PUZZLED-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPUZZLED-This word means lack of understanding. It application is as “common as house flies”. As we wander and grope our way through our lives, we find puzzlement everywhere we turn. Frequently, our puzzlement concerns something not directly concerning us; “I can’t understand why she would wear those shoes with that outfit”, and the likes. Many times it pertains to inability to solve a real problem; why your mower wont start etc. In the realm of Religion and Ideology, we are seemingly perpetually puzzled by apparent contradictions and/or lack of complete answers to our legitimate queries. The answer to the latter seems clear to me. Those who have assumed responsibility for our moral and religious instruction frequently are at odds among themselves concerning such matters. For that and other reasons (power, money, control) there are 33,000 so-called Christian religions alone as of 2014. The total lack of conformity and agreement among so-called religious leaders make answers to legitimate questions impossible.  Most often our questions are  met wit some bible quote or some other vague, evasive answer; we are left puzzled because we get on meaningful answer. Priests and preachers alike rant on and on about entities they cannot define. They preach to us about a “mythical” God. Enduring that irrational exposure all of my life compelled me to put my rationality to work and solve the puzzle. I did so by actually defining God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will and much more . I show irrefutably how and why the death of Jesus absolved all the evil (selfishness) in the universe. I show that the Perfect Love Of God (acceptance without conditions) precludes any possibility of “hell”, but rather guarantees our eternal bliss with our Creator through the sacrificial death of Jesus. I have put that complete philosophy concerning every aspect of our existence into a powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. It is available at all major on-line book retailers. You may want to read  it for your complete peace of mind and spirit.  handg@comcast.net

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