TIME-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTIME: this word indicates a very simple but necessary concept in order for us to understand and deal with the change that takes place in our universe on a continuing and continual basis. In other words, time is a measurement of change. As intelligent beings, we not only recognized change but we perceived the need to calibrate the rate of change so as to be able to arrange suitable schedules of our activities. All sorts of designations of measurement have been developed since humans occupied this earth. Even the Egyptians fourteen thousand years ago calculated that it takes roughly 26,000 years for each of the twelve Zodiac characters to rotate off the horizon.

So for our everyday use, ordinary humans arrange their schedules according to seconds, minutes, days and years. Physicists, mathematicians and other natural or particle physicists may employ a different set of time parameters. Regardless of designation, each is an expression of degree of change. For instance, we may set our automobile on cruise control at 70 mph. That  tells us that one hour from now we will have changed location by seventy miles. Unconsciously, we routinely use time considerations on a moment to moment basis as a guide to orderliness in our lives.

IMG_0082There are, however, many time considerations used by astrophysicists, cosmologists, particle physicists and others to determine a stars distance  from earth. It has been calculated to take 100,000 years for light traveling at the speed of 186,000 m/sec to go from one side of out Milky Way galaxy to the other side. Most of those distance calculations are based on star’s color spectrum and brightness. In any event, scientists have used those methods to calculate that it has been roughly 13.7 billion years since the universe came into existence. One cannot fathom the distance that light traveling at 186,000 miles/ second would travel in 13.7 billion years.

Now put on your ‘thinking hat’ and try to imagine a God who caused it to happen. How would you describe such a being. The Bible describes him in various ways. The usual way is a grizzled old man in semi-bust form sitting in the clouds and lording over his earth creation—seemingly, he has no real concern about the rest of his creation. Mind you, compared with the remainder of creation, the earth is totally insignificant in both size and function—or so it seems.

With closer observation, we have discovered that the earth is, in fact, made of exactly the same identical material as all of the rest of creation. In fact, those tinniest of particles of energy are the only creation ever made in the scope of our ‘time’ measurements. In addition, we have observed that there are different types of these particles which have been given specific names such as photons, electrons, bosons, etc. We also have observed that each of those particles of a specific kind is identical to and indistinguishable from it counterparts. Also, close observation has shown that each is absolutely perfect in both form and function.

IMG_1065Having made those observations causes many of us to ask a very fundamental question—where did all that come from? Did it just happen or, possibly, did some unseen Higher Power account for it all? The ‘miniscule’ picture of such a ‘possible creator’ as painted in the Bible becomes  almost a laughing matter when one considers the magnitude of the task. Simple observation of the gross universe shows it to be constantly changing. However, its ‘building blocks’ are each prefect and unchanging. So where does that leave us?

If we understand Eternity to be a state of being without change (no time), and we simultaneously recognize the perfection and unchangeability of the universe’s building blocks, then we may begin to get an inkling into the understanding of their creator. Their creator exists in eternity—so do the building blocks of our changing universe. So a logical conclusion would be that the building blocks mimic the image of their creator-–they are their own creator. How can that be? What kind of creator is this anyway? How may we define it? That identical question has been pondered by theologians and great philosophers and thinkers from the beginning of recorded history.

Because none of them had benefit of knowledge about the particle world of perfection, they were never able to define the essence of their creator—each, in turn, failed completely. As luck and determination would have it, with the development of Quantum Mechanics, this particle perfection gradually came to light. I was fortunate to explore its ramifications—mind you, I’m no particle physicist, but I understand the principles. that understanding ‘turned on my lights’. God is Perfect Rationality. That definition explained all—it removed all mystery. It explained precisely the Trinity. It explained precisely Jesus and his need to die. It explained precisely God’s Perfect Love. In short, it explained everything—it left not a single lingering doubt.

We started todays discussion talking about time. Now were talking about a mixture of time (measure of change) and eternity (no change). God exists in everything in an unchanging eternity, whilst at the same time he is evolving an entire gross universe of selfish change—why? The obvious reason is so he could die in the image of Jesus and thereby exonerate all with his  Perfect Love.

Please read my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality for a fuller understanding. I am attaching Covenant Books Press Releases and video trailers for each.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spirituality

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