RESTART- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngRESTART_ This word describes explicitly what is required to bring order and peace to our global society. It refers to an engine which has been disabled throughout most of our recorded history. I am referring to the engine of spirituality. History shows that every civilization recognized a Higher Power and vainly attempted to “deal” with It. Most ascribed their misfortunes to angering their god(s) by their misdeeds. In an attempt at appeasement, they made sacrificial offerings of one type or another; sometimes even human sacrifice. Others, in addition to sacrificial offerings, lead themselves to believe that they were actually “bargaining” with God. Still others built elaborate monuments in honor of their gods. It seems, historically, that some form of “family structure” was usually in place. However the “one man-one woman” structure did not apply in every instance. The Jews established the one man-one woman concept in the form of a legal contract which also corresponded to one of their “moral” dicta (ten commandments). Some societies of “native people” set aside holy grounds where no one but the gods could traverse. The point I’m driving at is this: universally, there seems to always have been recognition of a Higher Power in addition to some form of family structure. The problem has always been failure on two fronts. Number one; never has there been universal recognition of the same Higher Power. Number two: Never in the history of mankind has there been a universally accepted ” code of conduct” regarding sex and the responsibility of childbearing and nurturing. My contention is simply this. We must restart our efforts at civility by the universal recognition that we all are products of the same Creator. Therefore each of us is “branded” with the Spirit of that same Higher Power; we all are spiritual brothers and sisters. We must stop fighting. Consequently I have called for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. Just as important in restarting our civility is proper education. We must begin immediately to teach our children not only how to think logically, but what to think psychologically.  That is the only way people can have proper understandings and attitudes toward each other. I believe without doubt that process must begin early in childhood. (Trained psychologists would know better than I at what exact age formal exposure should commence). In time, we will have cultivated a society of knowledgeable, understanding people who will be much better equipped to peacefully tolerate their differences. Every aspect of our existence would be affected dramatically. As the result of more stable personalities, marriages and family life would be much more stable; children would grow up in a peaceful, loving environment. Utopian thinking? Yes, but nonetheless important. We must restart the process. It will require legislative action to change our school curricula, but who mandates change? We, the little people with our voices and our votes. As for universal understanding of our common spirituality, my little book Wilderness Cry will give you that in philosophically explicit terms. It leaves no stone unturned. You could have no better starting point. Let’s restart the engine of love and peace.  Amazon, Kindle ET AL. All comments welcomed.

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