DISRUPT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

DISRUPTcropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.png means to interfere with the completion of an act or idea. It has utmost significance when considering actions and/or ideas aimed at promoting peace  in our local, national and world societies. The disruption comes in many forms and shapes, but almost always has as its basis ideologies and/or religions. For instance, the world now seems to be divided between three basic economic ideologies. One, democratic capitalism, which promotes the idea that, as individuals, we may work and reap the rewards of our earnings while sharing some of those earnings for development and maintenance of essential services, such as roads, travel, defense etc. It also presumes a “good Samaritan” attitude, incumbent upon all, of freely helping the needy and unfortunate through supporting charitable services. Its opposite is socialism which presumes people not to be able nor competent to care for themselves. Therefore the wealth of those willing to work will be confiscated by the all knowing government and distributed to those who are unwilling or unable to work (forced charity) (redistribution of wealth).Of course, under the heading of socialism, comes a variety of “isms” of similar ilk. Thirdly are also oligarchies and Theocracies which are nothing more than dictatorships where the public has literally no say in how things are managed. GENERALLY SPEAKING, RELIGION OR LACK THEREOF of ONE SORT OR ANOTHER FORMS THE BASE OPERATING PHILOSOPHY OF ALL EXCEPT DEMOCRACY. Religion and/or ideology has been the basis of all wars since the beginning of recorded history, and the principle disrupter of any peace effort. My contention is that the root cause of all this chaos is failure of anyone ever to define their Supreme Being. Each world religion has as its basis its own deity, and each deity is different from all others. It occurred to me that in spite of what different religions might think, each is worshiping the same Supreme Being; there can be only one Supreme Being (a rose by any other name is still a rose). So, I did something that, as far as I can determine, has never before been done. I defined the essence of our Creator. By defining It as A PERFEFCT RATIONAL BEING, I am able to show that all deities are the same one (God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, Buddha, etc.). I am able to eliminate all the mystery from our lives. I am able to give a scientifically and philosophically sound basis for defining the Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and much more. I am able to show that because of our Creator’s Perfect Love, any consideration of Hell is ridiculous and impossible. I am able to give the world a singular uniting force, love, rather than the perpetual disrupting force of religions and ideologies. I would strongly encourage each of you to read my little book. I am certain you will conclude it to be the most enlightening experience of your lifetime. I apologize for my late post but I have been extremely busy getting my gardens planted in support of our local Community Kitchen here in Paducah, KY, USA. Our kitchen feeds 300 or so indigent people a hearty, healthy free lunch five days weekly, and give most free supplies to use at home on weekends. My wife and I supply them with bushel after bushel of fresh, homegrown vegetables, including cabbage, potatoes, bell peppers, banana and jalapeno peppers, snap beans, cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes and sweet potatoes annually. It is our way of living out the only dictum Jesus gave us: Love your neighbor as yourself. Once you read my little thesis, you will have a clear understanding of that principle. Love is the only uniting force in the universe that can promote peace. We must show that love by example. Recognizing that each person in the world is imprinted with the same identical spiritual “brand”, prompted me to call for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. As such we all are brothers and sisters. Won’t you join me in that recognition wherever you are in a peace promoting effort? My book, Wilderness Cry, is available Amazon, Kindle, Et Al. All comments welcomed.  handg@comcast.net. Let’s break up the disruptive force of hatred fostered by religions and ideologies. Only through grass-root efforts can it ever be accomplished; never from top down.

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