IMG_1605CAVITY-This word conjures up thoughts of all sorts; tooth decay, sink-holes in the ground, rotted out holes in trees, even Black Holes in our universe. The cavity I wish to address today is that of human disharmony. Everywhere one looks or listens, he/she is greeted with a cacophony of discord. We constantly are bickering, quarreling, and yes, sadly, fighting over some issue or another. When distilled down to its finite base, the issue generally has to do with conflicting ideas of morality, and about God, himself. Most often, those ideas are promoted as a pseudo-front for purposes of gaining votes in the political arena. Of course, that brings us back to the basics of the seemingly accepted human norm of POWER, CONTROL, MONEY. Now, I am certainly not naïve enough to think or believe that such a human condition  will likely ever change.

My purpose is to point out what seemingly should be obvious, but what in actuality exists in oblivion; that being the massive cavity, void if you will, swirling black hole,  of dis-spirituality and dis-commonality at the center of the human universe. I am unable to discover any historical document indicating the absence of such a cavity at any time since the inception of the human race. Is it too late to attempt the harnessing of such a giant cyclone? Probably, but certainly not too late to try. I am, in fact, unable to discover but only one meaningful attempt , JESUS.

When Jesus appeared on the scene, He saw exactly what we see today; bickering, warring, cheating, lying, stealing, hoity attitudes and the like. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” attitude was/is the accepted norm. He readily recognized two very important concepts; IMG_1065one-people’s attitudes and understandings must change if peace were to prevail; two-He would be killed for saying so. He went about, typically in isolated areas, spreading His message as discretely and quickly as possible before his inevitable apprehension and death. Jesus tried desperately hard to fill that massive swirling cavity of ignorance and arrogance, to calm that massive cavitating cyclone of evil which he observed so that the waters of calm could gently fill the void in the sea of humanity. And what was that magic message? One simple little word LOVE. You might say, “wait just one minute. How can love do all that?” In order to understand we must know the meaning of the word love; simply stated love means “acceptance“.

Jesus readily understood each person’s differences. However, He also knew the one thing that makes us alike, the commonality of our spirituality. He knew that his Spirit, his Father’s Spirit, and the Spirit of everything in existence were united in communion by The Holy Spirit, the Will of God.  He tried desperately hard to impart that message to his biased, ignorant companions. I must say, it is impossible for me to ascertain just how successful, if at all, he was in his efforts. Early Christian history is scant, but as best I can determine, the earliest followers went about breaking bread and praising God with prayers and songs of thanksgiving for the saving death of Jesus. The word Eucharist means thanksgiving. It was not a sacrificial offering, rather it was a memorial as Jesus had suggested. Better still, it represented an innate understanding that God resides  in all things—for that, we must be thankful.

So fast-forward to today. The massive cavity is growing by leaps and bounds. The world is torn to shreds by religious factions and/or ideologies attempting to impose their will on the rest of the world. We are, in fact, seemingly teetering on the brink of  total extinction. Why? That massive cavity of a bellicose nature generated by religions and ideologies is responsible. Somehow, some way, some one must step forward and start a massive campaign of love. Instead of our priests and preachers hammering every word of a book so as to demonize us and set us apart, they must concentrate on the only word of value in that book, love.

We all are God’s children, and, as such, are united by that common bond. We must cease being Divided Christians, Muslims , Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, etc. We must immediately become one people under God in whatever way one may consider that. Then and only then can our humanity be preserved. You may read my entire philosophy in my books Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality- all on-line vendors.

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Re-blogged from Jan. 2018

Peace in Spirituality by Hilary L. Hunt, M.D. – YouTube

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24 thoughts on “CAVITY-WILDERNESS CRY-Hilary L Hunt MD

  1. I really appreciated your perspective, but I would venture to expand on your premise. That this “cavity” that so astutely identified woven through and seemingly devouring humanity is originated is sin. This “cavity” is merely the evidence of sin. Jesus wasn’t “desperately” doing anything…He came to live a sinless life for 33 yrs and then to die. He was the perfect sacrifice for sin which entered the world in the garden.


    1. Sin, of course, is the universal evil, selfishness, instilled into everything by our creator so the universe could function. Jesus recognized that, died for His Father’s sin so He could be Perfect Love. He wanted the world to know through His followers. Sadly they rejected His identity and message. They wanted Paradise now. Hence we have disjointed Christianity with 33,000 denominations.


