PERFECT-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPERFECT-(6) in this installment we will discuss God’s Perfect Love which may be defined as acceptance without conditions. If God’s love required conditions, it would not be perfect—it would be un-filled; an impossibility in the realm of perfection. The entire universe(s) is/are a mirror image of their Generator—that Supreme Being we call Allah, Yahweh. Buddha, God, Zeus, Brahma, etc. So God , himself is intrinsically  selfish for a very specific reason—he wants, desires, chooses,  loves  everything for himself. In order to demonstrate and be perfect love, he chose one of his mirror image representatives to execute the deed—enter Jesus the Christ.

I submit to you that Jesus was the most brilliant human or entity of any kind to ever exist in the physical presence.  Even though  he was raised in Nazareth, a town of one hundred or less people with one single dirt street (path) and no school, and he was basically illiterate from an education standpoint, he was an intellectual genius of the highest order. He readily saw through the sanctimonious, hypocritical, belittling image of God that was being portrayed to the world by the Jews—they could actually bargain with God.

Although he had not the foggiest notion of particle physics (quantum mechanics), he was able to see the presence of God  in everything. In the Coptic Gospel of the apostle Thomas, Jesus is quoted as stating directly that, ‘the Kingdom of God is spread out all over the earth and you don’t see it’, paraphrased. With his cousin, John The Baptist, he determined that the Good News (gospel) of God’s perfect love for us must be spread to the entire world—hence the moniker Christ—the Light of the world.

IMG_1065They both knew that they would be killed because of their heretical teaching, but because they recognized that they were mirror images of God, they must persist—Jesus must instruct others to spread the word. It is impossible to determine if he was truly successful because the written word we have has been so terribly corrupted by people with the same attitude as the Jews who killed him. The bible has been written and copied so many times by so many people with an axe to grind  that the real truth is impossible to discern—hence the dozens of different versions  of his words. I ask you simply. “are different versions of the absolute truth possible?” I think not, but those, who for monetary gain, fame and power, would have you believe so.

Knowing that he would be killed (crucified) as a traitor, Jesus worked the obscure, outskirts of society while instructing both his apostles and others in his heretical teachings and understandings of God. Jesus readily understood that in order for God to demonstrate and be  perfect love, a price of retribution must be paid by God, himself—what better target of acceptance in atonement than an entire universe(s) of evil which he, himself created? Jesus knew that he was that sacrificial lamb because he was the only human to recognize it—it befell his fate to pay the price. After three years or so of attempted indoctrination of the public, and seeing that the authorities were closing in on him, he chose to confront them directly—he turned over the High Priests’ money tables all the while calling them hypocrites. Then he made one desperate effort at infusing the truth into the thick-headed, illiterate apostles heads. At his last supper, he told them emphatically that he(God) was in everything and that everything was in God(him). He used the simple bread and wine he had at hand for his proclamation—apples, bananas and pork belly would have served the purpose just as well. So they hung him on a tree until he died—the price was paid—Jesus demonstrated God’s perfect love to the entire world. The Christ, the light of the world was/is shining brightly!

For complete elucidation of these and many, many more concepts, please read my two books, Wilderness Cry-A Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God And The Universe, And Peace in Spirituality. Wilderness Cry gives complete and explicit analysis of God’s identity and activities. It also shows how God has been blindsided by religion. It demonstrates clearly that our only justifiable prayer is thanksgiving. Peace in Spirituality demonstrates clearly all the causes of discord in the world. More importantly, it outlines in clear, unmistakable terms the  only way to permanent peace. Both books published by Covenant Books and available world-wide, hard copy and e-books. A press release and short video trailer for Wilderness Cry are attached—please review.  All comments welcomed.

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Perfect-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPERFECT (5)-as stated before, God created all of the tiny energy particles which he has allowed to develop into a %100 evil universe by virtue of its selfishness. And you may ask in amazement and/or wonderment how or if that can possibly be. Selfishness, you may recall, is anything directed at self. Since we all have been imbued with the notion that selfishness is equilibrated with sin, we may easily overlook the fact that every living thing has many  needs directed at self in order to survive. What society and or religion has dubbed  sin equilibrates to extreme degrees of selfishness. Therein lies the eternal  trap of  judging your neighbor—“he doesn’t need that big house”; “just look at that $1000 dress she’s wearing. She thinks she is big stuff”.—and so on. Just where is the line between absolute basic needs and extreme selfishness. I submit to you that it is a matter of personal interpretation which in itself is a consequence of personality development. Just as no two gross physical entities are identical, neither are any two personalities—similar, yes; identical, no. All physical entities are built of the same identical quanta of energy. Similarly, all personalities are built out of each and every experience our being encounters. They begin with our basic genetic make-up and end at death. In between they are undergoing the gradual evolutionary process of change just as is the entire universe. Therefore, it is philosophically impossible for any two individuals to make the identical interpretation of any occurrence—similar, yes; identical, no. God knows that—he made it to be that way for a very specific reason—Love.

