RUSH- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngRush means to act in a hurry, typically implying action without deliberate thought or preparation. It is exemplified routinely in the everyday activities of most people. Seemingly, there are not enough hours in a day to comfortably accommodate our desired or required activities. Hence, we frequently act without adequate preparation, and oftentimes with undesired and/or disastrous consequences. Anyone seen acting slowly and deliberately might be considered slothful or even lazy in todays hustle and bustle climate. However, the old saying “haste makes waste” still applies, maybe now more-so than ever. We have so many more “tools of distraction” such as cell phones, lap-top pc’s, in-auto video players, etc., and, more importantly, they are being used in faster “tools of destruction”, automobiles, by people in way too big of a rush. All too frequently, both lives and limbs are lost forever. An average of nearly 40,000 lives are lost in automobile crashes in US annually. Of course, not all are due to rushing. Many are related to drug and alcohol misuse. Those stats are alarming and disheartening, to say the least, but they pale in the face of the number of friendships lost, and reputations ruined by the “rush to judgement” about someone or their activities. Sadly, those perpetrating those atrocities frequently are “good church going” people. How is that possible? I have a theory by which to explain that malady. I am impressed by how religion in general perpetually scorns people by telling them constantly how sinful and bad they are. That perpetual demeaning sets up  inner feelings of guilt, anxiety and/or hostility. Without their even realizing it, people automatically feel they can exonerate themselves by making someone else look bad/worse. It’s an innate psychological ploy. It’s as “old as the hills”; starts in the book of Genesis, and ends with Apocalypse. There’s only one place in the Bible where we are given “explicit” directives for code of conduct, and that place typically is ignored by every preacher on earth. That place is in Mark’s Gospel where Jesus gives us two specific commands which encompasses all others; Love your God with your all, and Love your neighbor as yourself  (paraphrased). The reason those directives are ignored by preachers is simple. Those directive are in no way demeaning. Without being able to demean you and threaten you with eternal torment, preachers would have no hold on you; they would no longer be able to extort your hard-earned money. You wouldn’t  need them to show you how to love, although an occasional reminder wouldn’t hurt. The point is, there’s no Power, Money, nor Control in  Love. So my advice to you is this; ignore your preacher’s condemnation; concentrate on God’s eternal, Perfect Love. Rush not to judgement about anyone nor anything. Your life will be filled with joy and peace. If you would like a complete elucidation of my irrefutable philosophy, calmly go to any major on-line book retailer and order my little book, Wilderness Cry- A Scientific And Philosophical Approach To Understanding God And The Universe. Its only $10.95; it will be worth millions to you. All comments welcomed.

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