I have been readiIMG_1605ng many posts the last few days about anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem etc. It should be noted that there is always a significant up-tick in these feelings during dark of winter, and especially near Christmas-time. There are two categories of anxiety; one type is generated by real circumstances such as concerns about where your next rent payment will come from. That is conscious anxiety and normal. The next type, which is universal, is subconscious anxiety which has a much different generator.  It is instilled in us at an early age before we are rational. We are made to believe that we are bad by well-meaning parents, teachers, preachers and others. Those ideas and feelings are stored in our subconsciousness. We don’t remember the specific incidents which caused the ideas and feelings, but we have a general feeling of uneasiness and don’t know why. The more we have been poorly indoctrinated in our formative years, the greater feelings of guilt and anxiety we exhibit. Greater degrees and extremes of anxiety may, and frequently do, lead to depression, even to the point of taking ones own life. Depression is caused by our failed exhaustive attempts to ward off punishment generated by the guilt instilled in us. We see defensive reactions exhibited in many ways but two stand out. One is the overbearing hot head know-it-all who has to be right all the time; would argue a point “till hell freezes over”, and all the time likely being wrong. The other in the cowed, meek, person who  exhibits no feelings of self esteem. Typically, that person is shy, backward, hates to meet new people, doesn’t like crowds, would panic if asked to speak to a public audience, and typically will cling to one or two people in their lives. Usually they live in constant fear but have no idea why. In my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, I show how Ideologies and Religion are the two main culprits in causing those problems. Both of those entities impose on us ideas and demands totally contrary to our God-given nature. As infants, toddlers and small children, we are not capable of a rational analysis of these contrarian ideas; we simply are left with the built-in ideas that we are bad which generates guilt; guilt generates need for punishment; punishment generates anxiety which generates feelings of worthlessness and depression. I show in my book that religions and ideologies in general have ignored Jesus’ command for us to love one another as ourselves. If that were the norm in our society, our children would be inculcated in a framework of love and acceptance. The result would be dramatic. Universal peace would prevail, anxiety would be reduced to a minimum, and people would be God-loving and people-loving. It will likely never happen because of Power, Money and Control. Dictators and Church Hierarchy will never relinquish their Power. For an understanding of how to rid yourself of these anxious feelings and for a complete elucidation of many, many more concepts, you must read my book, Wilderness Cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. Amazon and all on-line book retailers.

WRINKLE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngWRINKLE- IS A LINE OR FOLD IN SOMETHING, OR A NEW INNOVATION, AND THE LIKE. Today, I’m going to present you with a new  wrinkle idea. DOES ANYONE TRULY WANT PEACE? OR LIKE SO MANY THINGS IN OUR WORLD SOCIETY, DO WE SIMPLY PAY “LIP SERVICE” TO AN IDEA, BUT DO NOTHING TO EXECUTE IT? Peace has been suggested, digested, regurgitated, lapped up again, ad nauseum. Why can we not have peace? I’m certain this question has been pondered forever, and equally certain that, seemingly, only one person has ever understood the correct methodology of attaining peace. That Person was Jesus. Jesus suggested to us that we must Love one another. Love means acceptance. I am certain that Jesus never had an opportunity to study psychology; no realistic formal study existed in His time. However, with His genius mind, he could see the folly of fighting and warring over differing ideologies and religions. He obviously recognized that each human personality was different, thereby making each person’s attitudes, understandings and prejudices inherently different. He understood that the only way to peace was through reconciliation; hence His commandment. Now, just take a look at today’s world. What we see is war and discord everywhere; no country, region, or entity exempted. There is fighting between countries. There if fighting and discord within countries. There is fighting and terrible discord within every religious organization organization I’m aware of. And why? THAT’S THE WRINKLE. No group has ever “defined” the entity they call God. Moreover, they are adamant about their version of God and are willing, ready and able to quarrel and even fight for their ideology. My contention is this. Number one: God must be defined in irrefutable terms, undeniable by anyone. Number two: our universal education systems must begin teaching our children ‘Logic’; that is legitimate thought process.  