So here we have an entire universe of evil (selfish) things and people all of which a Perfect God has allowed to develop—why; how can that be. Believe it or not the answer to that seeming paradoxical question is rather simple. It has to do with two concepts—Eternity and God’s Perfect Love. We will discuss Eternity and its ramifications today.

How would you define eternity? I would define it very simply—Eternity is a state of being without change. We live in a physical world wherein change is constant and unrelenting. Since we have need of living in harmony with that change, we have seen need to measure that change in increments we can interpret and understand. Those increments of measured change we call time. Time is a measure of change. Since there is no time in eternity, change is impossible—many, many implications. God is Perfect and thereby incapable of change—therefore he exists in eternity. The Catholic Church and its near mimickers teach of Purgatory, a state of being where a soul is tormented for a period of time in order to remove the stain of sin before entering Heaven. Do you, as I do, see the irrationality in that concept? Clearly, it violates two concepts of eternity— both time and change.

Many religious people speak and teach about heaven. They routinely describe it as a place  of eternal bliss where everyone blessed to be there will be running around greeting uncle Joe and Aunt Lilly, gleefully hugging, kissing them and catching up on old times. All of this will be occurring in God’s presence, but more importantly, some will be closer to God (a higher place in heaven) than others. Number one, does that sound selfish to you—it does to me. Number two, would it really matter?—is it possible to be more happy than perfectly happy?—I don’t think so. All of that sounds like mythological garbage to me. Number three, all of that motion and exchange definitely violates concepts of eternity. I believe there is a reality, and it is to be found in God’s Perfect Love.

Quite obviously, when we die, sooner or later we will be reduced to the basic building blocks from whence we came. Those building blocks (quanta) persist in God eternally. Will they have a specific recognizance, separate and distinct from all other entities? I do not know—only God knows that—I hope so.

There— you have two of the three great virtues of which the apostle Paul speaks—Faith that there is a God and Hope that we will persist in that God Eternally.

In my book, Wilderness Cry I show how everything in this universe is selfish. All living things have needs of nutrition and space. All inanimate things have needs of space and motion and are constantly attempting to displace each other for self accommodation. In my next installment, I will discuss God’s Perfect Love—enter Jesus.

In the meantime, I will continue to insert Covenant Books Press Release and Video trailer for Wilderness Cry and eagerly look forward to the day when both are available for Peace in Spirituality.

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Perfect-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPerfect (4): Today I want to address God’s Perfect Intellect. Recognizing that “perfect” demands the concept of nothing lacking, then we are compelled to accept the philosophical fact that absolutely nothing of any kind has ever happened nor will ever happen without the foreknowledge of God’s Perfect Intellect. This acknowledgement would cause many to accuse me of being a predeterminist— not so fast. I had this same identical conversation with a devout Christian three years ago. He had made the same erroneous assertion. I explained to him why he was in error in his assertion. I said, “Sir, you are sitting there in my chair talking to me. I know just as certain as I know my name that before this day is over, you will leave my house, dead or alive, hopefully alive. So, my knowing that  fact, does not in any way incriminate me in its causing”. “Oh” he said, “I see. God knows what we will do, but he is not making us do it. He is allowing us to do it.” “Absolutely correct”, I responded–he was relived.

Even that concept has far-reaching implications. We have already observed that everything in this universe is  evil by virtue of its  selfishness. You may shriek in horror at such a suggestion. How could a perfect God create or allow to be created an entire universe of evil? Believe it or not, I pondered that question also. Then suddenly  the  light came on again.—it has to do with God’s Perfect love. That will be the subject of my next correspondence.

