cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngENCRUSTED-What a beautiful word to pictorialize the status of religion world-wide. The word encrusted generally means to be coated with a hard or semi-hard coating or shell. That is the exact status of religions. It matters naught of which religion we speak. Christianity, for instance, sports a hearty 33,000 crusty cocoons. I learn from my Jewish friends that Judaism has several such sub-divisions. It seems clear from news telecasts that Islam has at least two major branches, and so on. How can that be when each, seemingly, holds the “immortal lock” on out destiny? I will attempt to answer that eternal question with rational clarity. From time immemorial, humanity has recognized a Greater Power, and has ascribed varying characteristics, qualities and capabilities to that Being. In doing so, each unit has wrapped itself in an iron-clad crust of self-righteousness. That, of course, is divisive and immediately pits each against the other. The net result has been obvious since the beginning of recorded history; wars, more wars, and more wars. What have we been fighting about for 16,000 years and undoubtedly longer? Answer= influence (money, power, control). Each group is and has been perpetually “dug-in” like a badger protecting its turf, while at the same time attempting to expand its influence through “conquering wars”. Each group periodically opens its doors, sends out its rubes to do the “dirty work”, and if successful, builds an expanded crust to cover its newly entrapped territory. That territory may be physical or mental. History shows that it is usually both. So the eternal question remains; why? Why are we at constant war? I accept the reason to be very clear. Until now, no group has ever defined the “essence” of their deity. Each has a completely different understanding of the nature and intents of their “god”. To put it bluntly, each group has encrusted itself with a shell of “ignorance”. So what is the solution? The solution to any problem requires “rationality”. Religion has no rationality; it is cultist and ritualistic. Rationality begins with defining the “essence” if our Supreme Being. It then recognizes that there can be only “one” Supreme Being. We may call It by any name we wish, but It is still the same One. In “defining the essence of our Supreme Being”, I am able to thereby define exactly all of Its Attributes; Trinity, Holy Spirit (God’s Will), Soul, Eternity, and literally everything related to both our temporal and eternal existence. That definition leads to one, singular, conclusion. Our Supreme Being with Its Perfect Intellect envisioned Its creation (every tiniest particle of energy of which everything in existence is made). It saw and loved; It chose and made perfect with Its Perfect Will (Holy Spirit) what It envisioned. Therefore everything in existence is IMPRINTED with the Image of the Holy Spirit. Logically speaking, only the Supreme Being can encrust all that. Having acknowledged that everything in existence, including, of course, us, is imprinted with the image of the Holy Spirit, I have called for all religions to shed their crusts and unite under one banner, the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. Our representative before God, Jesus, accepted all our iniquity and by His death absolved us all. Recognizing our frailty but also our common spirituality, He admonished us to love (accept) one another as ourselves. Only then will wars cease and peace come to be. My powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, explains all in no unmistakable terms. I do, in fact, define the essence of our Creator. It’s available at all major on-line book retailers. All comments appreciated.      handg@comcast.net

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