cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngRUBE-Now here is an interesting word not found in common usage in my entire lifetime of 89 year. It generally means an uninformed, unsophisticated, or unintelligent person; a “country bumpkin”. You might inquire how could I possibly apply that term to my philosophical thesis. And I would reply directly that the word rube explains explicitly how and why my thesis has never before been recognized, promulgated, nor accepted. And you may ask, what is your thesis? Simply stated it is a philosophy concerning our Supreme Being and all its Counterparts, Trinity, Jesus, Holy Ghost, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity, and much, much more.

Heretofore, all of those entities have been preached about, argued about, and sadly, fought about ad- nauseum for 2000 years. That, of course, speaks only to Christianity. There has been perpetual warring within and between various major religions world-wide from time eternal up until this very moment. Why is that and how is it possible? The singular answer is founded in one simple truth, “ignorance”. Historically, there seems to be little doubt that all modern religions stem from ancient Egyptian and Mid-eastern astrology (pseudoscience of star reading) as their foundation. Of course, the old adage applies here more than ever; ‘a house built on a weak foundation is certain to fall’.

As each age passed from ancient Egypt, through Judaism, Paganism (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) to Christianity, the “then current leaders” invariably found it beneficial to, not only ‘keep the herd intact’, but more importantly, to deploy the ‘herd’ in battle for purposes of security as well as attainment of a larger herd. Who were/are the herd? They are the billions of “rubes” who have existed throughout the centuries. They are the billions of people who have been inculcated (brainwashed) with some religion and/or ideology. And for what purpose? — power, money, control. And, sadly, ‘the beat goes on’ to this very minute.

The potential for the most catastrophic event in the history of mankind is current. One single irrational deployment of a major nuclear weapon would likely trigger a massive nuclear war that most likely would kill or severely genetically alter any surviving entity. That alteration would produce entities never before known or imagined. Each Religion has “its god, (Christianity-God, Islam-Allah, Buddhism- Buddha, Hinduism-Brahma and others, Judaism-Yahweh, and so-on). How can rational people have so many concepts of a god? The reason is simple. No one before me has ever defined the “essence” of a Supreme Being.

Simple logic demands that only one Supreme Being can exist. So, the obvious is true; ‘we all worship that same, singular Supreme Being’, albeit we call It by a different name. A rose by any other name is still a rose. So, in defining the Essence of That Supreme Being which as a Christian, I call God, I am calling out the leaders of all ideologies and religions to relinquish their power, to humble themselves to the one common truth, to free their “rubes” to the Truth. And you say what is the Truth? And I say the essence of our common Supreme Being is simple Truth; It Is A Perfect Rational Being; Its mirror image is the Son (every tiniest particle of energy in existence with Jesus being our representative), and the Holy Spirit, the Will of God, being the perpetual LOVE relationship between the Two.

There, you have a clear graphic description of God’s Essence. Now, with that description we are allowed to speak definitively about our Supreme being and all adaptable considerations with certainty. Our rubes will be rubes no longer; they will be educated in the proper understanding of their Creator and Savior. All of the so-called mystery will be washed away, and simple truth will prevail. The domineering force of religious hierarchy would be abolished, and every human would be free to not only accept but cherish Jesus command that ‘We love our God with our all, and Love (accept) our neighbor (every person who ever lived or ever will live) as ourselves’.


I have called for that recognition under the general heading of the WORLDWIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. That represents our recognition that each of us is “imprinted” with the image of our Creator, The Holy Spirit. All of us rubes are of one unity under the same Supreme Being. With acceptance of that understanding, peace could prevail. Without that acceptance peace is not possible. My Powerful little book Wilderness Cry develops that philosophy and much more. It, along with Peace In spirituality, Provocative Catholic, and Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky, is available Amazon-Kindle and from me —  All comments welcomed.    

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