FACT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngFACT- A fact is some idea or circumstance that can be proven scientifically and/or philosophically. In science, something becomes fact when it can be proven by repeated experiments giving identical results. Philosophically, something can be proven to be fact by its irrefutability. For instance the term SUPREME BEING factually means none can possibly be greater. In the field of “religion”, all sorts of entities and ideas are presented as “fact”, when, “in fact”, they are erroneous assertions. For instance, many will assert that the bible is absolutely factual in spite of the “fact” that most biblical scholars can and do prove otherwise. Given that factual assertion, each group, in turn, has fashioned a “religion” of its own liking.  Based on their “religion” and using their “factual” bible which is different from fifty other “factual” bibles, they are able to usurp God’s power and cast judgement on any and all of their choosing. In addition, each, in turn, feels free to alter concepts of God according to his/her desires, and they are able to justify their actions based on the “factual” bible which they altered to suit their own wishes and ideas in the first instance: “dog chasing its tail”; “cart before the horse” etc. In the meantime, not a single one has come close to “defining” this god of theirs. Philosophically, that is a no, no. Factually, we are not allowed to speak definitively about any entity whose “essence” we cannot define. Ask one of them a question and they immediately evade the question by either demeaning your person directly or by quoting passages from their corrupted book. Questions are never welcomed because factual answers are not available. The famous Greek philosopher Sophocles was put to death by the Athenians because they didn’t want anyone questioning their governmental and philosophical policies; they would not tolerate anyone “messing with” their playhouse. Sophocles, on the other hand, relentlessly taught his students and anyone who would  listen to “question everything”. By that he meant “make them define their words and statements”. So they killed him by making him drink poison. Does that story sound familiar? “Don’t like the message, kill the messenger”. I believe without factual check that exact story is told in the bible, regarding different people and circumstances as many as three times. The most notable is Jesus, the Christ. Jesus came with a message of “factual Truth”, which nobody wanted to hear and what happened? They killed Him. And immediately differing stories about His identity and teachings sprang up like freshly sprouting wheat; and they have not stopped 2,000 years later. We still have new “versions of factual” Jesus leading to creation of new religions. The simple truth is that none are “factual” because at this point, none can be proven. We are constantly being bombarded with exhortations to believe something with “no factual foundation”. That, of course, is irrational. Recognizing all those facts prompted me to develop and present to you an irrefutable philosophically factual definition of God (Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Brahma etc; a Supreme Being); a rose by any other name is still a rose. I am able to define the essence of our Supreme Being and all Its Attributes (Trinity, Jesus, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and everything related to our existence). In doing so, I am able to show that religion is a cultist hoax perpetrated on the human race forever, mostly for personal and/or national gain. On the other hand, I am able to show “factually” how the “essence of our Supreme Being” resides in every particle of energy of which everything in this universe is made. I am able to to show that the Spirit of Our Supreme Being pervades everything. Accordingly, I have called for recognition and acceptance of a World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality.  That acceptance is the only way peace will ever prevail. My powerful little book is available Amazon, Kindle, ET AL. If you have ever had a doubt, my book, Wilderness Cry, is for you. If you have no doubt at all, my book is not for you; you simply will continue in your self righteous way, demeaning and condemning others, pretending to be God.  handg@comcast.net  All comments welcomed.

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