NOISE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngNOISE- What a wonderful word to describe the chaos evident in our world today,  forever in the past, and predictably, as far as the “eye can see”, in the future. The singular cause of all this confusion and hostility is ideology and/or religion which has existed throughout all of recorded history. The development of all those differing “religions” was based on mythological understandings of a deity(s). There was literally no known science. Consequently, each world society, in turn, attempted to ascribe higher powers to what they could observe; the “flat” earth, the sun and stars. They developed  systems of deities and beliefs based on mythological concepts of those entities. Later on, the Jews developed their Religion (ideology), based on their concept of “creation”. Their system of understanding included a singular God who was predictably kind or hostile to them according to their activities. However, they believed without doubt that they could “bargain” with their God. They even went so far as to create housing for Him called The Holy Of Holies. Their picture of paradise, Adam and Eve, Original sin, expulsion, torment, and eventual death included a scheme of recreation of paradise by a Messiah who was to come by way of the birth of a God-man frrom a virgin impregnated by the Holy Spirit. This God-man was the Son of God Who was to instantly rearrange the earth into a new paradise just for them. They were God’s chosen people; to hell with everyone else. Their God was Vengeful; if he liked them , He would kill their enemy, but if they sinned, He would show His anger by sending all sorts of punishments; floods, pestilence of all sorts, famine, defeat in wars etc. They bargained with Him incessantly; tit for tat. When Jesus, the Messiah finally did appear, He didn’t meet their specifications at all. He started talking about Love. He even gave women some credit for being people worthy of consideration, an idea completely foreign to the Israelites. They wanted to know when He was going to “restore the kingdom”, and when He told them that the Kingdom of God was spread all over the earth; they simply couldn’t see it and couldn’t understand. He really caused consternation when He told them he had to die, but that He would be back. After his death all sorts of stories and beliefs about when and how that was to happen arose. It reached a “fever pitch” three centuries later, when differing factions were fighting like “cats and dogs” about who was correct in their assessment. That situation prompted the Roman Emperor, Constantine to call a council at Nicaea. Those people were supposed to be working, supporting the empire. Instead, they were fighting constantly and not contributing to the economy. Constantine was a Pagan, and the official state religion of the Roman empire was a pagan religion called Mythraism. Constantine realized that he couldn’t gracefully force the followers of Jesus to cooperate with one another. So at the council, he commissioned them to form a religion of their liking; it would be the “official religion of the Roman Empire”. Any dissenters had two choices; beheading or exile. That they did, and, consequently,  another man-made religion was born. As would be expected, any such religion, being imperfect in its original conception, but more importantly, being administered by “very imperfect” people, eventually began to fragment. So that, so-called, Christianity has evolved into is 33,000 different versions of Jesus and His teachings. Any house built on a weak foundation is bound to tumble. In the process of tumbling and fragmenting, it has created a constant “noise” of unreal proportions. In the meantime, Mohamed appeared on the scene and created the religion of Islam. As might be expected, the end result of all that was the constant, unbelievably “loud noise” of wars on end. So what are we to do? One would think that “rational” people would come together in compromising attitude,  resolve their differences peacefully and calm the noise. That has not been nor ever will be the case for one simple reason; not a single one of them knows God. None of them has actually defined the “essence” of a Supreme Being”. They all speak of One, but none has defined its Essence. So the noise has reached a “fever pitch” with threats of major nuclear war and destruction of every living thing on this planet. Recognizing this chaotic situation prompted me to offer a solution. You might ask “who in the hell”are you that you think you can solve the problem? And I answer, I am a “rational human being fashioned after the rationality of my Creator”, who is not afraid to offer a solution. That I have done in my powerful little philosophy book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to understanding God and the Universe. In my book I have quelled the noise by offering a concrete, irrefutable definition of the Essence of God. That definition explains all and solves all. It recognizes the most important, heretofore unrecognized, concept that everything in creation is made of identically the same quanta of energy; that each quantum is perfect in form and function; there is not a single quantum in existence now that was not always. That perfection demands a Perfect Creator and as such must be imprinted with the image of it’s Creator, the Holy Will (Spirit) of God. When every human comes to accept the concept that each of us is imprinted with that same, identical Image thereby making all of us sisters and brothers, the noise will disappear and Peace will prevail. Therefore I have called for the recognition of the World-wide Communion Of Spirituality by all peoples;  the absolute only way to peace. If you think that concept to be irrational, so be it; the NOISE will continue; destruction is inevitable. However, if you think my concept has merit and deserves consideration, my little book is a must read for complete understanding. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL  All comments welcomed. Please calm the NOISE before it’s too late.

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