Just as importantly, they must simultaneously begin teaching psychology; the scientific understanding of the human mind and its functions and interpretations. That is the only way we can have legitimate reconciliation. Every world organization of any kind is wrinkled with waves, crevices, peaks and valleys of disagreements and misunderstandings. They all are ignorant in the literal sense. In my little philosophy book, Wilderness Cry, I define the “essence” of God. I show that there is only One Supreme Being, call It what you may. Just as importantly, I give an overview of personality development, and demonstrate clearly how many of our “time honored” cliches are illegitimate. By defining God as “A Perfect Rational Being”, I am able to smooth the wrinkles of so-called mysteries and misunderstandings in our lives. I show conclusively that God’s Perfection includes Perfect Love (acceptance without conditions), thereby making a concept of hell irrational. How is it possible, as many claim, for a Perfect Loving God to condemn someone to hell who never heard of Jesus ? My contention is it is impossible. Such a concept negates God’s perfection. My philosophy includes every aspect of our existence, both temporal and eternal. My definition of God’s essence allows me to clearly define the Trinity, Gods Will (Holy Spirit), the Soul, Eternity, Heaven. We all most likely have been imbued with the idea that Heaven is a “place” where God, gloriously arrayed, is sitting on a magnificent throne with Jesus sitting by His side. The whereabouts of the Holy Ghost isn’t addressed. I proclaim that idea to be a “fairy tale”. When one considers the vastness of our universe, a task no human brain can accomplish, and understands the unimaginable Perfect Intelligence that created, sustains and keeps it perfect, we are forced to smooth the wrinkles of our inherited ignorance and recognize the obvious: Heaven is not a place, it is a “state of eternal being”. God is Perfect, meaning that no change is possible. Where there is no change, there is no time, and of course, where there is no time, there is only Eternity. So God, being Perfect and incapable of change, exist as a Perfect Being in Eternity. As His “image and likeness”, and “Jesus’ brother”, so will we. That’s my WRINKLE. My book is available Amazon, Kindle ET AL. Upon its reading, you will be changed forever. All rational comments welcomed.  handg@comcast.net.

PROVOKE-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPROVOKE- This word typically means to “call forth a reaction, usually strong”. As an example, my daily posts frequently provoke a rather strong adverse reaction in some quarters. That is to be expected, particularly when I’m promoting an idea contrary to theirs. My theme is consistent; Religion and Ideology have perpetuated turmoil, strife and continual warring among nations throughout all of recorded history. Rarely has there been a time of total peace. Supposedly, there was relative peace at the time of Jesus’ birth. However that came about by the overwhelming force of the Roman Empire. Force never prevails for long; someone is always waiting in the wings to take up the fight. One doesn’t have to be a genius to recognize the ultimate truth: all peoples are bigoted; they have no respect for other peoples’ opinions and beliefs. Furthermore, they always are willing and able to fight with their tongues and their fists in an effort to “float” their ideology to the top of the barrel. When I began observing and understanding that principle during the second World War, it occurred to me that there had to be a reason for such hostility. As the years rolled by, and I was able to become more informed (educated), it occurred to me that an answer must be found to that terrible problem. As I studied philosophy and psychology and learned “how” to think, and what one is “allowed to think logically”, the answer to that major, major, problem became extremely obvious to me. No one had ever defined the God, Allah, Brahma, Buddha, Yahweh they worshiped. That realization provoked a uncontrollable determination in me to do just that; our Supreme Bering must be defined. Logic demands that there can be only One Supreme Being; call It what we may. As a child growing up in a %100 Roman Catholic community in the middle of “the bible belt”, I observed the unrelenting prejudice, ridicule and hostility exhibited by both Catholics and Protestants toward each other. Later on as I matured I became aware of more and more fragmentation in so-called Christianity. I digress momentarily to mention that quite obviously there is no such thing as Christian Religion. There are however 33,000 factions which claim orthodoxy relating to Jesus the Christ. I saw how Jews were being persecuted everywhere. Muslims were fighting among themselves and vowing to destroy all “infidels”. All of that provoked a greater determination on my part to “solve the problem”. Then one day about fifteen years ago the solution came like a lightening bolt. The definition of the “essence” of our Supreme Being suddenly became ‘”crystal clear”. Our GOD (Supreme Being) IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. Six little words says it all. That definition “turned on all the lights”. All the so-called mysteries were solved. That definition also defined the Trinity, Gods Will (Holy Spirit), Jesus, Soul Eternity, and literally everything pertaining to our temporal and eternal life. That philosophy is spelled out completely in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific, and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. Anyone who