CONVEYOR-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

IMG_1605CONVEY-THIS WORD MEANS TO TRANSPORT OR COMMUNICATE SOMETHING. Authors write articles, periodicals and /or books for the explicit purpose of conveying their ideas to us. Manufacturers use conveyor belts to transport products and goods for one purpose or another. I have published a book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific and philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. I was compelled to write this book because it became crystal clear to me that all the worlds problems were caused by religion and/or ideology. It was obvious that none of them knew nor was willing to accept Truth. Each of them fabricated a set of self-serving rules and regulations which universally accomplished two things. Namely it put them in total control and secondly it put them at complete odds with their neighbor(s). Such a relationship immediately generates hostilities, and so the world has been in constant turmoil throughout recorded history. Philosophically speaking, no one is allowed to attempt discussion about any entity he/she cannot define. For instance, it would be impossible to convey any idea about a table to someone who had never heard of nor seen a table without first defining the essence of tableness for that person. For decades I was bombarded with talk about God, The Trinity, The Holy Spirit, Soul, Eternity and much more, only to be told they were mysteries and not understandable. No one, but no one ever defined any one of these entities. That realization forced me to embark on a journey of understanding.  That journey took me wandering through the jungles of ignorance, mythology, deceit, and arrogance seeking the truth; it was nowhere to be found. It suddenly occurred to me that there was only one Truth and that it was God; but who was God. No one had ever defined God. Obviously, if we are to speak about God, we must define Him, Her, It.. That I did in clear, irrefutable terms using just six simple little words; GOD IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. With that understanding, all the so-called mysteries disappeared. I am able to convey to you a crystal clear picture of all the above mentioned entities. Combining the basic concepts of known science, I am able to show you explicitly how God fashioned and keeps perfect everything in His universe(s). I am able to show you how the only evil in the universe is SELFISHNESS, and that evil is universal; God made it to be that way so His universe could function. However God, being Perfect, must be Perfect Love. Perfect love means “acceptance without conditions”. What better love object could God have than entire universe(s) of evil which He, Himself created? Enter Jesus, the super Einstein of His time. He saw through all, and recognizing that He alone understood those principles meant that He was the Messiah who had to “pay the price”. He did so willingly, but not without great fear and trepidation. My powerful little book conveys a clear, concise philosophy regarding everything spiritual and eternal. It is a must read for your complete exoneration and peace of mind and soul. We have been demonized to the ultimate by religion for what purpose; power, money, control. Religion is segregationist. Spirituality is universal. We all are united by the common bond of the Holy Spirit within us; we all belong to the communion of the body and blood of Christ because we and He are of the same substance, the Spirit of God. We all are of one Church; Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu,Buddhist etc. We all worship the same God wittingly or unwittingly. We all must do as Jesus commanded; Love our God with our all in whatever way we each may perceive that, and we must love our neighbor world-wide as ourselves. I trust my message was conveyed clearly. My book is available all on-line retailers.

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