cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngASSAY- This word refers to the process of analyzing a sample of a presumed homogeneous material for purpose of determining it makeup. Sometimes it is done to determine the identity of ingredients; sometimes to determine quantity of specific ingredients; other-times, both. In chemical terms that is known as Qualitative and/or Quantitative analysis. It is a very specific and accurate process if done properly. The “if done properly” part is the most important aspect of the entire process and encompasses the entire process. For instance, the results will be faulty and unreliable if any  step/consideration is ignored. Those steps generally include making certain that containers and instruments used are clean of any possible contaminant, that the initial gross sample is homogeneous, that all weights and/or measurements are very accurate, that explicit analytical chemistry rules are followed, and finally, that all calculations are meticulous and accurate. Duplicating results with a second or third simultaneous sample analysis lend greater credence (proof) to the process. That process demonstrates the “logic” of science. The word science come from the Latin word sciencia which means knowledge; knowledge, of course, is Truth. Since, then, we recognize our Supreme Being (God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, Buddha etc.) as being Perfect Truth,  we can say definitively that “Science” is our method of recognizing and understanding some portion (aliquot) of ETERNAL TRUTH. In doing so we use the “scientific method” in assaying the Greater Sum of Truth. Not too many years ago, little, if any Truth was known. All cultures throughout recorded history have recognized and acknowledged a Greater Power than themselves. In an attempt to analyze (assay) that Power, each culture, in turn has ascribed many and varied attributes to It. However, since none knew the “Scientific Method”, none has been able to definitively describe that Power with unquestioned authority. Many have tried; all have failed. The reason is simple; unless we can define the subject, we have no idea of the task at hand; we are blind people searching for the North Star. Reportedly, sixteen thousand years ago or so, the Egyptians attempted to describe that Being(s) and Its workings and influences by devising an elaborate system of “understandings” based on what became known as the Zodiac. By connecting the dots of various stars, they described so-called constellations representing figures such as sheep, bulls, scorpions, etc. By astutely observing the motions of these and other heavenly bodies, they arranged twelve of those constellations into a circular pattern thereby forming the Zodiac calendar, if you will. In their view, each of the twelve Zodiac characters represented an “AGE”. By careful calculation, they were able to determine that a complete rotation of the Zodiac calendar through all twelve age would take nearly 26,000 years. Using their calendar, the earth is now in or near the “Age Of Aquarius”. The importance of all that was/is their interpretation of how the gods influences on them might change through the “ages”. All of that, of course, was/is pure mythology. So here we are today, 2018, and, to a great degree, we still are shackled by that same or similar mythology; why?; Power, Money, Control. To my knowledge, I am the only person (if there is another, may he please step forward) who has actually “DEFINED THE ESSENCE OF OUR SUPREME BEING”. Having done so easily allows me to “ASSAY” that BEING. I can now define and describe Its COMPONENTS (TRINITY, HOLY SPIRIT, GOD’S WILL, SOUL, ETERNITY) and much more. I am able to relate that Being to every aspect of our existence both temporal and eternal. I can and do give understanding to the science (TRUTH) which we have ascertained through the process of “assay” (scientific method). I can easily show that our Supreme Being is Perfect Love and, thereby, cannot possibly reject any one of us. He loves us unconditionally (perfect love means acceptance without conditions), as proven by the sacrificial death of our Brother and Representative, Jesus. No one can either prove or disprove the existence of a Supreme Being. However, observing the perfect order (even in its entropy) in our universe  makes denial extremely irrational for me. My powerful little philosophy book, Wilderness Cry explains all in no uncertain terms. You may want to investigate farther. Amazon, Kindle, and all major on-line book retailers. After reading my little book you will have an accurate “assay” of our Creator .  All comments welcomed.

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