cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSYMPATHIZE-This word means to feel and/or express compassion, sorrow, regret etc. toward someone or group. Likely, we all have had many occasions to feel or express sympathy toward others. One would be heartless not to sympathize with the the victims of terrible hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, war torn migrants etc. Likewise we feel deep sadness for families experiencing terrible disease such as cancer. The list of events and situations obliging sympathy seemingly is endless. One major elicitor of sympathy for the informed is the endless set of atrocities perpetrated on the human race by organized religion. From the earliest days of recorded history, some “religious” group or another has committed merciless torture, exile and even death on individuals, groups and  entire nations. In relative “modern times”, 325 AD on, the main culprits have been Christians, Jews and Muslims. As generic groups, they have been embattled incessantly during this time-frame. Prior to that period, so-called Pagan groups of one stripe or another were engaged in similar activity. Atrocities committed by Christians against their own were truly barbaric, and all in the name of Jesus. Heretics had to be put down. Witches required extermination. The Holy Land had to be reconquered for God. Even today, as always, free philosophical thought by theologians expressing any contrarian ideas to didactic Catholicism, is met with rapid harsh treatment, defrocking priests and religious sisters, and frequently with excommunication. This knowledge should evoke gushing tears of sympathy for all such victims. If we could describe the outward demeanor and expressive behavior of Jesus with one word, it would be non-bellicose. So all of this known history exposes the absolute tyrannical nature of the so-called Christianity to which we have been exposed. Jesus wouldn’t “harm a flea”, and he never once subscribed to violence. Our Christianity is and always has been a “sham”, all for Power, Money, Control. Jesus taught one simple message, LOVE. Realizing each of us is a distinct, unique individual, Jesus commanded that we must love (accept) each other as He has loved (accepted) us. If any group ever deserved sympathy, it is the entire world-wide Christian community (33,000 denominations deep). I have elucidated this and many more philosophical considerations, based on history and science and sound philosophical reasoning, in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. It is available at all major on-line book retailers.

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