cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSTIFLE-What an appropriate word to describe the adverse effects of religion and ideology have on the possibility of spiritual unity among mankind. Just today, I had the honor and privilege of attending the funeral service of a life-long acquaintance and friend. It occurred at my home-town Catholic church. The church was packed with family, friends and well-wishers. The presiding priest gave a beautiful and meaningful homily describing the lifelong achievements of the deceased. It was humerus as well as meaningful. After the funeral Mass and grave-site rites were concluded, as is the usual wont, a massive, beautiful, and tasty meal was sever in the local K if C Hall by its’ members for any and all to attend. Several hundred packed the hall. People visited, reminisced, met old friends , and generally had a good time. I was duly impressed as usual; I have attended dozens of such events over the years. However, a shudder of sadness suddenly dampened my joy. The thought occurred to me, these people were all Catholic. Would a non-catholic neighbor just three miles down the road have been treated similarly? answer is no, but why? He didn’t belong. He didn’t believe as we did. Religious difference had stifled any such possibility. How sad, but why? Before any such individual could be admitted to the flock, he/she would be required to undergo a vigorous indoctrination into Catholic belief and profess to accept it as his own. Plainly, religion and ideology divide us; they make any possibility of a universal spiritual union among people absolutely remote. Why?; POWER, CONTROL, MONEY. There is no Power or Control needed in the spiritual unity of all mankind under the HOLY SPIRIT: there is no controlling force necessary in bringing all people under the singular umbrella of communion (the recognition that all are of the same “substance” as their creator and redeemer, Jesus. Admitting such would obviate the need for all central power sources. More importantly, it would remove permanently the STIFLING blanket of guilt and oppression thrown over us all by the all-condemning preachers. The money flow into the pockets of the doomsday preachers  would dry up, but, rather, would be redirected to the needy and poor. Sadly, this realization and acceptance will likely never be adopted from the “TOP DOWN”; just as in politics of any kind, it MUST come from “GRASS ROOTS” up. The power mongers of religion and ideologies will likely NEVER relinquish their positions voluntarily.  Please give me just one tiny, logical reason, if you can, why I am incorrect in  my assessment. All comments welcome. My book Wilderness Cry elucidates all. It is available all major on-line outlets.

One thought on “STIFLE_WILDERNESS CRY-Hilary L Hunt MD

  1. The religious deal in judgement and condemnation from their elevated observation platforms. They believe in absolute freedom or otherwise their system would unravel.
    The non Catholics were always free to become Catholics despite and rejecting a long causal chain starting from childhood that produced a non Catholic. In fact it was the same flavor of causal chain that made them themselves turn out to be Catholics.


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