CHURN-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

Likely, most of you may think of the word CHURN as indicating a wild, uncontrolled admixing of whatever; people, clouds, ocean swells and the likes. However, there is another type of churn which is a tool used mostly for making butter. I remember very well, as a kid growing up on a small farm, ‘churning’ the cream, extracting the butter. For those of you who don’t know, a churn was a stone jar about eighteen inches tall and about nine inches in diameter. The neck rim was inset with a 3/4″ shoulder which accommodated a round wooden top which had a 1″ hole in the center. It was fitted with a wooden paddle about 7″ in diameter which was attached to a wood stem that projected about 2′ through the hole in the top. It was used thusly: about I/2-1 gallon of cream was poured into churn, the top and paddle were installed and the paddle was worked up and down until the butter began to congeal and adhere to the paddle. Once that process of congealing began, it was completed rather rapidly, usually 2-3 minutes. The butter was then scraped from the paddle and washed repeatedly to remove any residual milk (blue john), placed in a mold, cooled and served. Now,IMG_0082 I’m going to apply that concept of churn to our world condition. What we observe on a moment to moment basis is an entire world churning wildly with hostilities and uncertainties. The obvious reason for that discord is gross differences in ideologies and religions. There are hostilities and wars or threats thereof on almost every inhabited continent. Observing that perpetual condition for seventy five  years has compelled me to seek a solution. It took a while but finally it clicked in my head. The problem lay in the fact that no one had defined the essence of their God (Allah, Buddha, Brahma, Yahweh, etc.). By defining our common Supreme Being as ‘A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING’, I was able to  accomplish  two very important things. One, I was able to remove all the mystery previously imposed on us, and two, I was able to establish a universal commonality among all people. I was able to show that each of us is a mirror image of our Creator, and as such, are all brothers and sisters. With that understanding, we can, should, and must quell the churning of violence and discontent and come to a sudden quiet of love and peace. Therefore, I have called for recognition and acceptance of the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality”. Has anyone taken note? Does anyone care? If you do care and are looking for a rationality to support such an idea, my little book, Wilderness Cry, explains all. I strongly urge each and every one of you to read and understand it. It’s our only hope for peace. Amazon, Kindle ET AL. I want to hear your comments and discussions.

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