BETRAYED- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngBETRAYED- Today marks the anniversary of the day Jesus was betrayed. Reportedly, even His closest friend didn’t know and/or trust Him. Some even report that His betrayal was contrived; that Judas was the only apostle who really recognized Jesus and His mission, and His Betrayal was planed by Jesus so His mission could be completed. Whatever the case, it is an historical event verified by secular history. What eventuated afterwards, I consider to be the betrayal of the entire human race. We don’t now, and likely never will, know the exact history of what transpired from the day of Jesus crucifixion until the year 325 AD. What we do know is that when Constantine, Emperor of the Roman Empire, called the first Council At Nicaea, The followers of Jesus were already splintered into many fighting factions. Because of their squabbling, little production for the state was being accomplished. In spite of being a pagan himself, Constantine reasoned that he would never be able to control the Jesus masses without relinquishing to their wishes. Accordingly, He convened the bishops for a Council. Of the 1800 bishops in his empire, only 280-300 attended. He commissioned them to come to a compromise, and formulate a unified religion of their choice which would be the official religion of the entire Roman Empire. Dissenters had a choice of beheading or exile. That commission is where the great betrayal of mankind came into play. Those bishops did formulate a religion which in no way resembled the teaching of Jesus, Love. It did, however, put them in total control, and was formulated to maintain that control by teaching a religion of guilt, fear and damnation. Jesus taught Love. As a consequence, humanity has been demonized every way imaginable from being declared witches, to being possessed by evil spirits. Women were declared intrinsically evil because they carried all the incitement to sin by virtue of their sex. Rational people, observing those atrocities, eventually began to break away from the “Mother Church” and form churches (religions) of their own design. Consequently, we now have 33,000 different so-called Christian religions world-wide, each preaching a different “version” of Jesus. What a “betrayal” !!!! . In my little book, Wilderness Cry, I make some rational philosophical sense of this mess by going back to the “root Jesus” and His message of Love. I expose religion for what it is, a HOAX. I define our Supreme Being as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. In doing so, so, I am able to wipe away all the mysteries in our lives. I show that God’s perfection must include Perfect Love (acceptance without conditions). That love was executed and perfected by the death of Jesus. Perfect Love precludes any possibility of Hell, but rather guarantees our eventual union with the Perfect Spirit of our Creator, a “REAL HEAVEN”, and in no way reminiscent of the humanistic heaven fabricated by the Council of Nicaea. I am vigorously trying to rectify our betrayal by presenting you with an irrefutable philosophy. Wilderness Cry is available at Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  All comments welcomed..

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