FABRIC- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngFABRIC- What an interesting word to describe the fallacy on which our faith foundation is based. I use the word “fallacy” advisedly, because I am securely aware of the “brainwashing” most of us have received as children about the validity of biblical writings. So-called fundamentalists cling to and hang on literally every word of the most contaminated version of the bible in existence. Roman Catholics and their near-mimickers”, hardly referred to the bible until relatively recently in a vein effort to “sweep it under the rug”. Why? Because they   recognized that educated people were asking too many questions for which they had no answers. There simply were too many obvious discrepancies in the “Good Book” to be glibly “explained  away”. So in a vein effort at evasion they read the Scriptures, but handily avoided preaching about the readings. The sermons were usually about the most “paramount” important subjects; Birth Control, attending Mass on on all Sundays and Holy days of Obligation, Tithing, Fasting, Abstaining from eating meat on all Fridays and every day of Lent except Sundays, Confessing at least once a year and Receiving Communion during Easter-time (Basically “to Hell” with the ten commandments and the Bible). I suspect Church authorities noted the European  indifference to religion, and were it not for government tax mandates, religions would all have crumbled in Europe. However, in the good old USA, such could not be. The Evangelicals took to the airways and TV and started a biblical avalanche that has produced billions of dollars in income. In the meantime church attendance in USA has declined. The reason seems clear; the message is distorted and demeaning. Catholics don’t hear the old messages any more. That tired old message only infuriates the faithful; they simply stop attending. Seldom ever is even the word “abortion” mentioned from the pulpit. Now, all of a sudden (last 25 years or so), the bible has become the focal point; however, even there, certain passages are never addressed in homilies The fabric of our society is tattered and torn by seeming total indifference to a message of Love; the only really discernible message Jesus gave us. The message is always about “Mercy”, not Love. The word Mercy implies a sense of criminal guilt. Jesus didn’t show Mercy by His death for us, He showed Perfect Love. Einstein postulated that our universe was suspended on a fabric of time and space. That fabric is all supportive in the sense that the universe seems to function perfectly, even in its entropy. How is it that something so massive as to be incomprehensible is able to function perfectly, while at the same time, our little insignificant earth is in constant turmoil? The answer is crystal clear to me. The universe was made by, and is controlled by, a “Perfect Rational Being”. Our earth was made by that same Being but is controlled by very selfish, self-serving people who are determined to impose their will on all others. And Why? Power, Money, Control. They have ripped the basic fabric of of our society to shreds all for personal gain. Each, in turn, has stubbornly refused to recognize the common spirituality instilled in us by our Creator. We are Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist. We  each worship the same identical Supreme Being; call It by any name you wish. The result is obvious; perpetual strife and wars the world-over. My plea is for us to restore the fabric of Love as Jesus commanded us. Therefore I reiterate my call for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality.  For the sake of preserving the very existence of discernible life on earth, such acceptance is mandatory. We must recognize and accept the concept that the image of our Creator, our Soul, is indelibly imprinted on each of us; we all are brothers and sisters; we must stop fighting. Our supporting fabric has been destroyed with selfishness. We must restore it with spiritual Love. For a more complete understanding, my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, explains all in scientifically and philosophically sound principles. Amazon, Kindle ET AL  handg@comcast.net. Comments welcomed.

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