reads it will certainly be provoked to a “realistic”, and irrefutable philosophically sound understanding. It will definitely provoke an attitude of “dismay” among many, as they realize how they have been duped in the past, as I was,  by self-serving religion. My philosophy, based on that clear definition of God, promotes a concept of spirituality among all. It shows how erroneous and self-serving religion/ideology is (money, power control[influence]). It rips off that terrible “blanket of guilt” thrown over everyone by religion. It frees our souls to recognize our truly Loving God. It shows how each of us is imbued with that same loving image of our Creator Supreme Being. It recognizes the universality of God’s Love. It shows conclusively how Jesus accepted the yoke of sacrificial death for salvation of every entity in existence. Finally, it shows that our “only” justifiable prayed is “Thank You Lord God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (Gods Will ). Amen. With that understanding, I have called for recognition and acceptance of the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY; the “only way to peace”. My book is available Amazon, Kindle ET AL.  All comments welcomed.  handg@comcast.net

NOISE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngNOISE- What a wonderful word to describe the chaos evident in our world today,  forever in the past, and predictably, as far as the “eye can see”, in the future. The singular cause of all this confusion and hostility is ideology and/or religion which has existed throughout all of recorded history. The development of all those differing “religions” was based on mythological understandings of a deity(s). There was literally no known science. Consequently, each world society, in turn, attempted to ascribe higher powers to what they could observe; the “flat” earth, the sun and stars. They developed  systems of deities and beliefs based on mythological concepts of those entities. Later on, the Jews developed their Religion (ideology), based on their concept of “creation”. Their system of understanding included a singular God who was predictably kind or hostile to them according to their activities. However, they believed without doubt that they could “bargain” with their God. They even went so far as to create housing for Him called The Holy Of Holies. Their picture of paradise, Adam and Eve, Original sin, expulsion, torment, and eventual death included a scheme of recreation of paradise by a Messiah who was to come by way of the birth of a God-man frrom a virgin impregnated by the Holy Spirit. This God-man was the Son of God Who was to instantly rearrange the earth into a new paradise just for them. They were God’s chosen people; to hell with everyone else. Their God was Vengeful; if he liked them , He would kill their enemy, but if they sinned, He would show His anger by sending all sorts of punishments; floods, pestilence of all sorts, famine, defeat in wars etc. They bargained with Him incessantly; tit for tat. When Jesus, the Messiah finally did appear, He didn’t meet their specifications at all. He started talking about Love. He even gave women some credit for being people worthy of consideration, an idea completely foreign to the Israelites. They wanted to know when He was going to “restore the kingdom”, and when He told them that the Kingdom of God was spread all over the earth; they simply couldn’t see it and couldn’t understand. He really caused consternation when He told them he had to die, but that He would be back. After his death all sorts of stories and beliefs about when and how that was to happen arose. It reached a “fever pitch” three centuries later, when differing factions were fighting like “cats and dogs” about who was correct in their assessment. That situation prompted the Roman Emperor, Constantine to call a council at Nicaea. Those people were supposed to be working, supporting the empire. Instead, they were fighting constantly and not contributing to the economy. Constantine was a Pagan, and the official state religion of the Roman empire was a pagan religion called Mythraism. Constantine realized that he couldn’t gracefully force the followers of Jesus to cooperate with one another. So at the council, he commissioned them to form a religion of their liking; it would be the “official religion of the Roman Empire”. Any dissenters had two choices; beheading or exile. That they did, and, consequently,  another man-made religion was born. As would be expected, any such religion, being imperfect in its original conception, but more importantly, being administered by “very imperfect” people, eventually began to fragment. So that, so-called, Christianity has evolved into is 33,000 different versions of Jesus and His teachings. Any house built on a weak foundation is bound to tumble. In the process of tumbling and fragmenting, it has created a constant “noise” of unreal proportions. In the meantime, Mohamed appeared on the scene and created the religion of Islam. As might be expected, the end result of all that was the constant, unbelievably “loud noise” of wars on end. So what are we to do? One would think that “rational” people would come together in compromising attitude,  resolve their differences peacefully and calm the noise. That has not been nor ever will be the case for one simple reason; not a single