Perfect-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPerfect (4): Today I want to address God’s Perfect Intellect. Recognizing that “perfect” demands the concept of nothing lacking, then we are compelled to accept the philosophical fact that absolutely nothing of any kind has ever happened nor will ever happen without the foreknowledge of God’s Perfect Intellect. This acknowledgement would cause many to accuse me of being a predeterminist— not so fast. I had this same identical conversation with a devout Christian three years ago. He had made the same erroneous assertion. I explained to him why he was in error in his assertion. I said, “Sir, you are sitting there in my chair talking to me. I know just as certain as I know my name that before this day is over, you will leave my house, dead or alive, hopefully alive. So, my knowing that  fact, does not in any way incriminate me in its causing”. “Oh” he said, “I see. God knows what we will do, but he is not making us do it. He is allowing us to do it.” “Absolutely correct”, I responded–he was relived.

Even that concept has far-reaching implications. We have already observed that everything in this universe is  evil by virtue of its  selfishness. You may shriek in horror at such a suggestion. How could a perfect God create or allow to be created an entire universe of evil? Believe it or not, I pondered that question also. Then suddenly  the  light came on again.—it has to do with God’s Perfect love. That will be the subject of my next correspondence.

In the meantime, back to God’s perfect intelligence. Is it possible to imagine an intellect so astute as to be right in the middle of orchestrating every nuclear reaction, of which there are an inestimable number occurring simultaneously in all the suns of the universe, or to be  riding herd, so to speak on every earthquake, volcano, hurricane, tornado—again an inestimable number? I can’t imagine, but I know it is true. How about every snowflake, drop of rain or every shimmering grain of sand? By the way, astute scientists have estimated that there are more suns in the universe that grains of sand on all the earth’s beaches. Can you imagine that?—I  can’t. And there is a perfect intelligence that imagined, created and keeps track of each and every one!

It is, in fact, impossible for our miniscule human minds to imagine such—we can know it is true from what we observe, but we cannot possibly grasp a visual of it–such is the magnitude of our God!

Again. I will refer you to my two books published by Covenant Books and available worldwide both hardcopy and e-books, Wilderness Cry, and Peace in Spirituality. Understanding that not everyone reads all of my posts, I will insert Covenant Books Press Release, and a short video trailer about Wilderness Cry. Please take a moment to review them.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

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