THWART- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTHWART means to obstruct, prevent, get in the way of etc. Throughout history we have seen many instances of legitimate thwarting such as the Allied forces prohibiting Hitler and Hirohito in their efforts to conquer the world. On the other hand, we have seen many instances of illegitimate thwarting of science because of mythical religious beliefs. One gross example was the Inquisition forcing Galileo to retract his scientific discovery that the sun was the center of our known universe and not the earth, which had been held as biblical truth and enforced by threat of burning at the stake or beheading. Another was the pope’s persistence in enforcing similar penalties for those implying the earth was not flat, even three years after Vasco de Gama sailed around the earth proving it to be round. The so-called “dark ages” were a period in our history when any attempt at scientific understanding of our existence was thwarted by the church. Instead, the church kept pounding all sorts of “evil” beliefs and regulations onto its constituents. Of the more notable, were the Crusades; the Inquisitions with their irrational belief and accusations concerning witches, as well as their prohibition against legitimate sexual relations; the buying and selling of “indulgences” (a device to shorten the time spent burning in purgatory) so as to fatten the Vatican coffers; the list goes on______. All of those activities were done in a desperate effort to “contain the herd” and thwart any attempt at bolting. All of those efforts were justified by a religious belief based on the Old Testament which promoted a vengeful, demanding God who would torment you unmercifully and even kill you for breach of His commandments. That same God would shower you with all sorts of worldly goods and powers if you were “perfect”. That church, which pretended to be fashioned after Jesus ostensibly thwarted the most basic of Jesus’ teachings, LOVE. Jesus would not “harm a flea”. Nowhere is he presented as promoting violence. Yet that church with its schizoid approach churned on, and the resultant chaos is evident. World-wide we now have at least 33.000 so-called Christian denominations, each claiming authenticity. Jesus’ efforts have been thwarted one hundred per-cen. Not a single one of those 33,000 I’m aware of teaches Love as their singular dictum. Each, in turn, is based either on a cultist ritual, or on pounding  the juice out of each and every word of that same book which promotes a “vengeful” God, or both: all for Power, Money, Control. And the beat goes on. Our entire earth is in eminent danger of “total annihilation” because of the total discord of its inhabitants. In previous days the tools for total extermination of every living thin did not exist. In our efforts to thwart the WW2 aggressors, we created those devices. Their universal proliferation has put the entire planet in “grave danger”. One false move by a deranged ideologue will trigger the end. If there ever was a time in  our history when “Armageddon” was upon us, it’s now. It is extremely unlikely that it will be heeded, but I have offered a clear “solution” to this disastrous problem in my little book Wilderness Cry. In presenting a definitive, irrefutable, scientific philosophy of God and His universe, I offer a “train to peace”. Likely few will board. It is, however, our only “escape hatch”. My philosophy recognizes that our Creator is A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. As such It is Perfect LOVE, thereby precluding any possibility of Hell. It guarantees our eternal joy with our Creator by the death of Jesus. Jesus despised religion as He clearly shows throughout the Book. Therefore religion is not legitimate. What is legitimate is recognition that everything God created bears Its’  image, the Holy Spirit. Therefore everything is “spiritually” connected. We are not legitimately allowed to fight; we must love (accept) one another. Therefore I have called for recognition and acceptance of the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. Its our only way to peace. Please do not thwart a legitimate “peace effort” by continuing down the same path to destruction. GOD’s WILL BE DONE.  Amazon, Kindle Et Al.  all comments welcomes.

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