cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPROFUSE-This word means abundant, gushing, overflowing and the likes. Today I’m going to apply it to the Judaeo-Christian literature we all have been exposed to. In no way is my short dissertation intended to be disrespectful on condescending. It is intended, however to present you with a different perspective. Undoubtedly, there have been literally billions of volumes written on the subjects involved. I suppose one could say that is rather profuse. The reason for such profuse literature is rather simple to explain, but may be difficult for some to accept. After examining reams and volumes of these writings, it seems obvious that no one  knew nor accepted Jesus’ real identity. The Jews were not prepared to accept a poor carpenters son as their messiah. They, in no way, wanted to hear His simple message of LOVE. They were so disappointment to learn that Jesus was not going to “reestablish the kingdom” immediately. They wanted Paradise and they wanted it now. So when Jesus was killed, all sorts of stories sprang up about Him and , more importantly, about future expectations. Those stories were by word of mouth for the first fifteen years or so. Saul of Tarsus  (Paul) was the first and most prolific (profuse) writer. Undoubtedly, he had obtained his information about Jesus and His expected “second coming” from those whom he persecuted. In their determined zeal to have the kingdom restored immediately, they convinced Paul that Jesus’ return was imminent. Therein lies Paul’s admonition to one group to “put on a holy face; don’t be wasting time and energy getting married (the only reason for getting married was to relieve uncontrollable sexual needs; the reduction of women’s value to mere semen collection buckets). In Paul’s estimation, Jesus’ return might be “tomorrow”. Several years later, with no return yet, John Mark, Paul’s companion and “side-kick”, found it profitable to extend the time period somewhat. He did so in his Gospel (the first one written) by quoting Jesus as saying the end of the world and presumably His second coming would all occur before the current generation passed. Of course, a generation is forty years. Well it’s been almost two thousand years and no visible “coming” yet. Therein lies the reason for such abundant writings. From day one there has been little agreement about literally anything pertain to Jesus the Christ. There has been constant bickering both in person and in writing about any and each pertinent idea. The biblical writings have been a constant source of consternation and conflict. Even in the beginning, many “sacred writings” were excluded and burned because of their heretical content (they didn’t agree with ideation of those in charge at the time). All present-day “versions” of the bible stem from a single copy made two to three hundred years after the original. That original copy has been revised, altered and rewritten ad-nauseum since. And why? Because no one, but no one has agreed with anyone about who Jesus was nor what He said and did, but more importantly, what He meant in terms of life, living, and salvation. Therein lies the “need” for such abundant writings. Those writings, for the most part, are in some way usually an apologetic defense of an individual or group position. Those positions currently number 33,000. Seeing this and recognizing it folly compelled me to establish some rationality in that arena. In doing so, I first had to define God, The Trinity, The Holy Spirit (God’s Will), Soul, Eternity, Heaven and much, much more. I have compiled a complete philosophy which explains everything in simple language, but encompassing history, science and sound reasoning. In doing so I am able to Justify the salvation of the entire universe by the dearth of Jesus. I show many, many ideas contrary to conventional, irrational thinking which has generated such profuse, exuberant literature over the ages. If you have interest, my book, Wilderness Cry is available all major on-line outlets. Comments welcome.  handg@comcast,net

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