In the meantime, back to God’s perfect intelligence. Is it possible to imagine an intellect so astute as to be right in the middle of orchestrating every nuclear reaction, of which there are an inestimable number occurring simultaneously in all the suns of the universe, or to be  riding herd, so to speak on every earthquake, volcano, hurricane, tornado—again an inestimable number? I can’t imagine, but I know it is true. How about every snowflake, drop of rain or every shimmering grain of sand? By the way, astute scientists have estimated that there are more suns in the universe that grains of sand on all the earth’s beaches. Can you imagine that?—I  can’t. And there is a perfect intelligence that imagined, created and keeps track of each and every one!

It is, in fact, impossible for our miniscule human minds to imagine such—we can know it is true from what we observe, but we cannot possibly grasp a visual of it–such is the magnitude of our God!

Again. I will refer you to my two books published by Covenant Books and available worldwide both hardcopy and e-books, Wilderness Cry, and Peace in Spirituality. Understanding that not everyone reads all of my posts, I will insert Covenant Books Press Release, and a short video trailer about Wilderness Cry. Please take a moment to review them.

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Perfect-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L. Hunt M.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPerfect: Since we now know that everything in this universe is made of identical tiny indivisible particles of energy collectively known as quanta, and since we know that each of its kind is identical to its counterparts, and since we know that not one more nor less is in existence since the Big Bang, and since we know that each is perfect in form and function, we are now entitled to assume that a perfect rationality designed and maintains them that way. Mankind, throughout the centuries, has called that Rationality by literally dozens, maybe hundreds of names—some of the more common modern names are God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Buddha. Each of these designations represent mans attempt to name their supreme being in contra- distinction to other’s supreme beings. Unwittingly, each group was identifying with the same being but didn’t recognize it—the reason being that no one had defined its essence. My definition of that Being’s essence makes clear that they are all one and the same.

With that in mind we are now free to examine some attributes (accidents) of that Being. Before beginning those discussions, I want to lay a couple of ground-rules. 1-that Supreme Being has no sex, so, properly should be referred to as It; however, since we live in a patristic society, in an attempt to “hurt no one’s ears”, I’ll go with the program and call it “him”. 2- since the word God is universally understood, I shall refer to that Supreme Being as God, but in no way belittling other common designations.

One of the most readily recognizable attributes of God is power. Consider this, the universe is filled with billions/trillions of star aggregates known as galaxies and each galaxy is filled with billions/trillions of stars (suns) most of which are millions/billions of miles apart. Light traveling at the rate of 186,000miles/second takes 100,000 years to traverse our Milky Way galaxy alone. It is doubtful there is a human mind which can visualize the magnitude of even one galaxy to say nothing of the entire universe. Yet there is a God who created and maintains perfect each and every quantum of energy which makes up our universe—some great big, powerful God. We cannot even begin such a visualization—we have no reference points.

One might unwittingly say that such a powerful God could do “anything”—not so fast; remember our God is perfect and what does perfect mean?  It mean unchanging and unchangeable. There goes miracles out the window. A miracle refers to an unnatural change in the course of events—not possible in God’s world. So in my understanding, all of the so-called miracles we have been exposed to represent nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of people who do/did not know God—that realization is an unbelievably terrible hurt. Grant you, there have been many seemingly inexplicable events throughout history. One of the most common is the spontaneous resolution of a cancer. There is a scientific explanation and it usually has to do with undetected activity of that person’s immune system—on the surface, it seems like a miracle—in reality, it is simply God’s little workers doing their thing in secrecy (not detectable or at least not detected by medical science).

The basic truth is this—God made one and only one  creation and that is the tiny quanta of energy which make up everything. Those particles have various names and functions. However, each of its kind is perfect in both form and function. Since the moment of the Big bang, each quantum has done its job unceasingly and perfectly. Therefore, what some call evolution in the visible world, I tend to think of as God’s continuing creation. The basic building blocks remain the same but their application produce everchanging results. In the visible world it would be likened to using ten million bricks with accompanying mortar to build all sorts of different structures—the buildings all look different and have differing uses and purposes, but the are all made of identically the same bricks. That is God’s way. Much, much more to come.

I will remind you of my extensive writings on this subject in my two books, Wilderness Cry  and Peace in Spirituality—both published by Covenant Books and available world-wide both hard-copy and e-books. Press Release and video trailer for Wilderness Cry attached.

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Perfect-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt M.D.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPerfect: as promised, here is the next installment. Let us examine in detail each word in the definition of God’s essence. In this instance, when we say God, it is mandated that we accept the concept of  a God’s existence—the only faith  required (mind you I’m using the word God for convenience. That word encompasses all named and unnamed deities—a rose by any other name is still a rose).

