Perfect-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L. Hunt M.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPerfect: Since we now know that everything in this universe is made of identical tiny indivisible particles of energy collectively known as quanta, and since we know that each of its kind is identical to its counterparts, and since we know that not one more nor less is in existence since the Big Bang, and since we know that each is perfect in form and function, we are now entitled to assume that a perfect rationality designed and maintains them that way. Mankind, throughout the centuries, has called that Rationality by literally dozens, maybe hundreds of names—some of the more common modern names are God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Buddha. Each of these designations represent mans attempt to name their supreme being in contra- distinction to other’s supreme beings. Unwittingly, each group was identifying with the same being but didn’t recognize it—the reason being that no one had defined its essence. My definition of that Being’s essence makes clear that they are all one and the same.

With that in mind we are now free to examine some attributes (accidents) of that Being. Before beginning those discussions, I want to lay a couple of ground-rules. 1-that Supreme Being has no sex, so, properly should be referred to as It; however, since we live in a patristic society, in an attempt to “hurt no one’s ears”, I’ll go with the program and call it “him”. 2- since the word God is universally understood, I shall refer to that Supreme Being as God, but in no way belittling other common designations.

One of the most readily recognizable attributes of God is power. Consider this, the universe is filled with billions/trillions of star aggregates known as galaxies and each galaxy is filled with billions/trillions of stars (suns) most of which are millions/billions of miles apart. Light traveling at the rate of 186,000miles/second takes 100,000 years to traverse our Milky Way galaxy alone. It is doubtful there is a human mind which can visualize the magnitude of even one galaxy to say nothing of the entire universe. Yet there is a God who created and maintains perfect each and every quantum of energy which makes up our universe—some great big, powerful God. We cannot even begin such a visualization—we have no reference points.

One might unwittingly say that such a powerful God could do “anything”—not so fast; remember our God is perfect and what does perfect mean?  It mean unchanging and unchangeable. There goes miracles out the window. A miracle refers to an unnatural change in the course of events—not possible in God’s world. So in my understanding, all of the so-called miracles we have been exposed to represent nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of people who do/did not know God—that realization is an unbelievably terrible hurt. Grant you, there have been many seemingly inexplicable events throughout history. One of the most common is the spontaneous resolution of a cancer. There is a scientific explanation and it usually has to do with undetected activity of that person’s immune system—on the surface, it seems like a miracle—in reality, it is simply God’s little workers doing their thing in secrecy (not detectable or at least not detected by medical science).

The basic truth is this—God made one and only one  creation and that is the tiny quanta of energy which make up everything. Those particles have various names and functions. However, each of its kind is perfect in both form and function. Since the moment of the Big bang, each quantum has done its job unceasingly and perfectly. Therefore, what some call evolution in the visible world, I tend to think of as God’s continuing creation. The basic building blocks remain the same but their application produce everchanging results. In the visible world it would be likened to using ten million bricks with accompanying mortar to build all sorts of different structures—the buildings all look different and have differing uses and purposes, but the are all made of identically the same bricks. That is God’s way. Much, much more to come.

I will remind you of my extensive writings on this subject in my two books, Wilderness Cry  and Peace in Spirituality—both published by Covenant Books and available world-wide both hard-copy and e-books. Press Release and video trailer for Wilderness Cry attached.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry


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