cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCONVERSANT-What a beautiful word to describe the universal and basic problems created by religion. Please do not misunderstand nor misrepresent what I am about to say. The word conversant means to be knowledgeable about, familiar with, comfortable with, etc. With a moments reflection, you will realize that likely each of us, from childhood on, was inculcated (brainwashed) with some “form” of Christianity or other religion. Since I am not literate about the specifics of other world religions, I shall limit most of my remarks to so-called Christianity. I suspect, however, that my statements may well apply to other religions as well. What do I mean by “so-called” Christianity? Please allow me to explain. As of the year 2014, the World Christian Encyclopedia listed 33,000 different Christian denominations. O K, so what does the word Christian mean? I believe the most literal meaning would be “a follower of, or believer in Jesus the Christ”. Given that definition to be generally recognized as “close” to true, just who is this Jesus we are following? Are there 33,000 different Jesuses, or are there simply just 33,000 different images of the one Jesus imprinted on us by the “peddlers” of religion. Historically, I am unable to discover only one such person by name who meets the description, so the alternative must be true; there are 33,000 peddlers of their specific image of Jesus. How can that be? The answer is multifaceted, as is true for answers of most complicated questions. We must start at the beginning in order to make sense of the answer. By the time the Roman Emperor, Constantine, called the first council at Nicaea in the year 325 AD, there was mass confusion and bickering amongst various “followers of Jesus” about exactly whom they were following, and what He said and did, as well as what He meant. Seemingly, no one was conversant with the identity of the “real Jesus”. Constantine, in his wisdom, reasoned that a single unified state religion, enforced by the government, would simplify his life and make the rubes much more productive for his benefit. Accordingly, he commissioned the council attendees to fashion a “religion” of their liking. That, indeed, they did, and, in doing so, put themselves in total control of the “body, soul ,and pocketbook” of every human within the entire Roman Empire. That power continued basically centered exclusively in Rome until the conclusive split with the Eastern Church around the year 1,000. That split opened the door for all sorts of abuses and power struggles in both directions. The abuses in the Roman church became so obvious and intolerable, that eventually, Martin Luther felt compelled to rebel, and the Protestant Reformation was begun. That break opened the door for the situation we have now; no one is conversant with the identity of the “true” Jesus; neither is anyone willing to be conversant with His true message, “Love your God with your all and Love (accept) your neighbor as yourself. Why do you suppose that is? There are several plausible answers, but the most obvious is “Money, Power, Control”; same ole story as in 325 AD. There may, in fact be some well meaning preachers who truly believe they have the answer, but i’ll bet they are “few and far between”. Religion is the largest business the world has ever known, and I’m speaking only of so-called Christianity. My intention is not to belittle or demean anyone, but, I read this morning where  the net worth of the great Billy Graham was $25 million. As I recall, in my bible, Jesus instructed his disciples to go into the world preaching His “good news” with nothing except the clothes on their backs and feet; to live off what they were offered; if they were rejected, shake the dust from their sandals, and move on. In my relatively short lifetime of near 85 years, I have not witnessed that example being followed by a single priest or preacher, to say nothing of the hierarchy. Is there a lesson to be garnered here? I think so. It matters not a “continental damn” what you preach; it only matters how you preach it and, mire importantly, how the “money rolls in”. Observing all of that activity, combined with the bitter prejudice exhibited among different religious groups,  prompted me from the time I was an early teenager to attempt to make some rationality out if that mess. I was severely informationally handicapped. Encyclopedias bore scant information; priests and preachers alike shunned questions and offered no meaningful answers to legitimate questions. There were no computers with search engines such as google etc. It took years and vigorous time-consuming effort to forward the investigation. Family and educational studies devoured my time. Finally PCs came along enabling me immensely. I suddenly realized the problem lay in our understanding (lack thereof) of God. No one had ever defined God. It was my task, and I accomplished it post haste. In doing so, I was able to unequivocally define the Trinity, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Soul, God’s Will, Eternity and all considerations of our existence. It occurred to me that every human in existence (Christian , Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist and all others) worshiped the same Supreme Being. There can be only ‘one’ Supreme Being. So in order to allow the entire world to be conversant with that singular Supreme Being, I have put my philosophy into a powerful little book, Wilderness Cry.  I have called for the entire world to unite under one singular recognition that each of us is imprinted with the Spirit of that same Supreme Being, and being so, we all are brothers and sisters. I have labeled that recognition the unchartered  “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality”. Once you have read my powerful little book, you will be %100 CONVERSANT with the one True Supreme Being, and the One True Jesus the Christ.  Amazon, Kindle etc.  All Comments welcomed.     handg@comcast,net


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