When we say  is, that means God is always in the  ever present, not yesterday nor tomorrow.

A means singular, not multiple—triune in nature by philosophical mandate (I’ll elaborate on that later) but singular.

Perfect simply means complete and unchangeable—the ramifications of that concept are far, far reaching regarding our relationship with God.

Rational—the attributes of rationality are two; an intellect which perceives, and a will (spirit) which achieves. That understanding in the supernatural realm not only allows for but mandates  a concept of Trinity—more on that later.

Being refers to its existence.

So, now that we have defined the language in our definition of God’s essence, we are free to explore  the myriad ramifications of their meanings. Let us begin with an understanding of Trinity. As alluded to before, the concept of perfect intelligence mandates Trinity God. Allow me to draw you a simple graphic verbal picture. Ask yourself a simple question. What would a Perfect Intellect reflect upon? Quite obviously, something perfect, if available. The only perfect thing in existence is itself—so God looks inward (reflects) upon itself and what does it see?—a mirror image of itself, just as you see when you look into a mirror. Since everything in the supernatural is living, that mirror image is a real live being just as its generator—the second person of the Trinity. So now we have two Perfect intellects viewing each other. What choice do they have except to accept, choose, love, will each other. Could something Perfect not love something Perfect?—I think not. Since that perpetual loving, choosing, accepting, willing each other carries the image of its generators, it is identical  to them—it is the Holy Spirit, the Will of God—the third person of Trinity.

  So there you have a very clear graphic of the Trinity—the so-called mystery   of the Trinity has been abolished. Because of your previous indoctrination you might say in legitimate response, “well I thought Jesus was the second person of the Trinity”. And I say Jesus was the representative of you and me and everything in creation, all of which represent the reflection of the Perfect Intellect of God—a very important subject for another day. You may find a thorough explanation of these and many, many other important concepts in our lives with which we have been oppressed in my two books, Wilderness Cry, and Peace in Spirituality. Both available world-wide on-line, both hardcopy and e-books. Both published by Covenant Books. A Press release and video trailer for Wilderness Cry are attached. Similar communications will soon be available for Peace in Spirituality.

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Perfect-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt M.D.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPerfect: today, I’m beginning a short series of presentations on the word perfect, it’s implications and applications especially as applied to God and his universe(s). The word itself is defined as absolute; complete; free from faults or defects; lacking in nothing; unchangeable. Throughout all ages, mankind has recognized a “higher power” which has been given many, many names by various societies and cultures—some of the more commonly known include God, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Brahma, Venus, Zeus, Aphrodite, Hades, Poseidon, Diana, Mars, Minerva, Ceres, etc. All of these gods have one thing in common—they were considered to be the absolute authority and/or power in their individual domains. During the course of my seventy or so years of serious inquiry and investigation, I gradually concluded that all of these entities had one thing in common—they were absolutely mythical because not one of their subjects could even begin to define their essence. History has shown that many, many great minds, philosophers and theologians of all sorts and descriptions have recognized the miniscule, inept and insufficient understanding of their god. Each, in turn, has made a desperate attempt to add definitive meaning to their deities—each has failed miserably. I am currently following with astonishing amusement the daily writings of one in particular. My favorite saying is “it’s like watching a blind man hunt for the North Star”, or to use a more familiar saying, “It’s like hunting for a needle in a haystack”. My insatiable, unrelenting quest for that definitive answer of “who or what God really is” has caused and allowed my mind to think “outside the box”, and that endeavor has demanded that I connect the dots that I see in creation and link them directly with their creator. Even though I am a physician (orthopedic surgeon), I have had an extreme extracurricular interest in psychology, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and Quantum Mechanics (particle physics). Those two disciplines have given me extreme insight into how both the human personality and everything in the universe are  constructed.. Those understandings allowed me to observe that everything in the universe is “perfect” in form and function  and, contrarily, everything in the universe is “evil” by virtue of its selfishness. As one observes seeming absolute facts, conclusions are mandated. So, if everything is perfect in form and function, it is therefore logical to assume that a perfect intelligence designed , created, and maintains their perfection. Then, as Irwin Russell, a nineteenth century poet said in his poem The First Banjo, “how wuz he gwine to string it?”, the mighty question rises as to how/why would a perfectly good God create a perfectly evil universe? That question will be answered in a future post. For right now we will concern ourselves with the eternal unanswered question, “what is the essence of God?”. Believe it or not the answer to that question is so obvious. I am literally astonished  that no scientist, nor anyone else before me has defined God’s essence. I suspect that most scientists are so directed by stovepipe vision that they can’t let their minds wander to such topics. Ill admit it took me sixty or so years before the “lights came on”. When they did, the brilliance was overwhelming—how could I have been so blind for so long? Just as in Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, when the light comes on the cure is instant, in this case, when the light came on regarding God’s essence, instantly all questions, all mysteries, all dilemmas were resolved. All superstitions were eliminated. No question was left unresolved. What a marvelous, glorious moment—God had been exposed. I was able and mandated to define the essence of God with six, simple, irrefutable words— God is a Perfect Rational Being. In future posts, I will explain in detail the definition and ramifications of each of those word . In the meantime, I would encourage you to read both of my books, 1- Wilderness Cry- a Scientific And Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe, and 2- Peace in Spirituality. Both books published by Covenant Books and available both from me or on-line at all vendors both hardcopy and e-books. A video trailer and press release for Wilderness Cry is attached–similar media will soon be available for Peace in Spirituality. All comments and/or questions welcomed.