one of them knows God. None of them has actually defined the “essence” of a Supreme Being”. They all speak of One, but none has defined its Essence. So the noise has reached a “fever pitch” with threats of major nuclear war and destruction of every living thing on this planet. Recognizing this chaotic situation prompted me to offer a solution. You might ask “who in the hell”are you that you think you can solve the problem? And I answer, I am a “rational human being fashioned after the rationality of my Creator”, who is not afraid to offer a solution. That I have done in my powerful little philosophy book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to understanding God and the Universe. In my book I have quelled the noise by offering a concrete, irrefutable definition of the Essence of God. That definition explains all and solves all. It recognizes the most important, heretofore unrecognized, concept that everything in creation is made of identically the same quanta of energy; that each quantum is perfect in form and function; there is not a single quantum in existence now that was not always. That perfection demands a Perfect Creator and as such must be imprinted with the image of it’s Creator, the Holy Will (Spirit) of God. When every human comes to accept the concept that each of us is imprinted with that same, identical Image thereby making all of us sisters and brothers, the noise will disappear and Peace will prevail. Therefore I have called for the recognition of the World-wide Communion Of Spirituality by all peoples;  the absolute only way to peace. If you think that concept to be irrational, so be it; the NOISE will continue; destruction is inevitable. However, if you think my concept has merit and deserves consideration, my little book is a must read for complete understanding. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL  All comments welcomed. Please calm the NOISE before it’s too late.  handg@comcast.net

GRASP- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngGRASP- This “post”word of the day, used as a verb, means “to seize and hold tightly”; use as a noun, it means” to have a firm grip or hold onto something”. Frequently it is used to imply understanding or lack thereof. For instance we may hear someone say, “she doesn’t have a clue; she just cant grasp it”. In any event, it may be used to imply a physical hold onto something or a mental (intellectual) understanding of some principle or idea. In my many years of observing people’s reactions to their stated “religious” preferences, I have found that most seem to have a very loose grasp on the explicit rules (canons) of their religion. Most seem be very emphatic about certain principles, while ignoring others. For instance, I often hear many of my Catholic friends say “I know I’m supposed to go to Church every Sunday, but I don’t think it’s “that” necessary; or I have heard many of my protestant friends, especially in bygone days, say ” we’re not supposed to drink hard liquor, but I don’t think an occasional martini hurts anything”. The truth is that most  have been indoctrinated to have a firm grasp of their religion’s principles; any breech is sinful and imparts guilt, and may even condemn them to hell. In spite of their rigorous indoctrination, they grasp a sense of unreasonableness and/or irrationality in their instruction, and thereby feel free to ignore certain parts of it. In fact, different principles may be involved at different times. However, just start an “argument” about religion and those same individuals will “fight to the death” defending their religion. Each seemingly has a firm grasp on the principles of his/her religion, but a lose grasp on their application. So we see a big problem. What we have in the Christian community is basically two “camps”, the Sacrificial Christians, and the Biblical Christians. The Sacrificial Christians cling to the notion that Jesus” sacrificial death was not sufficient for our salvation; they must offer additional sacrifice; somehow, some way, they must appease an “angry” God. That is accomplished by the priest offering the “un-bloody sacrifice” of Jesus during the Mass, and by the faithful in the form of fasting, abstaining from eating meat on prescribes days, prayers of confession and petition etc. Even then, they have no assurance of their salvation. Strict Biblical Christians, on the other hand, seem to believe that grasping the ultimate meaning of every word in the bible is essential. In addition, and more importantly, being “born again” is of paramount importance. They cling to the principle that no one can enter the “gates” of heaven without first accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Grasping and holding on tightly to that undying principle is absolutely mandatory. Then, of course, as is the usual wont, there are the “Tweeners”; those who dabble in a little of both worlds. They may be likened to someone “grasping for straw” in a hurricane. Seemingly, they are unable to grasp the rationality of either camp. On the “other side of the world”, we have Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews and many others grasping for Truth in various ways, but none of them in harmony with Christianity nor any of their counterparts. All of this has, from “time eternal”, created a boiling cauldron of distrust, hostilities and perpetual