ABRUPT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

ABRcropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngUPT: As promised yesterday, I will continue to develop my philosophy concerning our creator and supreme Being. The word abrupt is very apropos, because my philosophy demands an abrupt change of thought process and understanding. Consider this; if we define our Supreme Being (SB) as “A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING”, then we are committed to the concept that change of that SB is impossible. By its very nature, something perfect cannot possibly be changed; if so it would no longer be perfect. It can neither be pleased nor displeased. Also, It would no longer exist in Eternity, because change = time, and since there is no time in Eternity, change for our SB is impossible. Neither can so-called miracles happen at the hand of our SB; a true miracle would require our SB to change Its nature; there again requiring change.  All the so-called miracles described in the bible and elsewhere, are by necessity either illusions or deliberate deceptions, or possibly misinterpretations of the facts at hand. Every event of every occurrence since the beginning of time is and has been the result of every preceding event since the original creation. Ignorant people in biblical and prehistoric times interpreted events in their lives based on unscientific perceptions (perception is reality). They had  absolutely no scientific understanding of the universe in which they existed. To their credit, they tried but failed more miserably than a blind man looking for a needle in a hay stack the size of the empire state building. They conjured up ideas of an “ambivalent” deity (God). They assumed that when things were going well in their lives, they were ‘finding favor’ with this God. Contrarily, when they experienced failures and/or disasters, they automatically assumed that their God didn’t approve of their behavior and showered them with distress. They even went so far as to decide which activities (sins) God disliked. Of course all those activities were exactly what God had instilled in them in the first place (human-animal nature). They reasoned that their God must be appeased in reparation for their sins so as to escape more harsh punishment. Consequently. the world has been shackled with the idea of “sacrifice” in one form or another  since. Here again, they and we (present-day people) still hold to the irrational idea that our SB can be changed. The ramifications of conceptualizing our SB as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING—a definition which no one can refute—are immeasurable. At this point it should be noted for the billionth time that all the discord and wars the world has ever known have, for the most part, been prompted by religion and/or ideologies. Religion is the singular culprit. It is undoubtedly the largest “business” the universe has ever known. With 33,000 Christian denominations alone world-wide, and each calming authenticity over the others, there is little wonder discord escalates. This world desperately needs an ABRUPT change in philosophical understanding and acceptance of our SB if we as a people are to survive. If you care to know the full story, my little book Wilderness Cry, will lay it out for you in no uncertain terms.  Amazon, Kindle, et al.  To be continued.

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