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Persecution-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.


r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullDoes the word persecution bring chills of terror to your being?—it does mine. Have/are you guilty of persecution—I have been unwittingly—hopefully not now. It has frequently been said that with age comes wisdom which, in itself, comes from education, observation, soul-searching and inner honesty. As we mature in life many of us ask questions about old habits of thought, feelings and activities—wisdom allows us to answer those questions correctly thereby reducing and/or eliminating the persecutory attitude we have demonstrate for years. Most people nowadays are familiar with all sorts of religious, political and racial persecution both from the beginning of recorded history up until today. If you ask the average person on the street who professes a religion if he/she persecutes, I would venture to say a strong denial would be the response. However, if one engages that person in a conversation regarding religious beliefs and foundations, almost instinctively a confrontational presence will appear—even more-so with political discussions—less so now with racial discussions. Why do you suppose that is? I think it is a hold-over from remote modern times when overt persecutions by the majority in control were the norm—hence the discovery and settlement of the United States Of America. But even that attempt at escaping persecution in a “perfectly free” nation didn’t stem the tide completely. Various Protestant and Catholic factions viewed each other with a disdainful jaundiced eye–they still do but usually with rather smug attitude of acceptance. However not a single one is willing to give the other full quarter. Isn’t that perpetual attitude a form of civil, mental and emotional ill-treatment?—I think so. Way too often, churches have convinced their believers that theirs is the only true path to God; that they are the only ones with the correct set of understandings—every other church is wrong. Is it not an innate understanding then that your neighbor is not worthy of your total acceptance (love). If asked, could you give a good logical answer as to why there are 33,000 so-called Christian denominations in the world, and each proclaiming absolute authenticity?—I can. The reason is very simple; absolutely no one knows who or what God is. Oh, if you asked any one of them that seemingly simple question, you could expect an immediate rush of verbiage rattling off what God has done and is going to do, but not one single word about who God is. And here my friends is the cause of all the hostilities and resultant persecutions that have plagued mankind and the earth forever—no one before me has ever defined the essence of God. Without an essential definition, you simply do not know about what or whom you are speaking. It’s like attempting to talk in detail about an automobile without knowing what one is. So the simple fact is that people throughout the ages have concocted schemes of appeasing their god in hopes of greater prosperity. They even felt the necessity to defend their god against the onslaught of other’s gods—guess what; they still do. On the minimum but persistent scale they persecute and terrorize each other as described above. On a grander scale they fight to the death eternally—all in defense of their god whom they do not know. So,  how do we stop this endless persecution and terrorization? As I describe in my recently released book, Peace In Spirituality, there is only one, singular way. We must become likeminded. That means each person must have an identical understanding of the essence of God—that understanding can only come from an essential definition. That essential definition is as follows— God is a Perfect Rational Being. Six little words say it all—there can be no argument or disagreement. With that understanding, we can readily see how that Perfect Intellect Perceived all and that Perfect Will (The Holy Spirit) achieved and sustains all. Its Perfection denies a possibility of being pleased or hurt. Its Perfect Love denies any possibility of hell or torment in the afterlife—we are accepted in spite of our evil selfishness. You would do yourself well to read Wilderness Cry first and then read Peace in spirituality—you will understand all and will thereby be able to cease your persecution and terror. Both books published by Covenant Books and available world-wide both hard-copy and e-books.906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry