cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSPIRITUALITY- Just what is spirituality? Likely, if you were to ask that question of a thousand people, you’d get a thousand different answers—all would be vague. Two years ago, on this very site, I called for the understanding and acceptance of  The World-wide Communion of Spirituality—my call continues. About six months ago, Covenant Books released the second of by books titled Peace in Spirituality. This book represents just one of a myriad of natural extensions of my philosophy of the  essence of God’s nature as outlined in my first book, Wilderness Cry.

As noted above, most responses about spirituality would be vague, the reason being that before one can understand ‘spirituality’, one must understand the Trinity. Of course, all Christians have been taught (told) that the Trinity is a ‘mystery’ and not understandable to us mere mortals. One might ask the logical question then, if we can’t understand it and it’s a mystery, what good does it do to talk about it?—we literally don’t know what we’re talking about.

I pondered that question for sixty years—I poured over volume after volume of history, philosophy and natural science. Then, as luck would have it, for some reason I took an extensive overview course in Quantum Mechanics (particle physics)—twenty four lectures of thirty five to forty five minutes each. To my amazement, I discovered that everything in the universe is composed of identically the same things—of course, I already knew that everything was composed of atoms, but I didn’t know what atoms themselves were made of. Neither did I know that the   individual particles of light called photons could behave in both wave pattern and particulate pattern. I discovered that the tinniest particles of energy with names such as photons, electrons, bosons etc. were each identical to its counterparts in both form and function—neither could any of them be reduced to a smaller dividend. In other words, each particle was perfect in both form and function and unchangeable. IMG_0082What a startling revelation—they all existed in eternity just as God.

So lets get this straight, everything in our gross physical world is composed of infinite, perfect, eternal energy particles, while at the same time their ultimate constructions are constantly changing (evolving). That understanding suggested to me that there was/is a Perfect Rationality which designed and keeps them perfect—eureka!! I finally was able to define God’s essence— God is a Perfect Rational Being. That Perfect Intellect reflecting upon itself sees a ‘mirror image’ of itself—in the supernatural, that image is a living being also (the second person of Trinity). Then two Perfect Intellects viewing each other have no choice except to accept, love, choose each other—that is the Will of God (the Holy Spirit). Therefore, the Will of God, the Holy Spirit is indelibly imprinted on each particle of energy of which all things are made. That recognition and acceptance my friends is spirituality.

IMG_1065Therein lies my basis for calling for the World-wide Communion of Spirituality. It gives real literal meaning to Saint Paul’s assertion that we are ‘temples of the Holy Spirit’—indeed we and everything in existence likewise.

This understanding allows for a real meaning of spirituality. Moreover, that understanding and acceptance are mandatory if peace is ever to be achieved. For full enrichment and comprehension, please read my two little books.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spiritiality

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