GRASP- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngGRASP- This “post”word of the day, used as a verb, means “to seize and hold tightly”; use as a noun, it means” to have a firm grip or hold onto something”. Frequently it is used to imply understanding or lack thereof. For instance we may hear someone say, “she doesn’t have a clue; she just cant grasp it”. In any event, it may be used to imply a physical hold onto something or a mental (intellectual) understanding of some principle or idea. In my many years of observing people’s reactions to their stated “religious” preferences, I have found that most seem to have a very loose grasp on the explicit rules (canons) of their religion. Most seem be very emphatic about certain principles, while ignoring others. For instance, I often hear many of my Catholic friends say “I know I’m supposed to go to Church every Sunday, but I don’t think it’s “that” necessary; or I have heard many of my protestant friends, especially in bygone days, say ” we’re not supposed to drink hard liquor, but I don’t think an occasional martini hurts anything”. The truth is that most  have been indoctrinated to have a firm grasp of their religion’s principles; any breech is sinful and imparts guilt, and may even condemn them to hell. In spite of their rigorous indoctrination, they grasp a sense of unreasonableness and/or irrationality in their instruction, and thereby feel free to ignore certain parts of it. In fact, different principles may be involved at different times. However, just start an “argument” about religion and those same individuals will “fight to the death” defending their religion. Each seemingly has a firm grasp on the principles of his/her religion, but a lose grasp on their application. So we see a big problem. What we have in the Christian community is basically two “camps”, the Sacrificial Christians, and the Biblical Christians. The Sacrificial Christians cling to the notion that Jesus” sacrificial death was not sufficient for our salvation; they must offer additional sacrifice; somehow, some way, they must appease an “angry” God. That is accomplished by the priest offering the “un-bloody sacrifice” of Jesus during the Mass, and by the faithful in the form of fasting, abstaining from eating meat on prescribes days, prayers of confession and petition etc. Even then, they have no assurance of their salvation. Strict Biblical Christians, on the other hand, seem to believe that grasping the ultimate meaning of every word in the bible is essential. In addition, and more importantly, being “born again” is of paramount importance. They cling to the principle that no one can enter the “gates” of heaven without first accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Grasping and holding on tightly to that undying principle is absolutely mandatory. Then, of course, as is the usual wont, there are the “Tweeners”; those who dabble in a little of both worlds. They may be likened to someone “grasping for straw” in a hurricane. Seemingly, they are unable to grasp the rationality of either camp. On the “other side of the world”, we have Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews and many others grasping for Truth in various ways, but none of them in harmony with Christianity nor any of their counterparts. All of this has, from “time eternal”, created a boiling cauldron of distrust, hostilities and perpetual wars. Grasping this big picture of turmoil, and recognizing its basic cause compelled me to attempt to solve the problem. The problem, itself, was laid out on the table in plain form for everyone to see. However, either no one has grasped the context of the problem, or no one has had a suitable solution. Oh many petty solutions were and still are being offered (socialism, communism, theocracy, etc.), but none has been acceptable nor solutionary. I, personally, contemplated that problem for seventy years before the solution became obvious. Each piece of the puzzle had a very odd shape, and seemingly would be impossible to fit together. Suddenly, as though a lightening bolt hit me, I grasped the solution. God must be defined. There, obviously, were as many concepts of God as there were people who accepted Its existence. No one but no one had ever defined the “essence” of God. It became my task. Being a scientist of sorts allowed me to open my mind to various considerations. For instance, the Trinity God and how and why that was possible. Who or what was the Holy Spirit and what did that Spirit do? It all came together  clearly when I grasped a firm, concrete, rational, irrefutable definition of God’s Essence. I realized instantly that all the peoples of the world were, in fact, worshiping the same Supreme Being; There can be only One Supreme Being. The Spirit of that Being must reside in every particle of energy  of which everything in existence is made. Otherwise, nothing could be without the Spirit (Will ) of God attaining and maintaining it with a Perfect Grasp.Therefore, every human that has ever existed or ever will exist, is imprinted with that same Spirit. We then automatically become spiritual brothers and sisters. Why are we fighting? Because we all have been imbued with a “death-hold” grasp  onto an irrational concept of our Creator. Advocating for world peace prompted me to call for recognition and acceptance of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. Maintaining a firm grasp on that concept is the only way to peace. You must read my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry- A Scientific And Philosophical Approach To  Understanding God And The Universe. By defining the Essence of God, I am able to remove all the so-called mystery from our lives. I have developed a complete, irrefutable philosophy base solely on that Essential definition of God. It covers every aspect of our existence, both temporal and Eternal. If you are ever to “grasp” a realistic understanding of your existence, this book is an absolute “must” read. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  All comments welcomed.


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