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IMG_1605CAVITY-This word conjures up thoughts of all sorts; tooth decay, sink-holes in the ground, rotted out holes in trees, even Black Holes in our universe. The cavity I wish to address today is that of human disharmony. Everywhere one looks or listens, he/she is greeted with a cacophony of discord. We constantly are bickering, quarreling, and yes, sadly, fighting over some issue or another. When distilled down to its finite base, the issue generally has to do with conflicting ideas of morality. Most often, those ideas are promoted as a pseudo-front for purposes of gaining votes in the political arena. Of course, that brings us back to the basics of the seemingly accepted human norm of POWER, CONTROL, MONEY. Now, I am certainly not naive enough to think or believe that such a human condition  will ever likely change. My purpose is to point out what seemingly should be…

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