IDENTICAL- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngHere we go again with an Identical message. War is hell. Someone just pointed out that today is the fifteenth anniversary of the Iraq war, and it goes on. Why do we fight in the first place? What generates wars? A casual glance at history will show clearly that Religion and/or ideology foster all wars. With 33,000 so-called Christian sects alone worldwide,and each of which proclaiming absolute authenticity, there is little wonder we cannot have world order. If Christians can’t come to a common understanding, how can we expect all the other major world religions to cooperate. We have 33,000 versions of Jesus, and God. Furthermore we have an equal number of interpretations of how They are to be understood and/or worshiped. It is impossible for all to be correct; likely none is. How can that be? To me the answer lies in the basic understanding of a Supreme Being. No one has “defined the essence” of our Supreme Being. Consequently, there are as many concepts of a Supreme Being as there are people who recognize Its existence. Essence is that quality which makes any entity what it “basically” is. In other words, essence is the basic Truth of something. Without essential understanding, it is impossible to communicate (discuss, ideate, formulate, etc). For instance, it would be absolutely impossible to communicate simple arithmetic to someone who would not/could not accept the basic truth that 2+2=4. You are dead-ended before you start. Every major religion has applied certain characteristics (accidents) to their Supreme Being, but none has defined Its essence. Therefore, it is impossible for us to agree, because we are constantly talking apples and oranges as though they were the same. So, we quarrel, we fight, we war. Does anyone other than I see that? With that understanding, I was compelled to define the Essence of our Supreme Being. In so doing, I was able to eliminate all the mystery, agony and guilt from our lives. My irrefutable definition of God (Buddha, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma etc) is simply this. GOD IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. That defines the basic nature of God. That definition allows for and explains all of God’s Attributes: Perfect, all knowing Intellect; Perfect, all powerful Will. As It reflects upon Itself, It sees a Perfect Image of Itself (second person of Trinity). As these Two Perfect Intellects perceive each other, they have no choice but to Will, accept (love) each other perpetually, The Holy Spirit. So Gods Love is Perfect meaning “acceptance without conditions”, negating any possibility of a Hell. With Its perfect Intellect, God perceived every tiny particle (quantum) of energy in existence and with Its perfect Will (Holy Spirit) It chose to Love each of them (make and keep perfect) forever. 13.7 billion years later each is still absolutely perfect in form and function. With that understanding, every human in existence must recognize that the Holy Spirit Of God is  imprinted in it. That is the universal Truth we must know and accept in order to secure peace. That Spirit of God is the only “uniting” factor in our existence. Spirituality unites us and demands peace; religions and ideologies “divide” us and demand/promote wars. All of this very meaningful philosophy is spelled out in my little book Wilderness Cry. Please, let us cease making the “identical” mistake over and over and over again perpetually. Let us come to the “common sense” reality of our Creator. I have called for some entity to “take the bull by the horns” and start a World-Wide Communion of Spirituality ministry (not another religion; no church buildings); simply, a philosophical understanding of out Supreme Being Creator. Could anything be better? Amazon, Kindle ET AL.  Comments welcomed.

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