cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCREATURE-This word typically describes some animal, human or otherwise, more often than not, in a scary or frightening way. Other usages include describing some entity(s) as “creatures of habit”.

My comments today intend to show how, in the case of religion, seemingly, most of us are “creatures of habit.  What that means is that most people I observe and converse with show and relate similar stories. Typically, while having coffee or breakfast after Sunday service, and the subject of the day’s sermon is addressed, most will give the same “blank” stare. They have absolutely no recollection of anything the preacher or priest said.  Many will say something like “I read the bulletin”, or “I was watching the birds out the church window”, or  “I was thinking about my golf swing” etc. Why do you suppose that is?

I have concluded that the reason is simple; religion has become more and more irrelevant in their lives. Truly, most wouldn’t be in the  church building in the first instance had they not been forced to attend and made “creatures of habit” from childhood on. They sense that their “religion” experience, has become ritualistic and cultist, and therefore meaningless. Most of us long for some meaningful “spiritual” identity but sadly, none is to be found attending such “services”; hence lack of attention and concern.

If we, as rational homo sapiens, ever are able to “scrape the scales” from our eyes and see “clearly”, we will surely see that we are not Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew etc. We will recognize our individual identity as a “child of God”. We all are God’s children united by the same spirituality, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. You may shriek in horror and shout “blasphemy”. But are we not all made by the same God? He may go by different names but still is the One Singular God. “A rose by any other name is still a rose”.

As a people united under one singular God, we each share in a singular spirituality and communion. No longer would we wander aimlessly as “creatures of habit”, but rather we would each “march forthright as united brothers and sisters” under the one and only uniting banner, LOVE.

My powerful little books, Wilderness Cry nd Peace in Spirituality outline a clear and complete philosophy regarding these most important considerations. Be no longer aimless creatures, but rather determined, united, loving, rational, individuals united in love. All major on-line book retailers.


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