cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINKLING-Now that word really hits a nerve with me when thinking of God, religion, and spirituality. Of course the word means a slight knowledge, or understanding or insight of something. I listen to preachers of all types and religious backgrounds rattle on about human evils and/or demons. Unwittingly, without the slightest inkling of what they are really speaking of, they are describing exactly the “human condition”. They seemingly know not, nor care not, about how that “human condition” comes to be. As I have stated repeatedly elsewhere in my book, there is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, anyone nor anything that is not a perfect example of what it represents. Why is that? Simply because there are no two exacts of any entity that make up our gross universe. In the realm of quanta (tiniest particles of energy of which everything is made), I am lead to believe by particle physicists that each named unit (quantum) is, in fact, identical to its counterparts. My philosophy, of course, states that those particles were imagined by God’s Perfect Intellect, and created and made perfect and sustained perfect by His Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit; hence my proclamation that there is absolutely nothing in this universe that is not perfect in form and function. With that understanding, and recognizing that each person at any given moment is the resultant living consequence of all the foregoing consequences in his/her live, it should be readily recognizable that none of us is responsible for being the individual we are. Seemingly, preachers are, either not schooled in the psychology of personality development, or they choose to ignore it. If they truly were schooled, it would be scandalous for them to incessantly preach a cult of shame, guilt and damnation of their fellow man. My suspicion is that the average preacher has not the slightest inkling  of what and how this universe is constructed, nor how it operates, but, more importantly, they seemingly have a lesser inkling of how human personality develops. If they did, they would be the most deliberately evil people imaginable for continually condemning us for simply being people; what God made (allowed) us to be. If they had the slightest inkling of knowledge regarding those matters, they would be preaching an attitude of love (acceptance); a spiritual unity among God’s children. Of course, that form of ideation would necessitate the relinquishment of their almighty power over our souls. More importantly, it would obviate our guilt- ridden obligation of filling the collection basket each Sunday with our hard-earned money. As a matter of acceptance, I suspect, at the least, the managers of seminaries have an inkling of that understanding, but in their quest for power, money and control, combined with their determination to expand their domains,  they continue to plough us under. Jesus never suggested anything of the such. He told us explicitly to Love our God with our all and Love (accept) our neighbor as our self. Why? Because He had more than an inkling  of knowledge and understanding about how and why each of us is the person we are; we all are equal; none more equal than another. My book addresses that and many, many, more such philosophical considerations. You can purchase it on-line at all major book vendors. thanks for listening today.

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