DIM- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngDIM- An appropriate  word for a gloomy period in the history of our world. As we look at the obvious chaos on our planet, we must be disheartened by the lack of progress for peace. There may be a dim glimmer of hope but the prospects seem less likely almost daily. Our world leaders are set against each other by varying ideological and religious differences even to the point of willingness for mutual extermination. Just one false move by some irrational leader and ZAP; the light go out forever. What has precipitated such irrationality. One casual glance at history will show clearly that from the beginning of our record-keeping, different religious factions and/or ideologies have been at war incessantly. This very minute, a man admired as, maybe, the greatest evangelist of all times “lies in state” in our capitol rotunda. He is admired and respected by millions, maybe billions for one simple reason; even when it was not “cool” his message was always the same, LOVE, in the name of the the creator of Love, Jesus our brother. Billy Graham took a very dim view of those who criticize others without due cause as did Jesus. While he proposed Love in the name of Jesus, he realized Love is not and cannot be empirically exclusive nor congregational. Love is and must be universal. He would have taken a very dim view of anyone proposing differently. Just what is love? Simply stated love is acceptance, will, choice. Billy knew that Jesus primary message was Love. Jesus even commanded us to love one another as ourselves. I think maybe Billy saw his message as eventually reaching the billions and billions who never heard of Jesus, and hopefully that will be the case. However, even if Billy’s message could reach every human on earth, whose brand of Jesus would it be? Currently, the basic  prospects look dim indeed. So what are we to do? Recognizing that immense dilemma prompted me to offer a logical, philosophically sound solution. Step one is to accept the obvious fact that there can be only One Supreme Being. That means that every person who recognizes the existence of a Supreme Being worships the same Being; Christians call It God; Muslims call It Allah; Jews call It Yahweh; Buddhists call It Buddha; Hindus call It by various names including Brahma. Next we must accept the realization that the Love (Will, Spirit) of that Supreme Being is imprinted in each of us, thereby, not only making us Its children, but simultaneously making us all brothers and sisters. With that understanding, I have called for recognition of the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality”. That acceptance could bring about the cessation of “religious” practices which divide us, but, instead, promote the idea of unity among us.  I see that as the only pathway to peace. Without doubt, that prospect is very “dim” indeed. What is the stumbling block? Money, Power, Control. No group is willing to humble itself before its Supreme being and its fellow man and say dutifully, “I love you; I accept you the way your are; lets get along”. If you are inclined to accept my proposal, I have written a powerful little philosophy book, Wilderness Cry, which will broaden your understanding of those concepts through a thorough scientific and philosophical understanding of our Creator.  Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  Comments welcomed.        handg@comcast.net

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