that the earth was supported on five crooked legs. Because of that false belief, sex anywhere except on the ground was punishable by burning at the stake—the vibrations created by sex on an elevated bed might cause the wobbly legs to collapse and the earth would topple into the netherworld below.

IMG_0082So you might ask what’s my point. My point is rather simple—faith does not equilibrate with fact. A cursory examination of history will plainly show the massive turmoil our earth has endured because of faith. What ‘faith’ had done is generate thousands and thousands of religions, each with a competing idea about a god which it cannot define, but with a definitive method for appeasement. That’s what religion has done and is still doing—the turmoil continues at a torrid pace.

You might say; “man, where are you going with this?” And, I say; “if you cannot define the essence of your god, then you realistically have no god—you have a myth. Sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it?—could anything be more harsh than the unending turmoil created and perpetuated by religion? I’d venture to say you’d be hard-pressed to identify it. Just in case you don’t understand, essence is that singular quality which makes something what it basically is.

So what does all that have to do with spirit (Holy Spirit) ?—everything. It is not possible to have a concrete  understanding of the Holy Spirit without defining the essence of God. I am the only human who ever lived who has irrefutably defined the essence of God—check it out—sounds egotistical but true. I defined God’s essence thus: God is a perfect rational being. That means that God has a Perfect Intellect which perceives all and a Perfect Will which achieves all. When Gods Perfect Intellect reflects upon its perfect perceptions, it sees a perfect mirror image of itself. In the supernatural both images are live beings. Those two perfect images have no choice except to accept (will, choose, love) that Perfection. That loving, willing, choosing, accepting each other is the Will of God, the Holy Spirit. That spirit is the ‘driving’ force which enlivens and keeps perfect each particle of God’s creation (imagination).

IMG_1065That takes right back to the everyday understanding of ‘spirit’—drive, animation, liveliness. The Holy Spirit (Will of God, Gods Love, God’s choosing, God’s acceptance) is the Perfect Driving Force who keeps all of creation perfect.

So how does that play into our understanding of spirituality. Many might and probably do equilibrate religiosity with spirituality—they presume that because they are religious, they are spiritual. And I can guarantee you that nothing could be farther from the truth. Spirituality entails the knowledge and understanding that the Holy Spirit (Will, Love, Choice, Acceptance of God) is indelibly branded onto every particle of energy of which all things are made. That brings Paul’s assertion that ‘we are temples of the Holy Spirit’ into clear focus.

I have written extensively about this subject in my two books, Wilderness Cry, and Peace in Spirituality. Covenant books published both. I have attached their press release and video trailer for each. I would encourage you to read my little books to increase your scope of understanding, but more importantly, to relieve yourself of the terrible blanket of guilt imposed on you by religion.  You are guilty of nothing but being a child of God who cherishes you with Perfect Love.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spiritiality

Essence-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngDo you know what a ‘thing-a-ma-jig’ is? Well, specifically speaking, neither do I. But I’d bet my last dollar that if you were to eavesdrop on a group of West Kentucky farmers sitting around a pot-bellied stove, you wouldn’t have to listen very long until you heard the term, thing-a-ma-jig. Each one, in turn, sooner or later is likely to utter the term during an attempt to explain a solution to some farm or machinery problem. However, not one of his listeners have the foggiest notion of what the other’s thing-a-ma-jig is, but true to the usual, each pretends to know exactly what he means.

Now that scenario is ‘common as house flies’, but more importantly represents the exact basis for most everyday conversation—everyone talks in undefined terms, and all the listeners, pretending to understand, learn nothing. Then each, in turn, spurts forth a barrage of ill- or undefined terms that no one truly understands but seldom questions—and they call that conversation.

IMG_0082I believe it was the famous Greek philosopher, Socrates, who, being continually annoyed by such jargonistic speech, counselled his acolytes to “question everything”. The hoity-toity Greeks didn’t want to be ‘questioned’—so they killed him.  What he meant was, ‘if one cannot define his/her terms, they likely are meaningless. Do not waste your time engaging in meaningless talk’.

So that brings us back to the thing-a-ma-jig. If one does not, nor cannot define the essence of his/her terms, they are meaningless to everyone except him/her. That, of course, means that everyone’s thing-a-ma-jig is theirs alone—just like Santa Claus. So what is essence anyway. Essence may be defined as that singular quality that makes something what it basically is. Without that ‘essential’ understanding of terms, conversation has no real meaning.

So it is with God and love—likely the two most used (misused) nouns in language. In the case of  ‘love’, it is used to express delight in something or someone, whereas, in reality, it means acceptance—its synonyms could be will, choice, spirit. The word ‘like’ which means to generate sensual pleasure should more appropriately be used.

In the case of God, it typically refers to a supreme being. However, since that supreme being has never been defined, it basically is a thing-a-ma-jig—everyone’s God is his/hers alone with no possibility of any two being exact—no one can tell anyone else  what the exact essence of their god is.

IMG_1065I mentioned that the essence of God has never been defined—that is until August of 2016 when I published the first of my two philosophy books, Wilderness Cry. After fifty to sixty years of intense study and pondering, and with the explicit help of Particle Physics (Quantum Mechanics), I came to the startling realization of what and who God is. God’s ‘absolute essence’ can be summed up in six simple words—God is a Perfect Rational Being. That essential definition says it all—absolutely nothing can be added nor deleted. God’s perfect intellect perceives all, and his perfect will (love) achieves and maintains all. That perfect Love precludes any possibility of a ‘hell’—simultaneously, Gods perfect nature precludes any possibility of ‘physical miracles’. A physical miracle would require a ‘change’ of God’s perfect nature—since Gods nature is perfect, change is impossible.

So I would encourage you to read my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. In their reading, you will instantly be able to eliminate the ‘thing-a-ma-jigs’, in your life—you will instantly have a clear understanding of God and his workings.

I have included Covenant Books’  press releases and short video trailers for each of my books. I trust you will review them.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spiritiality