  2. What Bible are you reading from??? Obviously not any that has the true gospel. God is perfect there is no sin in Him. He son is perfect…. He was a pure sacrifice .who took on Himself Mans sins. He took the sins to the cross ,paid the price for our sins and thru his death and resurrection he is now seated at the right hand of God the Father. Yours is a convoluted child’s story that has no basis in the Truth of scriptures. But I’m sure there are many a person who believes such rubbish. Woe to you on that day my dear man…woe to you.


      1. I’m sorry, why pray, tell would I want to read a book that is talking about God..,and yet is not ” a religious ” book. There isn’t a religious bone in my body,I don’t “do” religion, but when you refer to my Papa, God as sinful you…have….. Lost me. Even in some twisted allegory form this is just not only warped but it is blasphemous. There has to better hobbies for a man of your intellectual prowess to engage in. Ticking God off with such ” twisted fairy tales” is not going get you a reservation that you’ll enjoy in eternity.


  3. OH my, that You tube is pretty invasive eh? Sorry.
    from Job 42:1-6
    Then Job answered the LORD, and said,

    2I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee.

    3Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge? therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not.

    4Hear, I beseech thee, and I will speak: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me.

    5I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.

    6Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes


    1. Barb, you are quoting from a book generated in mythology, thousands of years ago. Do we not have intellects to perceive and interpret, are we just puppets. Was everything worth knowing established 6,000 tears ago. I think not. Did we not see just yesterday a massive rocket take off for Mars? Could Job have done that? Neither could we without understanding some of God’s truth. We are in much better position of understanding God today than 6000 years ago Why are we still shackled with that mythology. Its the truth that hurts and the truth is Religion is the biggest money-making business in the world. It is a complete hoax My book explains all


      1. You are man greatly to be pitied, by the time you come to realize the truth of the scriptures, it will be to late. I’m very sorry for you. Your intellect ,your human reason is your prison. Your spirit man will never soar because you refused to love the truth. Tragedy, oh my.


      2. I am sure that God knows my heart…. is only to discern from your words, YOUR declarations of who you make God out to be….”for out of the abundance of the heart ,the mouth speaks”. You “judge ” Him to be like man..small and petty….not worthy of awe. The writer of “mythology” rather that Holy Spirit penned truth. Typical response when some is warned of false “doctrine” impending disaster… they run the ” your judging me”. But you keep digging that hole your in…see how dark things get.


      3. My 64 yr old husband works to hard,for me to spend a dime on any book. I read quite a bit on Amazon, “look here”. ….Believe me….that was quite enough.
        Haha “peddling religion “. Surely you jest. No, sir, I was a stay home mom of 6 sons ,and I sold real estate at one time…husband is contractor and semi retired attorney. I’m not associated with any church…. God rarely shows up there anymore. I got saved, born again, by the Holy Spirit’s leading. No church… No person… the Holy Spirit drew me to the Lord. I have a testimony that is devoid of religion.. My passion for the God ,Jesus,the Spirit, is founded on nearly 40 yrs of walking with Him, reading His word,(man does not live by bread alone) seeing His hand at work in HUGE ways, and in minute details of my life, that speak of His love. In the days ahead things are going to begin to happen that man has never seen. Such destruction and evil…. You, along with millions of people will be forced to stand by what you ” believe ” . Your “doctrine” will be tested by fire. You will be sorry that you have built you life around smoke and mirrors, A house of straw. And yet you mock and scoff at’ll see the scripture’s are no “myth” . But it will to late to change the horse you are riding. Every time you defend your beliefs they become you. Like DNA…they weave their tentacles deep her and deeper until you could hear/ see the truth if smacked you in the face. Who knows ,you might be there already. Eh?


      4. I am touched…. and moved by your brief bio. Loving people, is taking the time for sincere, honest discourse. Truth can appear harsh, rending the teller of such in a similar light, but it is truth and love that compels me. To bring the light of God to bear on a life of someone has been my great joy. Sometimes the hearer has an ear to hear and some times not. I never forget how flawed I am, and but for the grace of God and the sacrifice of Christ for my sins I walk free of shame and guilt. Unpalatable message to most….but my story nonetheless.


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