MISSING-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngMISSING- What a beautifully appropriate word for our time, and for all times past. Just a casual glance at our world today as well as our  world throughout history will expose one glaring reality.  That reality is the fact that the one ingredient necessary for peace and happiness is woefully missing from our world -wide society. And what might that missing ingredient be? Plainly stated it is SPIRITUALITY. Likely, each of us has been inculcated to some degree or another with some form of religion and/or ideology. Each of those entities is different from all others generally and/or specifically. There is no singular uniting force to be found among them. For that singular reason, people throughout all ages have been divided against each other. The result is obvious; perpetual hostilities; wars, wars, and more wars. Those wars rage on in every conceivable form and fashion; nation against nation, ideology against ideology, religion against religion, and yes, sadly, person against person. Why? Because the one vital uniting force of Spirituality has never, ever been recognized nor employed by neither “the kings nor the peasants”. As far as I can determine Jesus was the only person to ever live who not only recognized but commanded that we accept that standard as our directing force. Sadly, throughout history it has been completely ignored by each and every religious and ideological leader. Jesus told us in no uncertain terms that the only pathway to happiness is LOVE. And what is love? Very simply stated love is ACCEPTANCE. Jesus, being the genius He was, recognized that each person is a specific individual unto itself with no possibility of anyone having a likeness. Jesus recognized that each person, and indeed everything in existence, carries the essential image of its creator. As such, everything is united by that common Spirituality, The Holy Spirit (Will of God). How is then possible that we as a human race have never, ever, even for one second, recognized nor honored that simple fact? The answer is very simple, SELFISHNESS. Ideological leaders seek to control the world to satisfy their selfish greed of POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL. Religious leaders seek to demean and control their subjects by preaching a cult of guilt and damnation. Why? They don’t “give a damn” about your soul. What they do care about is POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL. They tongue-wag continuously and continually about a “mythical God”. Likewise they stammer all over themselves about the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and much more, without having even the slightest clue of understanding about that of which they speak. No one is allowed to attempt to speak definitively about anything he/she cannot define. Recognizing that massive ball of fallaciousness, compelled me to do something never before done, so that some meaningful rationality could be brought to our consciousness. I defined each of those entities specifically and definitively. I defined God in irrefutable terms; “God IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING”. The SON is God’s Perfect Intellectual Reflection Upon Himself and being supernatural is a living being. The HOLY SPIRIT  is the perpetual LOVE (acceptance) between those two Perfect Beings; THE WILL OF God is their Perfect Acceptance of their  Singular Perfect Intellect . SOUL is the essential Reflection of God’s Essence in everything. ETERNITY is a STATE OF BEING WITHOUT CHANGE. GOD, BEING PERFECT AND THEREBY INCAPABLE OF CHANGE, EXISTS IN ETERNITY. Peace is not possible without humanity recognizing and embracing the absolute fact that ALL are UNITED by the COMMON BOND OF A SINGULAR SPIRITUALITY, THE ESSENCE OF GOD. There is so much more that I have addressed in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry-a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe. It is available at all major on-line book retailers $10.95; Kindle-$4.99. I would strongly urge each of you to read it. This message must be promulgate and accepted world-wide for the sake of the preservation of our existence.Great forces are at work even as I write which are determined to destroy us. We must recognize the “missing” link and become united under one  common banner, spirituality; we all are God’s children. We must recognize what that truly means and accept its’ command, SPIRITUAL UNITY.

One thought on “MISSING-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

  1. I enjoyed this book as it made me think and ask questions. There were many things I agreed with yet many things I questioned, thought about and reasoned over. Some things I still question and a few I still have a disagreement. Overall I found the book informative and enjoyable and I learned a few things throughout. The author came from a catholic background but it relates very well to religion in general. The main point being no matter what religion or way of life, following Jesus command to love God and love one another transcends religious lines and interpretations.


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