RADIANT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngNothing is more radiant than the Love (Acceptance) of God. His love permeates the deepest recesses of every quantum of His creation. His love generates a brilliant, all encompassing, glow of indescribable proportion and impossible duplication. The reason is that God’s Love is His Holy Will, The Holy Spirit. It represents the absolute choice by His Perfect Will of the vision generated by His Perfect Intellect. Therefore, everything in existence is joined in a common Spirituality. As such we all are brothers and sisters in the Likeness of our Creator. Why is it that we supposedly rational humans have never once been able to discern and accept that simple concept. The reason is clear. Religion and Ideology. Ideology generally places no stock in the existence of God. Religion is selfish and cultist, pitting one group against all others; all for power, money and control. Accepting such a universal concept would obviate the need for religion. Therefore I have called for recognition and acceptance of God’s radiant Love through the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality”. It is the only way peace will ever be achieved. In my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, I have spelled out in complete detail all of the detrimental elements radiating from religion. Likewise I have shown the unbelievable radiating beauty of God’s Love by demonstrating conclusively, both scientifically and philosophically, that God’s Image is imprinted on every quantum of energy in this universe; that imprint, of course, is the Holy Spirit. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  All comments welcomed.  handg@comcast.net

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