CONSTANT-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngConstant- means to be ever present, never varying, steady etc. We hear it used in many different ways. In  chemistry, ionization constants predict the accepted degree of solubility of any ionized compound in solution at any given instant. We hear someone say ” she is constantly nagging” etc. In general , the word implies a state of perpetuity. In our world of real life, we are constantly being bombarded with propaganda of one kind or another in an attempt to alter out attitude or way of thinking. That is ever so true in the field of religion. Every pulpit and TV evangelizing  center in the world is constantly ranting about some quote from the bible in an attempt to demean us and cover us with a blanket of guilt. For what purpose. Ostensibly, their purpose is to save us from the fires of hell. More practically, their purpose is to control our minds and spirits, thereby enabling them to extract out hard earned money from our pockets. I can assure you, that if the money flow ceased, their concern for our souls would vaporize instantly. Recognizing that hoax compelled me to offer an alternative philosophy; to open the relief valve and let the pressure of guilt and oppression escape; to cover you with a blanket of understanding of the peace and love of our God. I am well aware that seemingly all religion stems from the ancient Egyptian pseudoscience of astrology. The Egyptians connected the dots of various star formations to form the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. Having no scientific knowledge about the universe, they interpreted the movements and positions of the stars and constellations as being the gods influencing their lives. Matthews version of travelers from the East searching for baby Jesus by following His star, as told in my childhood bible, described them as astrologers from the East. Later revision  of the bible describe them as Magi.  Magi were magicians who could perform tricks, and extort money by interpreting the stars. Still later versions of the bible refer to those people as wise men. Does anyone other than I see the deliberate attempt to cover up the obvious? The entire story is based on superstition. The obvious fact is, there are not many of us alive today who remember those facts and/or care. Typically, such matters would come under scrutiny only by researchers  and theologians. All such theologians who speak out are usually “silenced” immediately by the church; a steady “constant”. By actually defining our Supreme Being (God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Brahma etc), I am able to eliminate all the mystery from our existences. I can easily show that we all are in constant connectivity  by the Spirit of that Being. Jesus, our representative, paid the price for our selfishness. There is nothing we can do to enhance our eternal salvation. Our only justified prayer Is “Thank You Lord”. In order to promote peace in the world, I have called for the recognition of the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality” among all people. It recognizes out submission to Jesus command “love your neighbor as yourself”. For complete elucidation of that and many more considerations, I trust you will read my powerful little book Wilderness Cry; all major on-line book retailers.   Comments welcomed.

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