CORE-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCORE: A word that will ‘knock your socks off’. It means, of course, the basic INTERNAL ELEMENT  of anything. In the field of philosophy and/or religion, we have never had a purely defined core of our existence. Neither have we ever had a “clearly defined” definition of the essence of our Creator/Prime Mover/ Supreme Being. All the human race has ever been exposed to is biased OPINIONS, AND MYTHOLOGICAL IMAGES, concerning such a being. That realization forced me to wrestle with that TRUTH, and determine the essence of such a being. That I have done in no uncertain nor irrefutable terms. I have done something never before done; I have defined the “core essence” of our Supreme Being (SB), which goes by many names, the most common of which are God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Brahma, Etc. As I read and study history, I have discovered many intelligent people who wrestled with the idea of God’s (SB’s) essence, but none were ever able to offer a complete definition. Humanity has always recognized the likelihood of a higher power, but because of ignorance of science, geography, and literally everything, none were able to attach a suitable definition. Each society visualized a higher power but the only capacity known to them  was a “humanistic” type of being; one with a kingdom of some sort. We all know the innumerable stories concocted even thousands of years ago when the earth was flat and rocking on five crooked legs in danger of teetering in the netherworld below. With that core understanding, religion was born. All sorts of interpretations were applied to their everyday lives. Almost all required ‘sacrificial offerings’ of one kind or another; sometimes human sacrifice was deemed necessary as appeasement of an extremely angry God. We all know the rest of the story. The stars were the main ‘guiding light’ to understanding God and His kingdom. So fast-forward to today; what do we have? We have a complete earthly world totally divided into innumerable religious (cultist) practices, and all based on the same FALSE CORE of a humanistic type God (etc.). Christianity alone has been fragmented into 33,000 known denominations, each claiming authenticity. Likewise, Islam also is fragmented as is Judaism and Hinduism. I am not extremely familiar with the different divisions of Buddhism, however, anecdotally, there are different versions. Buddhists seem to be the most peace-loving, and contemplative followed by various Hindu divisions. In any event, all of the present controversy which has existed throughout all of history is due to one singular cause; failure to have an acceptable definition of the essence of our Creator. I have given that irrefutable definition: G0D IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. That “essential” definition removes all the mystery from our lives and gives a definitive “CORE” from which to enlarge our understanding of that CORE INTELLIGENCE. Peace will never be attained without a common recognition and acceptance of the concept that nothing can exist without the imprint (brand) of that Perfect Intelligence being on it. That imprint I label as the Will of God (Holy Spirit). For that reason I have called for recognition and acceptance of the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. That means that everyone must accept the concept that we all are the product of the same identical Supreme Being. Therefore, all are brothers and sisters. Why then are we constantly fighting?  Please read my little book, Wilderness Cry, for complete  understanding: Amazon, Kindle, etc.

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