SMILE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSmile; what a beautiful word to bring pleasant thoughts and generate a mirrored reaction. Have you ever noticed that when  someone  greets you with a smile how your reaction is spontaneously a returned smile? That is a common human trait. We generally react with like-responses. Smiles are the “bread and butter” of a happy, peaceful society. They are what we yearn for. Plenty of smiles are out there, but they are too frequently camouflaged by a sea of frowns. Why all the frowns? Frowns are a general indicator of worry and/or discomfort. The discomfort may be physical pain or emotional stress. There seems to be little in our national on world society to generate smiles. We are constantly bombarded with news of distress, hostilities, tragedies, mass killings, terrorism, family break-up, and  even outright wars. This malady has been an extreme concern of mine for decades (I’m 84 y/o). Observing all the unhappiness, discord, distress and hostilities throughout the world prompted me to attempt generating a solution. How could all of this turmoil be brought to an end and put smiles on peoples faces everywhere again? It occurred to me years ago that almost all wars were generated by differences in ideologies and religion: communists fighting democracies; socialists fighting capitalists; theocracy fighting theocracy; Muslims fighting Christians and Jews; Catholic Christians fighting Protestant Christians; and so-on. After rather extensive investigation of various philosophies and theologies, as well as the various versions of the Bible, I concluded that the root problem was lack of understanding and/or agreement about the nature of our Creator, or even if there was a Creator. With that foundation as my “launching pad”, I set about in earnest to discover the “magic formula” which would put a smile on everyone’s face. The common problem the world has experienced throughout history is lack of definition of our supposed Supreme being. After years of deliberation, I was finally able to shed the shackles of indoctrination, free my mind, and come to a startling realization; no one had ever defined the “essence” of their God. Everyone speaks of God or lack thereof, but because of lack of definition, there has never been a clear understanding of that Entity. Each person knew a different God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Buddha, etc. By defining Our Supreme Being  as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING, I was instantly able to generate a “least common denominator”, for all, to use in their considerations of a Higher Power. What a WHOPPING smile came to my face. Everyone could know the same Creator. All mystery was eliminated. All guilt, shame and anxiety abolished. A God who loved with Perfect Love, precluded any possibility of Hell; It exonerated the evil of every human that ever lived or ever will live by the sacrificial death of a willing Jesus. Now wouldn’t that bring a smile to your face? I had to share that complete philosophy with you in my little book, Wilderness Cry. It describes in simple but exhaustive and irrefutable terms the basis of my philosophy. Not all who read are willing to agree for various reasons, mostly for fear of losing Power, Money, and Control. However most do agree and see both the logic and wisdom presented. By accepting that irrefutable definition of our Creator, when we speak of It, we are actually communicating with each other; we have common base understanding of Its’ nature. Suddenly the scowl and frowns are replaced with great big beautiful smiles, and PEACE prevails. Of course, a quiet, vigorous resistance will come from all the afore mentioned religions and ideologies, because none will be willing to concede its position of influence. Just like in politics, meaningful change comes slowly, and almost always from ground up. It’s the “grass root “movement that forces change. Therefore it is mandatory for my philosophy to be circulated through the masses. Currently, the only method for that distribution is through the sale of my book. Hopefully, as the “word gets out”, I will be able to buy TV time for advertising and reach a vast audience at one time. In the meantime all I can do is put a smiley-face on my efforts and hope for your returned smile and vote of confidence. I believe, based on current experience, your reception will be warm and smiling. My book is available Amazon, Kindle Et Al. Comments welcomed.

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