wars. Grasping this big picture of turmoil, and recognizing its basic cause compelled me to attempt to solve the problem. The problem, itself, was laid out on the table in plain form for everyone to see. However, either no one has grasped the context of the problem, or no one has had a suitable solution. Oh many petty solutions were and still are being offered (socialism, communism, theocracy, etc.), but none has been acceptable nor solutionary. I, personally, contemplated that problem for seventy years before the solution became obvious. Each piece of the puzzle had a very odd shape, and seemingly would be impossible to fit together. Suddenly, as though a lightening bolt hit me, I grasped the solution. God must be defined. There, obviously, were as many concepts of God as there were people who accepted Its existence. No one but no one had ever defined the “essence” of God. It became my task. Being a scientist of sorts allowed me to open my mind to various considerations. For instance, the Trinity God and how and why that was possible. Who or what was the Holy Spirit and what did that Spirit do? It all came together  clearly when I grasped a firm, concrete, rational, irrefutable definition of God’s Essence. I realized instantly that all the peoples of the world were, in fact, worshiping the same Supreme Being; There can be only One Supreme Being. The Spirit of that Being must reside in every particle of energy  of which everything in existence is made. Otherwise, nothing could be without the Spirit (Will ) of God attaining and maintaining it with a Perfect Grasp.Therefore, every human that has ever existed or ever will exist, is imprinted with that same Spirit. We then automatically become spiritual brothers and sisters. Why are we fighting? Because we all have been imbued with a “death-hold” grasp  onto an irrational concept of our Creator. Advocating for world peace prompted me to call for recognition and acceptance of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. Maintaining a firm grasp on that concept is the only way to peace. You must read my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry- A Scientific And Philosophical Approach To  Understanding God And The Universe. By defining the Essence of God, I am able to remove all the so-called mystery from our lives. I have developed a complete, irrefutable philosophy base solely on that Essential definition of God. It covers every aspect of our existence, both temporal and Eternal. If you are ever to “grasp” a realistic understanding of your existence, this book is an absolute “must” read. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  All comments welcomed.  handg@comcast.net


CAPTIVATING-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCAPTIVATING- This “post” word of the day means to capture one’s attention or imagination; charm, bewitch, enrapture etc. Likely, each of us has been captivated many times in our lives. Merchandise presented in an alluring manner is a common method used for promoting sales. We find the beauty of fresh flowers growing in a neat bed as very captivating. Influences flourish everywhere in our daily lives in an attempt to lure us in one direction or another. One of the most common settings for attempted captivation is a “revival” such as those  for which the famous late Billy Graham was noted. Papal audiences are possibly the most captivating of all. Every evangelist, preacher and/or priest world-wide, makes a ‘pitch” at captivating us with some oration. In the realm of so-called Christianity, that message is usually  an attempt at drama of some sort for purposes of holding our attention and influence peddling. Almost every Sunday morning, my priest begins his homily about that days biblical readings by saying something like this; “I’ll tell you what these readings mean to me”, or “these readings are hard to accept, but here’s how I interpret them”. I love honesty. He freely admits that someone else may have a somewhat different interpretation and/or understanding. However, when it gets down to the basic liturgical ritual, there is no deviation, that is in the Roman Catholic Church. In the Byzantine Rite, there is gross deviation from RCC ritual, as there is in all other “Catholic” rituals. While i’m not real conversant with other denominational rituals, I have attended many and no two resemble any other. I suspect that reflects an intent of the preacher to present as captivating service as possible. For what purpose? Obviously, to project his/her views on the audience. The problem arises when we realize that each of those preachers teach and preach about a subject(s) with differing interpretations and intensity. Each of them is trying desperately hard to influence us; each using the same “text book”, but each reaching differing conclusions. It is a captivating thought indeed when we realize that there are 33,000 so-called Christian denominations in the world, each with many, maybe thousands of priests and preachers, and each of those expounding about a person named Jesus and literally no two saying the same thing.How can that be? Because even in the “text book” they use, the bible, Jesus is presented in many differing ways. At times, He is presented as teaching Love as Paul proclaimed; at other times, He preaches hellfire and damnation. How is that possible? I believe without doubt it is the result of the perpetual alteration of the bible by biased authors. Their obvious intent in alteration is to captivate an audience and induce it to “their way” of thinking.The basic problem arises when we realize that seemingly no on knew nor wanted to know who Jesus really was. Their juvenile idea of a human-like God sitting on a throne, with whom they could bargain, no longer prevailed. Jesus told them about a different kind of God. They didn’t like nor want that message; so they killed the messenger. It’s no different today; if burning at the stake were still legal, most of us would long since have been reduced to ashes. It is an astonishingly captivating thought to realize that even through we call ourselves a “Christian” nation, no two of us know the same Jesus. Were like a bunch of hibernating snakes; “I wont bite you if you wont bite me”. But we awaken and we do bite. We are not Christian at all. We all are competing with the most captivating passage and influence we can muster, and why? Money, Power, Control (influence). Size does not determine who’s right, only who wins. Observing all this confusion, distortion, and extortion, compelled me to attempt solution to this massive problem. I began with recognition of the basic problem; no one had ever defined the essence of God. In defining the “essence” of God, it became captivatingly evident to me that the spirit (Holy Spirit) of God by necessity had to be imprinted on everything in existence. As such everything is united by a common spirituality. All peoples, Hindus, Muslims, Jews Buddhists, Christians and all others worship the same Supreme Being. That concept is justification for my call for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of  Spirituality,. We all are sisters ans brothers. As such, we must stop fighting. It’s our only way to peace. I have published my complete, irrefutable philosophy in a little book, Wilderness Cry-A Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. I encourage each of you to read it. Bet you’ll find it captivating. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL, All comments welcomed.   handg@comcast.net


Wonder- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt Md

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngWONDER- Wonder is a word that is commonly used, often times routinely, without much thought. For instance one might say, ‘ it a wonder he didn’t get killed in that wreck”. Or, “I wonder where he was all night”. Then, of course we have its use to imply something startling such as “the seven wonders of the world”. In general it implies some level of inquisitiveness or surprise. In my case, being a perpetual philosopher concerning the science of our existence and how that could relate to a Supreme Being, I am in a constant state of wonderment encompassing both inquiry and amazement at the magnitude of our universe, and how that Being “operates”. I am keenly aware that the  many cultures world-wide, who recognizing such a Being, have labeled it with different names and attributes. Hindus call It By several names, Brahma being one of the most common; Muslims call It Allah; Buddhists label It Buddha; Jews, Yahweh; Christians, God. The name is meaningless when we consider that It is the One and Only Supreme Being. The wonderment is startling when one considers the magnitude and capacity of Its Perfect Intellect which imagined such an incomprehensible creation. The wonderment increases when one considers the fact that all of our “visible” creation is actually made from identical and perfect particles (quanta) of energy which, of course, we cannot see. Yet we know from scientific observation that they exist in perfect form and function. Science also shows us that there is “nothing new under the sun”, meaning that there is not a single quantum of energy in existence now that was not there at the moment of creation. Our Supreme Being Created those particles with Its unimaginable Will (Holy Spirit) and maintains the perfection of each by that same Spirit. In doing so It commissioned each quantum to perform perfectly and perpetually until and if recalled. In “going about their business” in perfect fashion, they have gradually evolved into the universe we know today. We are able by scientific inference to actually observe the process almost from its beginning. What a wonderment!!! . The net result is an entire universe of selfish  entities. Selfishness is a “necessary evil” for the universe to function. If there were no selfishness, there would be no need; if no need, there would be no change; if no change there would be no time (time is a measurement of change); and, of course, if there were no time, there would be only Eternity; Eternity being a state of being (existence) without time (change).  