INFECT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINFECT: Humanity, in its entirety, is infected with a seemingly incurable disease, namely, “religion”. What is religion? In my opinion, it is a cultist practice derived from some mythical idea about some supernatural being(s). Almost all religions are founded on a perceived concept of a supreme being or its adversary, the devil. In the first instance, we have observed over the centuries how societies for at least 12,000 years have contemplated and deduced such entities using the stars and planets as their guiding points and sources of information. By studying the stars, astrologers were able to determine the motives, pleasures, and displeasures of their god(s). They were able to predict and interpret events in their lives by some magical astrological interpretations attributable to their god(s). As time went on, all sorts of gods with all sorts of qualifications and/or hierarchal rankings were discovered, proclaimed, and worshiped. All of those gods eventually became known as “pagan” gods. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, the Jews concocted their own version of One Living God who created everything including paradise and the first man. God couldn’t find a suitable mate for him, so He put that man (Adam) to sleep, stole one of his ribs and fashioned Eve, the first woman. Let it be known right here and now that Eve was also the first ever “sinner”. That stigma has persisted even to this day, since historically women have been considered to be little better than a dog. If they didn’t have the ability to care for men and all their needs, it is doubtful that they would be that highly esteemed. Of course Eve tempted Adam to “sin” and all hell broke loose. They were expelled from paradise; every animal became mortal enemies with each other; endless waves of pestilence, floods, enslavement, famine ensued. Sacrifice had to be offered to their angry God in appeasement and guess what—- religion was “really born again”. Of course, the pagans had been offering sacrifice to their gods for centuries before the Jews conjured up their magical scenario of existence. Then comes Jesus and all the stories concerning Him, many of which from even, so-called, eye witnesses were contradictory of each other. And, of course, more religions. In the so-called Christian world alone, there are 33,000 denominations, each with its own “version” of cultist practice. I have not attempted to research the number of sects and/or denominations of all the other religions of the world, but likely they would number in the tens, maybe, hundreds of thousands. Why do you suppose that is? The answer is crystal clear and extremely simple. Humanity from its beginning was infected with a mythical image of god(s). That infection has mutated so often that no one has been able to develop a suitable cure. Likely, no cure is desired among the rank and file purveyors of religion, because religion is, without doubt, the biggest money making racket the world has ever known, or ever will know. The more fervor with which the “religion physicians” prescribe their treatment, the more money they make. Is a “cure” really wanted? It seems likely not. As a result, the entire world is and has been in perpetual turmoil forever. In past times, we were able to kill a few thousand or million at a time, but now we have the distinct capability of exterminating every living entity on this planet. That indeed is a sobering thought. Do you think the religion doctors care? Not a chance. They don’t give one “continental damn” about anyone or anything except their own selfish greed. The earth does not and cannot tolerate religion. What it needs is a concept of “spirituality.  That concept can come only through understanding the “essence” of our Supreme Being”. No one before me has ever defined the essence of our Creator. We all have been painted a picture of God as an aged grey-haired man, robed in the finest and sitting on a magnificent throne somewhere “up there”. Did anyone ever stop to consider the implications of such imagery? Is God a man–does He have genitals–can and/or does He breed–if so, whom? No that imagery pales in the scientific understanding of our universe which is so vast that no human mind can grasp its scope. So our only hope is for the grass-roots children of our Creator to rise up in rebellion against religion and recognize the perfect nature of God (Allah etc). Our Supreme Being’s Essence is defined thusly: God is a perfect rational being. That means it knows all, is all, and wills (loves, accepts) all. Being perfect, as It reflects upon Itself, It sees a mirror-image of Itself, exact and perfect in every respect (2nd person of Trinity). As these, now, two perfect intellects perceive each other, what choice have they but to  love (will, choose, accept, desire) each other? None,  and that perpetual willing carries the image of Its generators—we call it the Holy Spirit (WILL Of GOD). Since everything in existence represents that Perfect Intellect’s reflection, all creation represents the Son. The brilliant Jesus recognized that fact. Hence He is truly our brother. He knew that God must be perfect love, and by accepting the burden of all the evil (selfishness) in the universe, He allowed God to be Perfect Love. Since everything in existence is a reflection of its creator, It carries Its Image or Brand (the Holy Spirit) which keeps it perfect. That is what I mean by recognizing our common Spirituality. That recognition negates any need for a concept of religion. Religion divides us: Spirituality unites us in mind and spirit with each other and with our Creator. I have called repeatedly for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. There is no need for elaborate edifices, megachurches, televangelists etc. We need the one simple message in our daily lives to be honored and cherished as our source of peace with each other and with our Supreme Being. Please read my little book, Wilderness Cry For complete elaboration of this philosophy; Amazon, Kindle et al.

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