cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCOSTUME-They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and descriptions. Some are glamor-ridden. Others may be scary. In general, all are usually deceptive in  some way or another. In the case of religion and ideologies, my assertion is that each of these entities is wearing a costume of a “sheep” while hiding the “wolf'” inside. How am I allowed to make such  an assertion? Simple observation of world religions and their fragmented factions demonstrates clearly their individual bias which they wish to impose on us; all for purposes of Power, Money, Control. While each may, in fact, have been honorable in its formation, many have shown clearly their intentions. We are continually bombarded with perpetual squabbling, skirmishing, torture, execution, and wars. Each entity claims correctness over all others. How can that be? The answer is simple. Each of them speaks of a Higher Power, and all its counterparts, in many varied ways, but not one of them has ever defined that Higher Power. Philosophically, we are not allowed to attempt analysis of anything or any entity without first defining its “essence”. Essence is that quality which makes something what it basically is. For instance the essence of a bucket is its bucketness. On the other hand, accidents are those attributes which make it the specific entity it is. For instance a bucket may be plastic, galvanized metal, one gallon capacity, red, green, bailed, handled etc. There are no two entities of any essence exactly alike; likely similar, but not exact. As humans, we carry the essence of our “humanness”, which imparts inescapable basic likeness. However, each of us is costumed with accidents which make each of us a “one of a kind” specimen. As a world society, we must recognize our common essence and accept (love) each different costume we wear. More importantly, we must recognize that only “ONE HIGHER POWER” can exist. Therefore we all are worshiping that same Supreme Being, albeit we call it by different names. We must understand that each of us by virtue of our common essence carries the same imprint of that one Supreme Being, our Creator. That imprint is our “life giving principle”, which, as a Christian, I call The Holy Spirit. As a Buddhist, you may call it something else but it is, in fact, the same Spirit, The Will of our common Supreme Being, that we “be”. I am pleading for our universal community to recognize and accept what I have labeled the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY which unites us all. We all are brothers and sisters. In my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe, I lay out a completely new philosophy of our Supreme being and Its relationship to the entire universe(s). In doing so, I have defined the essence of our Supreme Being and all its attributes; Trinity, Ho;y Ghost, Will, Soul, eternity and much more. My philosophy is perfectly logical and irrefutable. I have begged for meaningful dialog, but so far, none has been forthcoming. I suspect the reason being, “it is wearing no costume”. It is clear an plain for anyone to see and understand. The philosophy expressed in my thesis is the “only” way peace will ever be achieved. We must Love (accept) our Supreme Being with our all, and we must Love (accept) our world-wide neighbor as ourselves. We may worship that Supreme Being as we choose, but I can assure you, after reading my little book, your attitude and understanding will forever be changed. I’m hiding behind no costume.  It is available all major 0n-line book retailers.  All comments welcomed.

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