Selfishness is defined as anything directed at self. So, since everything in existence is changing constantly, everything in existence may be defined as evil because of its selfishness. That, of course includes us. Our wonderment is magnified to the intellectual extreme when we consider Jesus. Genius Jesus was keenly aware of God’s imprint on everything including Himself. He could see clearly that everything in existence is a reflection of its Creator. He sensed with “dire wonderment” His obligation of paying the price for the universal evil of selfishness. He understood clearly that since he was the only one to see the “big picture”, He had to be the Messiah; He had to be the Christ, the Anointed, the Chosen One. It is indeed a wonder that He so willingly submitted to the task. As our brother and representative, He willing accepted the challenge. In doing so, He freed us from the shackles of our selfishness and guaranteed our eternal union with our Creator, Supreme Being. WHAT A STARTLING WONDER. My powerful little book, Wilderness Cry explains this philosophy in all its ramifications. That concept leads directly to recognition that each of us are imprinted with the Spirit of our Creator. We are all  sisters and brothers united in the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. As such we must stop fighting and finally realize the Wonder of Peace. It is the only way. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL  All comments welcomed.  handg@comcast.net

UNCOMPROMISING- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngUNCOMPROMISING- Now here is a word that “says it all”. It means an unwillingness to relinquish any part of a position for purposes of reaching  a common agreement (acceptance). Here in the USA, we see that attitude played out on our political scene routinely. Its a rarity to see real compromise between “liberals” and “conservatives”. Even on issues where they basically agree, they refuse to compromise “on principle alone”. There’s an old saying, “he cut his nose off to spite his face”, that aptly applies.. In the world of ideologies and religion, we wittiness the same, identical uncompromising attitude. Seemingly, absolutely no one is willing to “give an inch” when considering concepts of God, religious practices, and/or ideological views. That situation leads to relentless wars and discord. I understand that human nature (selfishness), being what it is, inclines us all in that direction. However, there comes a time when common rationality must come to the forefront if life of any kind is to survive. I sincerely believe we are at that crossroads now. In former days, wars were settled by one side killing more enemy than they killed of you. I personally have lived through two major wars and many smaller ones in a short 84 years. Even now we are in the midst of a war ongoing for sixteen plus years. It is obvious that, for the most part, world leaders, both civil and religious, are “dug in” with an uncompromising attitude. Why is that? I believe it has to do with unwillingness to give up Power, Money, Control (influence). Likely, leaders will never make meaningful compromise on their own; it mist be mandated from “grass-roots” up. How would that work? In my judgement, it can come about only through determining, recognizing, and accepting the “least common denominator” of our common universal spirituality. My philosophy mandates that there is and can be only “ONE SUPREME BEING”; you are free to call that Being by any name you wish but “a rose by any other name is still a rose”. So we may call that Being Brahma, Buddha, Yahweh, Allah, God or whatever. A name in no way changes the nature of that Being. With that in mind, it is obvious that the Spirit of that singular Being permeates everything in existence. Otherwise, it could not “be”. Therefore, I have called for recognition and acceptance of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. We no longer then would be uncompromising, but rather compromising in the recognition of our common Spirituality with our Creator Supreme Being. It would make no difference then how we worship, implore or thank that Being so long as we did not demean others in their style or method of worship. Personally, I know very little about the explicit of any world religion other than Christianity. Even in Christianity with there being 33,000 different versions, I don’t know explicitly anything about any other version except my own. However, during my 84 plus years, I have witnessed considerable intolerance ( prejudice), among various “Christian” religious sects. That situation, of course, is a prime example if the uncompromising position taken by various religious leaders. Just two days ago I read an extensive article, written by some author unknown to me, unmercifully criticizing Billy Graham for his stance on Ecumenism. Billy was accused of rubbing elbows with the Pope; an unforgivable sin. So, whilst it seems that most are at general peace with each other, there remains some  element of uncompromising attitude among Christians; “I’m right and you are dead wrong and are going straight to hell”. Peace can never be attained with that continuing attitude. We must recognize our “Common Spirituality” and stop fighting with each other. If we can’t “keep our own house in order”, how can we expect the other great religions of the world to honor and respect us? I personally don’t care what “religion” you practice or even of you  practice none at all, or if you don’t believe in a Supreme Being, we are mandated to love (accept) each other for peace sake; Jesus did. By defining our Supreme Being, I have been able to define all It’s Attributes (Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and literally everything concerning both out temporal and eternal existence). My powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, explains all in irrefutable scientific and philosophic terms; Amazon,