FRIGID-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngMost people understand the cold, uninviting, icy attitude suggested by the word frigid. Just the thought makes one shiver. In the field of world affairs, including ideologies and religions, we witness just that exact cold, stand-offish attitude; I’m always right and you are perpetually wrong. Each time, I attempt to approach any one of our iceberg preachers with a suggestion of warm moderation, I am instantly sprayed with a panic-stricken shower of icy condemnation. Not one of them will allow anyone tampering with his “iceberg”. Consequently, what we see on a perpetual basis is a world filled with frigid, self contained ideologies and nations, many of whom are driven by  religions continually butting against each other in an attempt to shatter the others. That sad condition creates and maintains a perpetual state of discord and distrust among all peoples. Our earth is in a state of constant torment and hostility. Millions of people world-wide die annually as a result of those perpetual frigid attitudes. In my little book, Wilderness Cry, I offer a sound, irrefutable solution to that perpetual morass. I develop a conclusive, warm, thawing escape rout from our frigidity. I develop the thaw to the extent that even the most frigid “artic driven” bergs may be slowly melted away. Eventually, all the frigidity would be eliminated . What remains would be a warm, soothing, comforting flow of Love among all. I recognize the Spirit of our Creator is in all, thereby making each of us brothers and sisters in a truly loving relationship with ourselves and our Creator. However the resistance is unrelenting. Each iceberg struggles mightily to annex surrounding wandering unattached water onto its mantle. The struggle goes on and I realize that Truth will never be accepted because of Power, Money and Control. However, that knowledge will never deter me from trying to spread a unifying Truth. For the unattached wanderers, you will find peace, comfort and solace there. The hard-shelled deep-frozen will require much more thawing, before meaningful change occurs. If interested, my book is available at Amazon, Kindle Et Al. As usual, the icebergs criticize me unmercifully for promoting my book, while all the time promoting theirs. Did it ever occur to anyone that only a simple-minded person would write a book and not attempt to distribute it. That’s why we write; to share ideas. The attitude they express is simply one more demonstration of their frigidity. I have called for recognition of the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality” as the only method of orchestrating the “thaw” and simultaneously creating Peace.  All comments encouraged including those from the “frigid icebergs”. Peace to all. .

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